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"Collision" (#208):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):
Jack and Ana Lucia meet in the airport lounge. Ana Lucia orders everyone up. Sawyer loses consciousness. Shannon sees Walt. Ana Lucia and the "tailies" hear whispers and she fires at Shannon. Sayid finds that she has been shot and cradles her.

Flashback #1:
Ana Lucia empties her gun's clip at the firing range.

Flashback #1 con't:
She's asked how she is by her therapist. She says that a noisy family has moved out. He says that should make her happy, but she says she's actually missing the noise now. He asks about Danny and if they were working it out. Ana Lucia says that there is nothing to work out because he's gone. He then asks her about the firing range, and she says it felt good to hold a gun again. She asks if he knows if she is allowed to go back. He says that she's made great progress over the last four months. He asks her if she's ready, and she then asks him if he thinks she is. He doesn't answer, but gets up, goes over to his desk, grabs something and gives it to her. It's her badge.

Sayid gets up and goes after Ana Lucia, but Eko tackles him. The two of them struggle and Sayid gets his gun on Eko, but Ana Lucia clubs Sayid. She grabs the gun and holds it on everyone, including the "tailies."

Act 1:
Ana Lucia wants Sayid to check to see if Sayid has any other weapons. Michael tries to reason with him, but she fires a warning shot. She tells Eko to tie Sayid up, but he refuses. She then orders them to take apart the stretcher and tie Sayid up.

Flashback #2:
Ana Lucia is back in uniform and goes into the Captain's officer. She's given a desk assignment. She wants a patrol, but the Captain refuses. Ana Lucia asks her if she's being given that assignment because she's her Captain, or her mother. Her answer is both. She wants a patrol and calls her mother on giving her a transfer otherwise. Her mother gives her the patrol car. Just then another officer comes and says that she's needed. He leaves and Ana Lucia's mother says that they got her a cake, so try to be surprised.

At the beach, Rose greets Jack and tells him that it's good to see him out of the Hatch. She gives him some fruit. Something falls into the tub. It's a golf ball.

Up the beach, Kate is lining up a golf shot as Hurley and Charlie watch. Charlie makes a comment about Hurley's money and Hurley tells Kate to ignore Charlie. Kate takes her shot and Jack walks up, saying she hooked it. He tries to give her advice and she takes it personally (with a smile). Kate challenges him to three holes of golf for bragging rights.

The other "tailies" want her to take Sawyer to the other survivors, because he needs help. Ana Lucia points out that she killed one of them. Sayid comes around and wants to be untied. Eko hoists Sawyer onto his shoulders. Ana Lucia asks him what he's doing and he's says he's taking Sawyer to the other survivors. She begs him not to leave her. She says that Sawyer wouldn't do it for Eko if they were switched. Eko answers that he's not doing it for Sawyer, but for himself. He then walks off.

Act 2:
Flashback #3:
Ana Lucia is on patrol with her partner. He says that he missed her. He then asks if she wants him to go after Danny for her. She notices they are in a better part of town. He tells her that they are taking an easier patrol for her first day back. She correctly guesses that it was her mother's idea. The dispatcher puts out a call and Ana Lucia responds to it, since it's only three blocks away. Her partner flips the siren on and turns the car around.

Flashback #3 con't:
Ana Lucia and her partner find a domestic disturbance outside some apartments. The man is taking the television, but the woman, holding a crying baby, accuses him of stealing it. As her partner tries to calm things, Ana Lucia takes a keen interest in the baby. She suddenly pulls her gun and the man drops the TV, breaking it. She orders the woman to take the baby inside and for him to get on the ground. Once he's down, her partner wants her to holster her gun.

Libby tries to convince Ana Lucia to let Sayid go. She points that she killed someone he loves. Michael gets up and moves toward Sayid. Ana Lucia tells him to sit down. He tells her that he's bringing Sayid water, so she can shot him. She relents. Michael gives Sayid some water. Sayid wants to know who she is. Michael says that they are survivors from the tail section. Sayid asks about Walt. Michael says he was taken by the "others," while they were on the raft.

At the golf course, Kate and Jack start their game. Kate makes a nice drive near the stick. Jack then sends his drive into the forest.

Kate offers to let Jack take a drop, but he finds his ball. As he lines up for his shot, Eko comes out of the forest carrying Sawyer and asks for the doctor.

Locke sits in the Hatch, doing a crossword puzzle, when he hears them come in.

Jack puts Sawyer in the shower and tells Kate to get some medication. Locke asks Jack what happened, but the beeping has started and Jack tells him, "the button."

Eko and Locke have a strange meeting in the Hatch.

Bernard tells Ana Lucia that he wants to get to the other camp and see his wife. Libby comes up and wants to know what her plan is. Sayid says that she has no plan. Ana Lucia then asks Michael if they have ammo. He says they do. She then tells him to bring half of it, along with some supplies and then she'll release Sayid. Michael doesn't want to leave Sayid, but Jin says that he'll stay with Sayid. Michael takes off. Libby tells Ana Lucia that she can't live "out here" alone and Ana Lucia tells her that she is already alone.

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
Her partner tells her that he'll go sign them out. He then goes off about how tense she got about a guy taking a television.

Flashback #4 con't:
Outside the interrogation room, Ana Lucia's mother tells her that the guy sitting on the other side of the glass in the interrogation room is named Jason. She needs Ana Lucia to ID him and they can put him away. Ana Lucia says that it's not him. Her mother points out that he put four hollow point bullets through her vest, trying to kill her. He's got a long record and it wouldn't be a good thing to let him get back out on the street Ana Lucia is unmoved. She says that it's not him and walks out.

In the jungle, Ana Lucia walks over to Shannon 's body and watches it for a few moments.

In the Hatch, Locke asks Eko what happened out in the jungle. Eko explains that there was an accident and that a girl was shot. Locke asks him to describe her. He does and Locke realizes that it's Shannon . Locke asks about the others from the tail section and he says that they can't come right now.

Jack tries to give Sawyer medicine and Sawyer spits it out. Kate gets the medication and talks softly to him, convincing him to take the medication. Jack has trouble watching Kate baby Sawyer. Sawyer takes the medication and Jack makes a comment about never learning "the whisper in the ear thing in med school." He then walks off.

Ana Lucia walks up to find the other "tailies" looking like they are getting ready to travel. She asks what is going on and Bernard says that he's leaving. He appreciates what she's done for him, but he can't be a part of this [the situation with Sayid]. Libby then says that she doesn't think that Ana Lucia's a good judge of character and refers to Ana Lucia throwing Nathan in the pit. Ana Lucia then tells them to go and Bernard, Libby and Jin leave. Now, it's just Sayid and Ana Lucia.

Act 4:
Michael runs through the jungle.

Michael comes out by Sun's garden. He tells her that Jin is okay and that he will explain, but he needs to find Jack right now.

Jack asks Eko where they are. He doesn't answer, so Jack asks again. Locke says that it wasn't his fault. Jack wants him to take him to them. Locke points out that he brought Sawyer to them. Michael comes into the Hatch and tells them that they have a problem.

Jack arms himself and gives another weapon to Michael. As they head out, Eko asks them to stop. He wants to know what they want. Jack says he wants everyone safe. Eko says that Ana Lucia made a mistake. Jack recognizes her name. Eko decides to take only Jack to her and without guns. He agrees.

Ana Lucia checks her gun. She asks Sayid where he's from. He doesn't answer, so she asks again. He tells her that he's from Iraq . She asks him if he has kids. He says he doesn't and then asks her if she has kids. She says "no." Sayid realizes that she is thinking about killing him. She asks him if she should. He recounts torturing Sawyer like he had many others. He says maybe she was meant to kill him. She then decides to tell him that she was a cop. She tells him about how she and her partner went out on a burglary call. She takes the front. A kid walks out and he tells her that he is a student and wants to show her his I.D. She doesn't remember anything after hearing a pop. She tought she was dead when she hit the ground. Sayid asks what happened to the kid who shot her.

Flashback #5:
Ana Lucia sits in a bar, watching some guys play pool.

Flashback #5 con't:
Jason stumbles out to his car. Ana Lucia calls out his name. He turns and asks her if he knows her. She says that she was pregnant and then fires several times. She walks over to his body and fires several more times.

Sayid asks again and she tells him that they never found him. She goes over and grabs the machete. She looks to be about to kill him and instead cuts his bounds. She drops the gun and tells him to go ahead, because she deserves it. He answers that it would do no good to kill her since they are both already dead.

He walks over to Shannon 's body and cries, as Ana Lucia listens nearby.

Act 5:
Sawyer is feverish and Kate tends to him. Kate tries to talk to him, tries to reassure him. She tells him that he's home.

Michael walks along the beach. Vincent sees him and runs to him.

Charlie watches and plays the guitar. He then notices Jin, Libby and Bernard. He runs over.

Rose spots them.

Sun washes clothes on the beach, unaware of the new arrivals.

Charlie gives Jin a hug, as the other survivors come over. Jin is given water.

Bernard and Rose are reunited.

Jin makes his way through and spots Sun. She finally notices him. They run to each other and embrace.

Eko leads Jack through the jungle. He stops. Jack sees Sayid carrying Shannon 's body. Sayid walks by. Jack then sees Ana Lucia.

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