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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Two for the Road
Episode Number: 220
Flashbacks: Ana Lucia
Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Original US Air Date: 5/3/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Ana Lucia kills the kid who shot her.

Ana Lucia tells Michael that one gun won't stop the Others.

Michael says that he's going after Walt.

Jack says that he's going to the line.

Kate and Jack find that it's Michael who has stumbled to their campsite.

Kate tries to revive Michael. Jack starts to leave the campfire in an effort to find the Others. Kate says that Michael is alone and they help Michael up and start to head back.

Ana Lucia fixes food in the Hatch.

Flashback #1:
Ana Lucia drives up to the police car pool and climbs out of her car. Her mother, Captain Cortez, walks up and wants to know where she was last night.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Captain Cortez says that she knows that Ana Lucia killed the kid. They found a gun with the serial numbers filed off and Captain Cortez knows that the investigation will go nowhere. She challenges Ana Lucia to at least respect being a cop, so Ana Lucia quits and hands her mother her badge.

Ana Lucia enters the armory. Ana Lucia talks it up with Gale. He whispers something and she leans closers. Gale attacks her and starts choking her. He says that she killed two good people that were leaving them alone and that she is the killer. The struggle is ended when Locke knocks Gale unconscious.

Act 1:
Flashback #2:
Ana Lucia works as a TSA security agent at LAX airport.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Ana Lucia sits at the airport bar and Jack's father Christian is there having a drink. He asks her how one comes to working security at the airport and she says that stopped being a cop. He says that he just stopped being a doctor because his son ratted him out about drinking on the job. He says that he's going to Sydney . He wants to hire her to be his bodyguard in Sydney . They agree to call each other Tom and Sarah. She doesn't give him an answer.

At the beach, Ana Lucia treats her cut. Libby walks up and wants to know what happened. Ana Lucia lies and then tells Libby that Gale tried to kill her. Libby doesn't want her to do anything stupid.

Locke talks with Gale. He wants to know why Gale didn't try to kill him when he was trapped under the blast door. Gale says that Locke is one of the good ones. Gale says that he's dead anyway, because Jack is going to come back empty handed. Either Jack will kill him or the Others will find him and kill him. Gale says that their leader is a great man, but not very forgiving. Gale says that he failed his mission when he was captured by Rousseau. He was on his way to the Hatch to get Locke. Locke is speechless. Kate and Jack arrive and call for Locke, who closes the armory door in response.

Act 2:
Sawyer is near the stream where he's knocking mangoes down. Ana Lucia walks up and asks Sawyer for a gun. Sawyer says that she should go ask Jack. Ana Lucia makes a crack about Jack making time with Sawyer's girlfriend. Sawyer responds by telling her to get lost.

Flashback #3:
Ana Lucia wakes up in the middle of the night and rolls out of bed. She reaches for a bottle and Christian bangs on the door calling her.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Ana Lucia opens the door and Christian says that it's time for her to do her "protection duty." They are apparently in a Sydney hotel. Ana Lucia comments that it's been four days of drinking and now he says that it's time in the middle of night.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Patsy Cline plays on the radio as they drive up the street. Christian tells Ana Lucia to stop. He climbs out and goes up to a house. He starts talking to a woman and then starts to argue. Christian is demanding to see his daughter, but the woman refuses. Ana Lucia comes and pulls him away.

Sayid is digging. Hurley walks up and wants to know about the radio that they fixed. He wants to use the radio to play some music for Libby. Sayid suggests that Hurley take him to a beach about three miles away.

Locke wants to know if his trade worked. Jack says that Michael heard him shouting and stumbled out of the woods. Locke is skeptical and thinks that they must have let him go.

Sawyer walks along the stream when he hears something. He calls whoever it is out. He turns around and it's Ana Lucia. She still wants a gun. She makes a run at him and they fall down as they struggle. Suddenly, they kiss. They kiss again and things start to get more physical [intimately].

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
It's daytime and Ana Lucia and Christian drive through Sydney . She wants to know who the woman is. He says that it's a long story. She decides to tell him her real name. She wants to know why he's here. He says that he ran away because his son won't forgive him. She stops the car. He says that she ran away too. He then notices a bar and wants her to join him for a drink. She refuses. He opens the car door and Sawyer bumps into it. They talk for a another minute and she again decides not to go drink, but he climbs out.

Ana Lucia and Sawyer get dressed. The talk is extremely cool and she doesn't want him to tell anyone what happened. She walks off.

Hurley is grabbing some food when Libby walks up. He gets embarrassed and she says that she's not there to tell him about the food. He asks her if she'll go somewhere with him. She accepts.

In the Hatch, Jack notices Ana Lucia's cut. He asks about it and Locke covers by saying that he left the water on and Ana Lucia slipped and fell. Kate calls out that Michael woke up.

Michael sits up as Jack, Locke and Kate gather around. Michael explains that he found the Others. He says that the Others have their own Hatch, because he saw a couple of metal doors. He says that he only saw two guns and that they are barely armed. He came back because he wants all of them to back with him and take on the Others.

Act 4:
Locke sits in the computer room, working on his map, as Jack walks in. Jack tells him that he was right about what they did with Gale and that he shouldn't have gotten in their way. Locke says that Jack should include him next time. Jack then says that they should go after the Others because of what Michael said. Locke reminds Jack about what Mr. Friendly said.

At the beach, Libby and Hurley walk up to Jin. Hurley wants a blanket.

On the beach, Locke, Kate and Jack walk up to Sawyer who is reading a manuscript. He blows them off and Fack grabs the manuscript and throws it in the fire. Sawyer tries to grab it out. He wants to know what Jack's problem is. Jack wants the guns. Sawyer refuses and then realizes that Ana Lucia stole his gun. Locke then says that he has to tell Jack something.

In the hatch, Ana Lucia opens the armory. She orders him to cut himself loose. Gale tells her that one of the Others thought that he could change Ana Lucia, but he was wrong. Ana Lucia says that he was going to kill her. She raises the gun and points it at Gale.

Act 5:
Flashback #5:
Jack is at the Sydney Airport pleading with the airline agent to get his father's body back to Los Angeles. Ana Lucia overhears him and dials her phone.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Ana Lucia talks on the phone. She says that she's at the airport in Sydney. She tells her mother that she made a mistake. She says that she ran away, but now she wants to come home. Ana Lucia's mother tells her to come home. Ana Lucia gives her the flight number and then hangs up.

In the Hatch, Ana Lucia checks her gun. Michael walks up and wants to know where everyone went. Ana Lucia tells him that they went to get all the guns from Sawyer. Michael points out that she has a gun. She says that she can't use it. She explains that they've had one of the Others for over a week. She says that he tried to kill her earlier, but she couldn't kill him. She says that she can't do it anymore. Michael says that the Others are animals and that they took Walt. He says that he'll do it. He wants her to give him the gun. She hands him the gun and he asks for the combination. She gives it to him. He turns toward the armory door and then tells her that he's sorry. She wants to know why. He shoots her. Libby walks into the Hatch and calls his name. He's caught off-guard and turns and shoots her three times. He looks at Libby lying on the floor.

Michael walks into the armory. Gale looks up at him and then Michael shoots himself.

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