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Season 1 Episode List:
Episode 1.3: Tabula Rasa; "Kate" Episode
Written by Damon Lindelof; Directed by Jack Bender; 10/6/04
Jack discovers that the injured man he has been trying to save is a U.S. Marshal. "Don't trust her, she's dangerous," the Marshal mutters repeatedly. When Jack asks hiim who "she" is, the Marshal shows him a picture of Kate, the woman Jack's been spending a lot of time with. On another part of the island, single father Michael questions his son about a conversation he had with another passengers - Locke..

Episode 1.4: Walkabout; "Locke" Episode
Written by David Fury; Directed by Jack Bender; 10/13/04
A series of flashbacks reveals a secret that Locke has kept hidden from the other passengers. Meanwhile, the bodies inside the plane need to be disposed of, but how? Jack decides the most effective way of doing so, but it's grisly. When the castaways realize that the food supply is running out, Locke has a suggestion..

Episode 1.5: White Rabbit; "Jack" Episode
Written by Christian Taylor; Directed by Kevin Hooks; 10/20/04
While bordering on exhaustion, Jack repeatedly sees a mysterious man watching him from afar. He asks the other survivors if they've seen him too, but no one has. Haunted by the vision, Jack follows the man, only to recognize him as someone to whom he was very close. Meanwhile, the water supply runs dangerously low - a situation that erupts into violence when someone steals the last remaining bottles.

Episode 1.6: House of the Rising Sun; "Sun" Episode
Written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach; Directed by Michael Zinberg; 10/27/04
Jin, a Korean castaway who speaks no English, assaults Michael, seemingly without provocation. Sayid resolves the conflict by handcuffing him to the wreckage. Jack's decision to move to the caves causes division among the castaways, and Jin's wife must decide whether or not to free her husband... at the cost of revealing a long-hidden secret.

Episode 1.7: The Moth; "Charlie" Episode
Written by Jennifer Johnson & Paul Dini; Directed by Jack Bender; 11/3/04
Charlie goes through a personal crisis, while Jack is trapped by a cave-in. The castaways struggle to free Jack, while Kate and Sayid attempt to triangulate the French broadcast - but their exploration is thwarted by a mysterious attack.

Episode 1.8: Confidence Man; "Sawyer" Episode
Written by Damon Lindelof; Directed by Tucker Gates; 11/10/04
The onset of an asthma attack threatens Shannon's life, and the only man who can help her is Sawyer, whom Boone believes stole her inhalers from the fuselage. When Sawyer refuses to help, Jack must decide whether to resort to violence to retrieve the medicine. Sayid is forced into a similar decision when Locke becomes the prime suspect in the attack that destroyed his radio equipment.

Episode 1.9: Solitary; "Sayid" Episode
Written by David Fury; Directed by Greg Yaitanes; 11/17/04
When a golf bag is found in the wreckage, Hurley constructs a primitive golf course to give the survivors a much-needed recreatoinal outlet. In the jungle, Sayid's attempt at exploration ends when he falls into a trap. He regains consciousness in the lair of a mysterious Frenchwoman named Danielle Rousseau. Sayid's overtures of friendship are rebuffed as Rousseau resorts to torture, believing him to be part of a mysterious tribe already living on the island.

Episode 1.10: Raised by Another; "Claire" Episode
Written by Lynne E. Litt; Directed by Marita Grabiak; 12/1/04
Claire is haunted by nightmares in which her baby is in danger. When the nightmares seem to come true and she appears to be attacked, no one believes her. Hurley suggests that they compile a list of the survivors' name, and Boone suggests that it will save time to use the flight manifest. When Hurley compares the two, it leads to an unnerving conclusion about a passenger named Ethan Rom.

Episode 1.11: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues; "Jack" Episode
Written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach; Directed by Stephen Williams; 12/8/05
After the news about Hurley's census is discovered, Jack and Locke try to find Claire, but discover that she and Charlie are mission. As Jack impulsively goes off to search for her, he finds himself on a collision course with the dangerous and mysterious Ethan Rom. After joining the search for Claire, Boone and Locke make a discovery that will change the lives of everyone on the island.

Episode 1.12: Whatever the Case May Be; "Kate" Episode
Written by Damon Lindelof & Jennifer Johnson; Directed by Jack Bender; 1/5/05
Enlisting Shannon to help translate the papers he stole from the Frenchwoman, Sayid makes a startling discovery. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer find a briefcase in wreckage submerged in a hidden lagoon and find themselves pitted against each other when it becomes clear that the contents of the case hold vital information about Kate's past.

Episode 1.13: Hearts and Minds; "Boone" Episode
Written by Carlton Cuse & Javier Grillo-Marxuach; Directed by Rod Holcomb; 1/12/05
Boone's growing jealousy over Sayid and Shannon's friendship threatens to erupt in violence - until Locke steps in. Drugging Boone, Locke leaves him stranded in the jungle, where he must not only confront his feelings for his sister but also the menacing creature that stalks him from the shadows.

Episode 1.14: Special; "Michael" Episode
Written by David Fury; Directed by Greg Yaitanes; 1/19/05
Michael becomes concerned when his son, Walt, begins to develop a special bond with Locke. Michael orders Locke to stay away from his son. Determined that the island is no place to raise a boy, Michael suggests to Jack and Sayid that they build raft, but his suggestion is scoffed at.

Episode 1.15: Homecoming; "Charlie" Episode
Written by Damon Lindelof; Directed by Kevin Hooks; 2/9/05
After many days, Claire is finally found. While walking in the jungle, Jin and Charlie are confronted by Ethan Rom, who gives an ultimatum: bring Claire to him or one survivor will die each day. A trap is set to catch Ethan using Claire as bait, but when Boone falls asleep on sentry duty, the results are tragic.

Episode 1.16: Outlaws; "Sawyer" Episode
Written by Drew Goddard; Directed by Jack Bender; 2/16/05
In the middle of the night, a wild boar steals the tarp that Sawyer has been using for his roof. Sawyer enlists Kate to help him track the boar down, but she takes advantage of his situation by asking for something in return. While Kate and Sawyer hunt down the animal, Charlie's strange behavior causes Hurley to suspect he's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Episode 1.17: ... In Transition; "Jin" Episode
Written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Leonard Dick; Directed by Tucker Gates; 2/23/05
A mysterious arsonist destroys Michael's raft, and everyone's suspicions turn to Jin, whose inability to defend himself prompts him to flee into the jungle. As the castaways hunt Jin down, Sun must decide the best way to protect her husband - even as she suspects that he may be guilty.

Episode 1.18: Numbers; "Hurley" Episode
Written by Brent Fletcher & David Fury; Directed by Dan Tallias; 3/2/05
Michael begins building a new raft. He tells Jack that the chances of them being found while they're on the raft will be increased if they can send out a distress signal. With the transceiver needing new batteries, Hurley remembers Sayid mentioning that the Frenchwoman had batteries. He suggests that they try and find her. While searching for Rousseau's lair, Hurley discovers that the island may be linked to a secret from his own past.

Episode 1.19: Deus Ex Machina; "Locke" Episode
Written by Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse; Directed by Robert Mandel; 3/3/05
Locke and Boone attempt to open up the hatch using their latest invention. Back at the camp, Sawyer suffers from headaches and asks Jack for his medical opinion on what might be causing them. While in the jungle, Boone and Locke make a surprise discovery which has tragic consequences for one of them.

Episode 1.20: Do No Harm; "Jack" Episode
Written by Janet Tamaro; Directed by Stephen Williams; 4/6/05
Locke leaves the seriously injured Boone at the caves, forcing Jack to take heroic measures to save Boone's life. Unaware that her brother's life hangs by a thread, Shannon spends the night on a beach with Sayid. As their relationship evolves, Boone's condition worsens. Jack's abilities are further put to the test as Claire goes into an unexpected labor.

Episode 1.21: The Greater Good; "Sayid" Episode
Written by Leonard Dick; Directed by David Grossman; 5/4/05
One island crime is solved - the identity of the arsonist who destroyed Michael's raft. Shannon becomes convinced that Locke is responsible for Boone's death and ask Sayid for "a favor." Trekking into the jungle with Locke, Sayid becomes convinced that he is not responsible for the tragedy. But Shannon remains adamant and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Episode 1.22: Born to Run; "Kate" Episode
Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz; Directed by Tucker Gates; 5/11/05
With construction of the raft nearing completion, kate has a special request for Michael - she wants to be on it when it sails. During a water break, Michael keeps over in pain. Jack examines him and discovers that he has been poisoned. Jack and Locke's investigation of the crime leads to a crashing revelation about Kate's past.

Episode 1.23: Exodus, Part 1;
Written by Damon Lindelof/Carlton Cuse; Directed by Jack Bender; 5/18/05
Danielle Rousseau surprises the castaways by showing up at the camp with an ominous warning - the others are coming. The raft finally sets sails with Michael, Walt, Jin, and Sawyer on board. As they depart, black smoke mysteriously appears from the other side of the island - a harbinger of the imminent arrival of the others.

Episode 1.24 & 1.25: Exodux, Parts 2 & 3;
Written by Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse; Directed by Jack Bender; 5/25/05
As the castaways brace themselves for an attack by the others, Claire's baby is kidnapped, leading Charlie and Sayid on a dangerous chase into the jungle. While the threat of the others bears down on the castaways, the raft crew continues their flight from the island - but when the hope of rescue appears on the horizon, they will soon learn that appearances can be deceiving.

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