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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Collision" (#208):

Episode Analysis:
  • Hurley apparently is still keeping his lottery fortune a secret, since he tries to blow off Charlie's comments to Kate about Hurley being worth $150 million.
  • Locke answers that Gilgamesh is the friend of Enkidu, which fits with the mythology. However, as already mentioned, SCRIPTURE seems to be a better fit. Eko has shown signs of faith, so this might indicate that Eko is Enkidu. This also fits especially since the crossword sequence precedes his arrival in the Hatch and meeting Locke.
  • See Locke's Puzzle for more information on Locke's Crossword Puzzle.
  • See Gilgamesh for more information on Enkido and Gilgamesh.
  • When Eko sees the Dharma logo in the Hatch, he probably realizes that the Hatch and the tailies' bunker are tied together.
  • Sun leads Michael to the Hatch. Apparently, many of the survivors know about the Hatch, but few stay there.
  • Sayid makes a reference to 40 days when he talks about torturing Sawyer.
  • Ana Lucia is a very good marksman with a handgun.
  • Ana Lucia is a uniformed patrol officer in the LAPD.
  • Ana Lucia's commanding officer is Captain Cortez, who is also her mother.
  • Ana Lucia speaks Spanish.
  • Ana Lucia was shot while responding to a burglary call by letting a kid reach for his gun under the pretense that he was getting his I.D. out.
  • Ana Lucia went back on duty four months after being shot.
  • Ana Lucia was pregnant, when she was stot.
  • Ana Lucia killed Jason McCormack, who had confessed to shooting her.
  • As a result of the shooting, Ana Lucia lost her baby and then her husband, Danny, left her. Killing Jason brought her no solace since she tells Sayid that she still feels dead.

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