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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Abandoned
Episode Number: 206
Flashbacks: Shannon
Supporting Characters: Ana-Lucia, Eko, Bernard, Libby, Cindy, Rose, Aaron
Flashback Characters: Boone, Sabrina, Nora
Main Characters Not Appearing: Kate, Jack (appears in a flashback)
Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff
Directed by: Adam Davidson
Original US Air Date: 11/9/05 on ABC

Previously on Lost:
Boone finds the crate of Virgin Mary statues in the crashed Nigerian plane. He tosses out one to Locke and it shatters. Locke notices the drugs packed inside. The plane falls with Boone inside.

The survivors hold a funeral for him as Shannon looks on.

In the "tailies" bunker Ana Lucia tells Jin, Michael and Sawyer that they are moving out. Michael asks where they are going. Ana Lucia answers that they are going to their camp.

The "tailies" walk through the jungle. Ana Lucia says that Michael ran off. Libby says that he just left. Jin seems to say that Michael went after Walt. Sawyer doesn't seem interested in waiting for Michael. Jin goes after him as Eko tells Ana Lucia that he's going to help Jin find Michael.

Jin and Eko hike through the jungle when Eko stops. He shushs Jin. The two of them hide in the underbrush as the "Others" walk by.

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