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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Collision" (#208)
Ana Lucia's Flashbacks:

Ana Lucia fires her gun several times, hitting the gun range target with head shots and upper torso shots. She stops firing and takes off the ear and eye safety gear.

#1 Con't:
Ana Lucia is asked how she is doing by her therapist. She says that the family with the screaming baby moved. He says that should make her happy, but she says it's too quiet now. He asks about Danny and if they were trying working it out. Ana Lucia says that there is nothing to work out because he's gone. He asks if she's okay with that and she says that she's just someone better off alone. He then asks her about the firing range, and she says it felt good to hold a gun again. He says that she's made great progress over the last four months. Ana Lucia asks if "she" has said when Ana can go back to work and he says that "she" left it up to him. He asks her if she thinks she's ready, but she turns it around and asks if what he thinks. He doesn't answer, but gets up, goes over to his desk, grabs something and gives it to her. It's her badge. He tells her, "Welcome back to the force."

Ana Lucia is back in uniform and walks through a police precinct. She goes to the Captain's office and knocks on the open door. The female captain tells her to come in. Ana Lucia is welcomed back by Detective Raggs, who then leaves the office. The captain asks her how she is and Ana Lucia says that she's okay. The captain gives Ana Lucia her assignment: Evidence. It's a desk assignment. Ana Lucia wants a patrol, but the Captain refuses and points out that she was in an "Officer Involved Shooting." Ana Lucia switches to Spanish and asks the captain if she's giving her the desk assignment because she's her Captain, or because she's her mother. Her mother's answer is both. Ana Lucia says she needs to be back on the street. Her mother says that if she puts Ana Lucia back in a car, then everyone will know that she "pulled strings." She then says that if Ana Lucia doesn't want her to treat her like her daughter, then she shouldn't ask for favors. Ana Lucia's response is to ask for a transfer. Her mother says she doesn't get the transfer, but does get the car. She signs off on some paper, gives it to Ana Lucia and says "happy?" Before Ana Lucia can response, Detective Raggs comes to the doorway and says that there's a very important call for Ana Lucia in the bullpen. Ana Lucia tells him that she'll be right there. He leaves and Ana Lucia's mother says that they got her a cake, so Ana Lucia should try and act surprised.

Ana Lucia is on patrol with her partner, Big Mike. He asks if the "shrink" gave her any good drugs and she says that he wasn't that kind of shrink. He then asks if she missed him and she says she did. He says that he heard about her and Danny and asks if she wants him to go beat him up for her. She says she better off "this way." She then asks why they are in Westwood. He tells her that they are taking a safe patrol for her first day back. She guesses that it was her mother's idea and he affirms her guess when he points out that "she is the Captain." The dispatcher put out a call for "8 Adam 9" to respond to a domestic disturbance. Ana Lucia responds to it over her partner's objections. She points out that they are only three blocks away and says that they are taking the call. Big Mike flips the siren on and turns the car around.

#3 Con't:
A woman is holding a crying baby and is asking a man where he's going. He grabs a TV and she tells him [Travis] that it's her TV as the police siren gets loud. Ana Lucia and Big Mike pull up and find the man and woman arguing at the bottom of a flight of stairs. He claims that he bought it with his money and she calls him a liar. He then asks if she called the "cops" and then tells her to shut up. She tells them to arrest him because he's stealing her TV, while he says that she hit him. As her partner tries to calm things, Ana Lucia takes a keen interest in the baby. She suddenly pulls her gun and tells him to put "his hands where she can see them." He drops the TV, breaking it, as he tries to comply. Big Mike tries to get Ana Lucia's attention. She orders [Travis] to get down on the ground and orders the woman to take the baby inside. Once he's down, Big Mike orders her to holster her gun.

Back at the police station, Ana Lucia and her partner climb out of their patrol car. Big Mike tells her that he'll go sign them out. He apparently hadn't spoken since the incident. Ana Lucia says that she told the guy to stop twice. He comments about her "drawing down" every time they run into somebody with a television. Detective Raggs then appears and says that they got her guy. She follows Raggs.

#4 Con't:
Ana Lucia's mother, Captain Cortez, explains that the guy sitting in the interrogation room is named Jason McCormack. He had been picked up in Echo Park for an assault on an elderly woman and his fingerprints matched a "partial" from Ana Lucia's crime scene. He had been questioned and confessed. She says that the DA is ready to file charges once Ana Lucia identifies him. Ana Lucia says that it's not him. Her mother asks for a moment in private with Ana Lucia. She asks Ana Lucia what she's doing and Ana Lucia again says that he's not the guy. Her mother points out that he put four hollow point bullets into her through her vest, trying to kill her. She then says that he's got a long record and it wouldn't be a good thing to let him get back out on the street. Ana Lucia is unmoved and says that "it's not him" one last time and walks out.

Ana Lucia sits at a bar. She looks over at some guys playing pool. One of them is Jason. He grabs his jacket and leaves. Ana Lucia watches him leave, finishes her drink and then leaves as well.

#5 Con't:
Jason stumbles out to his car. Ana Lucia stands in the middle of the street and calls out his name. He turns and asks if he knows her. She pulls out her gun, says that she was pregnant and then shoots him three times. She walks over to his body and fires three more times.

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