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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: ... and Found
Episode Number: 205
Flashbacks: Jin & Sun
Supporting Characters: Ana-Lucia, Eko, Bernard, Libby, Cindy
Flashback Characters: Jae Lee, Mr. Kim, Mrs. Paik, Tae Soo
Main Characters Not Appearing: Charlie, Walt
Written by: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof;
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 10/19/05 on ABC

Previously on Lost:
Claire finds the bottle of messages on the beach. Jin, Michael and Sawyer are dropped into the pit by Eko. Ana-Lucia drops in. Michael tells her that they were on Flight 815. Ana Lucia punches Sawyer and takes the gun. The mysterious island man helps Sawyer out of the pit. Michael says everything is cool now because they are convinced that they all were on the plane. Libby tells Michael that there were twenty-three survivors. Bernard opens up the "tailies'" bunker and they go in. Michael asks Libby about there being twenty-three surviving "tailies" and she answers that "there were."

Episode Recap and Analysis:
- Summary
- Teaser Recap
- Act 1 Recap
- Act 2 Recap
- Act 3 Recap
- Act 4 Recap
- Act 5 Recap
- Jin and Sun's Flashbacks
- Island Mysteries
- Episode Analysis, Notes & Unanswered Questions
- Translation of Jin's Resume

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