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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Adrift
Episode Number: 202
Flashbacks: Michael
Supporting Characters: Desmond, Mysterious Island Man (Eko)
Flashback Characters: Susan Lloyd, laywers
Main Characters Not Appearing: Sayid, Shannon, Sun, Walt
Written by: Steven Maeda & Leonard Dick
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 9/28/05 on ABC

Previously on Lost:
Preparations are made for the raft setting out. Michael and Jack exchange well-wishes. The raft hits the water. The raft sails on a quiet ocean. The radar shows a signal. Sawyer argues with Michael over firing the flare. The flare is fired high into the sky. The radar registers the signal coming back. They wave with joy at the approaching boat. The boat pulls along side and one of its crew announces that they are taking the boy. Michael questions and the crewman repeats himself. Sawyer tries to pull his gun, but is shot and falls overboard. They grab Walt and Michael is knocked into the water. As Walt calls for his dad, the raft blows up.

Locke places the dynamite on the hatch. Hurley sees the numbers and runs to stop Locke, who lights the fuse anyway. The hatch blows up, which interrupts Desmond's routine. Back at the caves, Jack tells everyone that Locke found a hatch. He tells them that when the sun comes up in three hours they will all be okay. They will stay together in the caves. Jack asks Locke what he's doing. Locke tells him that he's going in. Kate tells Jack she's going to the hatch to look after Locke. Locke lowers Kate into the hatch. Kate hears something below and calls up to Locke. The shaft of light shoots up the hatch shaft as the cable is yanked through Locke's hands. He falls back when the resistance is gone on the cable from below.

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