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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Collision" (#208):

Flashback #1:
Ana Lucia fires her gun several times, hitting the gun range target with head shots and upper torso shots. She stops firing and takes off the ear and eye safety gear.

Flashback #1 con't:
Ana Lucia is asked how she is doing by her therapist. She says that the family with the screaming baby moved. He says that should make her happy, but she says it's too quiet now. He asks about Danny and if they were trying working it out. Ana Lucia says that there is nothing to work out because he's gone. He asks if she's okay with that and she says that she's just someone better off alone. He then asks her about the firing range, and she says it felt good to hold a gun again. He says that she's made great progress over the last four months. Ana Lucia asks if "she" has said when Ana can go back to work and he says that "she" left it up to him. He asks her if she thinks she's ready, but she turns it around and asks if what he thinks. He doesn't answer, but gets up, goes over to his desk, grabs something and gives it to her. It's her badge. He tells her, "Welcome back to the force."

Standing in the rain, Ana Lucia slowly lowers the pistol. Sayid looks up with rage. He gently lays Shannon down and gets up. He pulls his own pistol and walks toward Ana Lucia. Eko, who was standing apart from the rest of the tailies' group, tackles Sayid. Sayid stuns him with an elbow to the face, but Eko grabs him. Sayid kicks him in face and goes to retrieve his gun. Sayid dives for it and grabs it just before Eko. The two of them struggle, but Sayid manages to get the gun on Eko. Ana Lucia then clubs Sayid. Michael tries to run in, but Ana Lucia gets the second gun and holds it on Michael and Jin, ordering them not to move. Eko gets up as Sayid lays unconscious on the ground.

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