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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: The Hunting Party
Episode Number: 211
Flashbacks: Jack
Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 1/18/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
The Others take Walt.

Michael talks to someone on the computer.

Sawyer says he loves her and Jack asks if he means Kate.

Kate and Jack kiss.

Flashback #1:
Christian and Jack quietly look at some x-rays. An Italian man and his daughter are nearby. Christian tells them that the man is not a candidate for operation. The girl says that they came for Jack because of how he saved Sarah. She asks Jack to try anyway. Jack decides to accept him and gets a look from his father, who then walks out.

Jack sits up from sleeping in the Hatch. He gets up and walks around the Hatch. He spots Locke and runs over to him in the weapons closet. Michael appears and insists that Jack go in the closet. Jack wants to know what he'll do. Michael says that he'll shoot the computer, since it's not what Jack thinks it is. Jack says that he'll go with Michael. Michael says that he has to do it alone and closes Jack in the weapons closet.

Act 1:
Locke wakes up and wants to know what happened. Jack says Michael knocked him out and took off after Walt. Jack wants to climb out of the vent, but Locke has bolted it shut. Locke tells Jack that Michael wanted a gun. They are on shift for four hours. Jack hopes that Sawyer comes to get his bandage changed.

Kate wakes Sawyer up by throwing a banana at him and says that he needs to get his bandages changed.

Kate and Sawyer walk into the Hatch and find that Jack and Locke are in the weapons closet. Locke tells Kate to reset the time, while Sawyer opens the closet with Locke's help. Jack grabs a gun and is determined to go after Michael. Locke and Sawyer also grabs weapons.

Flashback #2:
The Italian's daughter comes in and asks Jack how her father is. Jack says that he's being thorough. She starts prying about his wife Sarah and reminds him how late it is.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Jack walks into his bedroom and Sarah is awake. She asks how the Italian is. Jack says that he is about the same. Jack apologizes, but Sarah lets it go. She says that she's got to go to the gym and grade some papers. Jack climbs into bed. She comes over and says that she took a pregnancy test, but that it was negative. Jack asks if she wants to "talk about it." She says there's nothing to talk about and leaves.

Jack, Locke, Kate and Sawyer find Michael's trail. Kate asks for a gun, but Jack says that she's not coming. Sawyer seems concerned, but says nothing. He follows Locke and Jack.

Act 2:
Jack, Locke and Sawyer track Michael. Sawyer wants to know what Kate did to Jack. Jack makes a comment about Sawyer loving Kate. Locke stops and explains that Michael is heading north, rather than the way they came with the tailies.

At the beach camp, Jin notices Kate and Hurley talking. He thinks that something is wrong. Sun talks to Hurley who tells her what Michael did. Jin wants to know what happened.

Jin packs up to go after Michael. Sun doesn't want him to go. She says that she was worried about him. Jin says that Michael is his friend and she says that she is his wife. He puts the gear down.

Sawyer wants Locke to slow down and take a break. Locke says that Michael is still heading north. Locke then asks where Jack is going, like when they find Michael. Jack says that he'll bring Michael back. Locke says it might be better to just let Michael do what he wants

Flashback #3:
Jack tells the Italian's daughter that "it's not too late" to not go forward with the surgery. She wants to know if Jack has changed his mind. He says that he hasn't. She then says that if he fails, he has given them a chance. Christian walks in and wonders if he's interrupted something. She leaves and Christian gives him some paperwork to be signed. Christian warns him to not cross the line between doctor and patient. Jack makes a comment about it being okay for Christian. Christian says it's not okay for Jack.

Locke, Jack and Sawyer climb a hill and Sawyer complains about not going around the hill. Locke asks Sawyer why he picked Sawyer for a name. Sawyer dances around the question. They hear gunfire. As the gunfire continues, Jack takes off as Locke calls after him.

Act 3:
Jack runs through the forest. Locke and Sawyer run after him. Jack calls for Michael. Locke finds three shell casings that belonged to Michael. Locke looks for a trail. Jack wants to know if Sawyer is "out here" for Michael or payback for getting shot.

Flashback #4:
Jack is upset. Christian tries to calm him because the Italian died on the table. Jack wants to tell the girl, but Christian says that he already told her. Jack wants to know where she is and Christian says she's gone. He tells Jack to gone home.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Outside the hospital, Jack is about to climb into his car and Gabriella comes up to him. She thanks him for trying and then starts crying. He holds her and then they start kissing. She tells him that it's okay. He says that he can't and walks away.

Locke has lost the trail. Sawyer hands him a torch. Locke wants to head back, but Jack doesn't want to go back because if they do, they will never see Michael again. Suddenly, the bearded Other can be heard. They turn to see him just out of the shadows and train their guns on him. He tells Jack that he should listen to "Mr. Locke" and head back.

Act 4:
Jack wants to know how he is. Sawyer recognizes him from the boat and tries to shoot at him. He ends up getting shot in the hand. The Bearded Other wants Locke to build a fire so they can all talk.

Charlie and Hurley are checking out the Hatch's album collection. Charlie puts a record on and Hurley asks about Libby. He thinks that he has a shot with her. Charlie wonders if Claire misses him. Hurley points out that it's only been a day. Sayid walks up. He's looking for Jack and Locke. Hurley tells him that Jack, Locke, Sawyer and Kate went after Michael, who took off.

Around the fire, the Bearded Other wants Jack to take it easy. Jack wants to know where Walt is. The Other says that the Island is "our" Island . Jack thinks he's bluffing and that Ethan was a spy. The Other calls out and they are encircled in torches. He tells them to give up the guns and go home, but Jack refuses. The Bearded Other calls out again and Kate is brought out, bound and gagged. Sawyer starts to say something, but is told to shut up. Jack is given a choice of walking away or Kate gets shot. Jack finally backs off. He drops his gun and walks off. Locke then drops his guns and finally Sawyer. The Bearded Other grabs the guns and lets Kate go. Kate tries to apologize and Jack simply asks if she's okay. She nods.

Act 5:
It's sunrise at the beach camp. Jin sits on the beach and Sun comes up, wondering what he's doing there. He says that he doesn't like being told what to do. She says that she did what she was told for four years as his wife. He gets the message.

Jack, Locke, Sawyer and Kate walk back. Kate tries to explain why she went anyway. He says nothing. She stops him and wants him to say something. She apologizes one more time and he says he's sorry too. He keeps walking.

Flashback #5:
Jack walks in to find Sarah cleaning up. She asks how it went and he tells her that the Italian died. She tells him that her mother came over. He comes over and helps her clean up the kitchen. She asks how the daughter took the news. He admits that he and Gabriella kissed. He apologizes for what happened and not being home for her. He says that he'll fix it. She tells him that she's leaving him. Her mother was actually there helping her pack. She also been seeing someone. She says that he always needs something to fix.

Jack walks into the beach camp with Kate still following right behind him. She finally gives up. Locke bids "James" good-bye. Sawyer tells Kate that he would have done the same thing if he had been told to stay behind.

Locke talks with Claire and Aaron, which Charlie watches.

Jack goes over to Ana Lucia, who sits on the beach, sharing some food with Vincent. He asks if she killed one of the Others and if she had been a cop. He then asks her how long she thinks it would take to train an army.

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