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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Dave
Episode Number: 218
Flashbacks: Hurley
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 4/5/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
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Libby and Hurley jog along the beach. Hurley is out of breath, while Libby tries to encourage him. He comes to a stop. She says that some people have a slow metabolism. He says that he's sick. He starts to walk off. She grabs him and tells him to trust her.

Hurley shows Libby his stash of food. He says that when they found the food in the Hatch, he gave some away, but kept the rest of it. She tells him to just get rid of it. Hurley starts opening up packages of food and spilling them all over the ground. When he's done, he tells Libby that he feels free. He gives her a hug. She starts to move closer. Jin and Sun run by, saying that they found something.

Everyone runs up to the food drop that was found the night before. They start scurrying around like locusts. Sawyer says that they are out of control. Charlie suggests that someone trustworthy like Hurley should oversee the food. Hurley vehemently refuses, since his vice has just come back. Libby suggests that no one has to be in charge. Sawyer makes a snide comment to that. Hurley spots a bald guy next to the food who nods at Hurley. Hurley looks around and spots the guy near the edge of the clearing. The man nods at Hurley and slips into the woods. Hurley takes off after him and Libby notices.

Hurley chases the man through the woods until he trips. He finds a tan shoe near where he fell and says, 'Uh-oh."

Act 1:
Hurley sits on the beach holding the shoe. Libby walks up and asks him who he was looking for. He says that he wasn't looking for anyone. He tucks the shoe away and says that he doesn't want to talk about it. She says that the Island doesn't seem to want him to lose weight and that she's proud of him for not freaking out.

Flashback #1:
Hurley talks with a therapist about his diet. He says that he's doing okay. Hurley says that he's not mad as his mother about putting him in there because of the accident. The therapist asks about his homework assignment. Hurley says that Dave didn't do it and he's the most normal person there.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Dave yells for the basketball in the gym. Hurley walks up. Dave suggests that they leave since it's "taco night." Hurley says the doctor says that Dave is negative. Dave wants to know if Hurley wants to stop hanging out with him. Hurley agrees to go eat.

Jack treats Locke's leg and guesses that he has a hairline fracture. Kate suggests the wheel chair and Locke refuses. Kate says that there are some crutches. Locke says that Gale could have escaped. Jack says that he stayed because he thought his story would check out.

In the armory, Sayid and Ana Lucia interrogate Gale. Gale claims that the real Gale was already dead with a broken neck. Sayid pulls out some cash and reads a note that the real Gale wrote to his wife, Jennifer. In it, he says that he's heading to the beach. Sayid calls Gale's lie and Gale says that he didn't do it. Sayid wants info, but Gale says that "he" would definitely not like Gale telling anything. Sayid asks if "he" is the bearded guy and Gale says that the bearded man is "nobody." Sayid wants to know how many of them there are. Gale refuses to tell. Sayid aims the gun. Gale says that he's a good person. Just as Sayid pulls the trigger, Ana Lucia knocks his arm. Sayid says that Gale is a liar.

Locke wants to know what happened. He calls for Jack.

Jack walks into the armor and sees that Ana Lucia has the gun. The three of them move out of the amory.

Locke is still yelling and Jack says that he has everything under control.

Gale tells Ana Lucia thank you, but Ana Lucia basically blows him off.

Act 2:
Eko cuts wood. Charlie pulls a wooden palette up to neck to Eko and offers it to him since he knows that he's building something. Charlie wants to know what it is. Eko just asks him to help and says that he won't answer right now.

Hurley looks around in the clear and spots a box of crackers. After a moment, he tears it open and starts eating it. He hears something and sees the bald guy. He tells Dave that he's not there. Dave throws a coconut that hits Hurley. He picks up another one and then runs into the wood.

Hurley chases after him and comes out by Eko and Charlie. He asks them if they saw someone.

Flashback #2:
Hurley and Leonard play a game of Connect Four. Leonard beats Hurley and Dave makes fun of Leonard and encourages Hurley to snag some of Leonard's graham crackers. The nurse brings Hurley his medicine. Dave doesn't want him to take the medicine. Dr. Brooks walks up and takes a picture of Dave and Hurley and then Hurley takes his medicine.

Hurley approaches Sawyer. He asks Sawyer for the same medicine. Sawyer wants to know what for and Hurley says that he's seeing things like a bald guy in a bathrobe. Sawyer makes fun of him by fooling him into believing that he saw the guy. When Hurley realizes that Sawyer was teasing him, he tackles Sawyer and starts hitting him. He calls out each name that Sawyer has called him. Jin comes over and pulls Hurley away. Hurley says that he's not crazy.

Act 3:
Kate teases Sawyer about Hurley attacking him as he tries to put his tent back up. When he doesn't find it funny, she gets serious. He says that she should steer clear because Hurley's crazy.

Libby walks up to Hurley's shelter. She wants to know if he's okay, but he doesn't want to talk about it. She notices that he has a lot of peanut butter. He says that he's moving to the caves where no one else is, so that he won't hurt anyone. She tries to tell him that he doesn't have to do it.

Hurley walks through the woods and his backpack busts, spilling the peanut butter. He starts to eat it and Dave walks up. Hurley says that he can't be here, because he was in the hospital. Dave says that he is.

Flashback #3:
Hurley reads his list of likes to Dr. Brooks. They finally get to the problem. Hurley blames himself for being so fat and causing a deck to collapse. Dr. Brooks says that too many people were on the deck and that it would have collapsed anyway. Dr. Brooks says that Hurley eats to punish himself and that Dave doesn't want him to lose weight. He then shows Hurley the picture that he took and Dave isn't there. Dr. Brooks says that Dave doesn't exist.

Act 4:
Flashback #4:
Hurley sleeps in bed and Dave wakes him up. Hurley calls him a hallucination. Dave slaps him twice. Hurley tells him that he saw the picture and that Dave wasn't in it. Dave says that he doctored it. Dave wants to know if Hurley is game. Hurley gets up.

Flashback #4 Con't:
In the hallway, Dave spots some leftover lasagna and encourages Hurley to eat it. They sneak down to a room. Dave tells Hurley to get out the keys that he swiped from Dr. Brooks. Hurley opens the window and Dave jumps out. Dave wants Hurley to come on and go get some cheeseburgers. Hurley says that he can't do it. Dave tells him that he will never leave if he doesn't go now. Hurley closes the window and locks Dave out.

Hurley opens his eyes and sees Dave. He closes his eyes again and then opens them again to still see Dave. Dave asks for his slipper back. Dave sits next to Hurley and wants to know what happened after that. Hurley says that he realized that Dave wasn't real, got better, got his job back and won the lottery. Dave says that he imagined all that and that he's still back in Santa Rosa . Dave pokes holes in the whole plot because of the numbers that Hurley won the lottery were Leonard's numbers and the numbers in the Hatch. Dave says that the whole Island is in his imagination and that the people are parts of his subconscious. Dave says that he's the part that wants to wake up.

Dave leads Hurley to a cliff. He tells Hurley that if he jumps, he'll wake up in the real world. Dave then deliberately falls back off the cliff.

Act 5:
Locke makes his way around the hatch on the crutches. He asks Ana Lucia where Jack is. She says that Jack is up at the beach telling everyone that they caught one of the Others. Locke wants five minutes with "Gale."

Locke enters the armory. He wants to know "Gale's" real name, but he won't answer. Locke then asks if he got caught on purpose. "Gale" says that god doesn't know about the Island any more than anyone else. Locke suggests that the Others want to know where the Hatch is. "Gale" says that he stood in front of the computer, let the numbers count down to be replaced by symbols, then heard the mechanism that sounds like a magnet. He says that he didn't do anything as everything reset itself. Locke doesn't believe him, but "Gale" says that he's done lying.

Libby finds Hurley by the cliff. He says that she isn't real like everyone else. He says that he seems to know her because he made her up and that no real woman would ever like him. Libby asks him the name of the man whose broken leg she treated. Hurley says that he doesn't know. She says that it's because it happened to her. She kisses him and says that that was real. He wants her to do it again. She convinces Hurley to go back. They start off, holding hands.

Flashback #5:
Dr. Brooks takes a picture of Hurley and his imaginary friend Dave. The nurse walks up to a woman who is watching. She gives her some medicine and it's Libby, who looks to be another patient.

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