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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: The Long Con
Episode Number: 213
Flashbacks: Sawyer
Written by: Steven Maeda & Leonard Dick
Directed by: Roxann Dawson
Original US Air Date: 2/8/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Charlie rants against Locke about not being family. Locke says that Charlie isn't either and punches Charlie.

Zeke tells Jack that the Island is theirs and there is a line that he doesn't need to cross.

Jack asks Ana Lucia how long it would take "to train an army."

Jack brings the pistols and puts them in the weapons closet. Jack notices the Virgin Mary statues. As John leaves, Jack wants to know the combination. After a speech about trust, Locke tells him the combination. Locke suggests locking up the medicine as well.

Sawyer walks up to find Charlie making a new camp of his own. He picks on Charlie about stealing the baby and getting hit by Locke. Charlie points out that Jack is going through Sawyer's stuff.

Sawyer wants to know what Jack is doing. Jack wants the medicine back in the Hatch. Sawyer doesn't want to give it up.

Act 1:
Flashback #1:
Sawyer wakes up next to a woman. He notices the clock and gets up. He says that he has a meeting to go to. He picks up the suitcase and the briefcase pops open. The woman is on to him and notices that the money isn't real. He admits that she caught him. She says that she didn't get any money from the divorce. She then wants him to show her how to con people.

Sawyer cleans up his tent. Kate comes up and brings him a magazine. He says that he lost his glasses and wants her to read it to him. Kate starts to read and Locke comes by. Sawyer makes a comment about Claire and Locke getting together. Kate says it's not like that. Sawyer then points out that Jack and Ana Lucia have started their own little revolution. Kate seems surprised at the news.

Sayid hammers away and Hurley walks up. Hurley tells him that Bernard is a dentist. He shows Sayid the radio that the tailies had. Sayid says that it's a waste of time. Hurley gets the vibe and walks off, but he leaves behind the radio. Sayid stops and looks at it.

Jack tells Ana Lucia that he got the combination from Locke. Ana Lucia is surprised that he got it so easily. She says that they aren't scared enough. Jack says that they are. Ana Lucia asks him for the combination, but he won't tell her. She then says that she was just kidding.

Sun works on her garden. She hears something and then Vincent comes out of the brush and walks past. It then starts to rain and someone comes out and attacks Sun.

Back at the camp, Sawyer and Kate hear Sun screaming.

Sawyer and Kate find Sun unconscious. Sawyer carries her back to the beach camp.

Jack is surprised when Kate says that they found her with her hands tied. Ana Lucia says that "they're back."

Act 2:
Locke points out that the Others said that they would leave the survivors alone. Jack says that they obviously didn't keep their word. Ana Lucia wants to look around Sun's garden with the guns. Locke doesn't want everyone arming themselves because they might end up shooting each other. Jack and Locke agree to wait until Sun wakes up.

Kate and Sawyer take a look around for themselves. Sawyer isn't buying the whole thing. Sawyer wonders how Sun got away. They find a hood, which Sawyer says is different from the one that the Others used on Kate. He thinks one of the survivors did it in an effort to scare them into joining an army.

Flashback #2:
Sawyer and the woman set up the con with some cheap jewelry.

Flashback #2 con't:
Sawyer walks up to a gas station and offers some jewelry to a couple guys. They aren't interested until the woman comes up and offers to buy some. They then fall for it and buy them.

Jack tells Jin that Sun will be okay. He leaves and Jin watches them.

Kate walks up to Jack and asks if Sun was hit on the head. Kate asks how well he knows Ana Lucia. She infers that she might have done it as a ploy. Jack doesn't answer and walks off.

Act 3:
Ana Lucia tells Jack that a couple more people have volunteered to join up. Jack asks Ana Lucia where she was during the rainstorm. Ana Lucia wants to know why he thinks she might have been involved. Claire walks up and says that Sun is awake.

Jack asks Sun if she remembers anything. She says that Vincent came by and then there was a hood over her head. Sun says that she ran as fast as she could until she fell. Jin gets upset and demands a gun.

Kate and Sawyer talk. He figures that the survivors are going to form a posse. Kate looks over at Ana Lucia. She guesses that Ana Lucia is doing this to get the guns. She wants Sawyer to go warn Locke that they are coming.

Flashback #3:
Sawyer and the woman talk about their next con. She wants a big one. He says it's called a long con, but they need money. She says she has money, a lot of money. Sawyer wants to take that money and go to an Island somewhere. She says that doing cons with him is the first time that she's felt alive. She wants to do one long con and then they can go find a beach somewhere.

Sawyer finds Locke in the Hatch going through the books. He tells Locke that Jack and others are on their way to get the guns. Locke wants to know why Sawyer is telling him all this. Sawyer says because it will anger Jack. Locke asks Sawyer to help him move the guns. Sawyer agrees to stay in the Hatch and push the button.

Act 4:
Flashback #4:
Sawyer sits in a restaurant. The waitress, who is Diane, brings him two beers. A man comes up and sits down. He wants know if Sawyer got the girl and the money. Sawyer doesn't want to do it. He gets up to leave and Gordy tells him that if doesn't do it, then he'll shoot both of them.

Sawyer punches in the numbers in the computer. Jack and Jin walk in and want to know where Locke is. Sawyer says that he doesn't know. Jack and Jin check the weapons closet and find all the guns are gone. Sawyer baits Jack with the pills. Jin stops Jack from going after Sawyer.

Locke sits at the campfire. Jack walks up and wants to know where Locke moved the guns. Locke wants to know who gets the guns. He takes responsibility for what happened with Michael. Suddenly they hear gunshots. Sawyer walks up and says that they didn't even see them coming. He goes on a rant about how his stuff was divvied up while he was gone and everyone started taking orders from Jack and Locke. Sawyer says that things have changed now. He has the guns, so they have to come to him for them.

Act 5:
Flashback #5:
Sawyer walks into the house. He rushes around and tells Cassidy that the car outside is his partner Gordy. He says that he has to take the briefcase full of money or Gordy will kill them both. She gets mad at Sawyer. He says that she was the long con, but the last six months were real to him. He tells her to go out back and wait for him at a motel. He tells her that he loves her.

Sawyer sits by the campfire. Kate wants to know how Sawyer got the guns. Sawyer won't tell her. Kate says that he played them all. She asks if he was involved with Sun. He won't answer. Kate says that this isn't about guns, but rather that he has to have everyone hating him. He says that she runs and he cons and those things won't change.

Hurley sits by the fire reading a manuscript. Sayid walks up and shows Hurley the radio, which he's fixed. He doesn't thing that they will pick anything up. Sayid tunes it and finds Rousseau's signal. He keeps going and finds a radio signal of a station playing Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade. Sayid says that the signal could be from thousands of miles away. Hurley says that it could be from any time.

Sawyer meets Charlie in the woods. Sawyer offers Charlie one of the Virgin Mary statues, but Charlie says that that wasn't why he did it. He wanted Locke to look like a fool. He also doesn't want Sun to ever know what happened. Charlie asks how Sawyer could have thought of it.

Flashback #5 con't:
Sawyer tells Cassidy good-bye. He walks out front to the car where no one is sitting in it..

Flashback #5 con't:
Sawyer walks back into the house and gets the money, which he had apparently switched when he gave a bag to Cassidy. He finds a picture of him and Cassidy. He turns it face down and then starts to leave.

Sawyer tells Charlie that he's not a good person and has never done a good thing in his life.

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