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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: S.O.S.
Episode Number: 219
Flashbacks: Rose & Bernard
Written by: Steven Maeda & Leonard Dick
Directed by: Eric Laneuville
Original US Air Date: 4/12/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Bearded Man gives Jack the rules.

Locke tells Gale to push the button.

The black light shows up.

Gale says that he didn't push the button.

Kate and Jack find the food.

Bernard and Rose argue as they organize the food. Bernard thinks that the survivors have given up on being rescued.

Locke tries to draw a map of what he saw in the black light as the cursor starts beeping. The alarm goes off and Jack reminds Locke to type in the numbers and Jack does so.

Jack asks Ana Lucia about Gale. She says that Gales hasn't talked or eaten in two days.

Jack opens the arsenal and talks to Gale. Gale doesn't answer. Jack then goes to change Gale's wound and keeps talking as he does so. Jack explains that he's going to use Gale's idea of a trade. He's going to go to the line that they weren't supposed to cross and offer Gale as a trade for Walt. As Jack starts to leave, Gale grunts. Jack wants to know what Gale said. Gale says that they will never give him Walt.

Act 1:
Flashback #1:
Rose is stuck in the snow. Bernard walks up to the window and tells Rose that she has to take it slow and he'll rock the car. The car comes free and Bernard falls. Rose stops the car to check on him. They introduce themselves to each other and then begin to go their separate ways. Rose then calls after him and asks to buy a cup of coffee.

Bernard walks.

Rose tells Hurley that she saved some food for him. He says that he's on a fish and water diet. Bernard walks up to them and wants Hurley to get as many people as possible to help because he has an idea.

Ana Lucia tries to discourage Jack from going out to the line. Jack says that he's going to go. Ana Lucia tells him not to go alone. He says he will and leaves the Hatch.

On the beach, Kate and Sawyer talk. Jack walks up and says that he's going to the jungle to the line. Sawyer assumes that Jack wants him to go and wants a gun. Jack tells him that he has a gun, which Sawyer want know how he got, and he's inviting Kate to go. Kate agrees and goes to put her stuff up.

Bernard talks to the survivors about making a sign for the rescuers to see. He says that everyone seems to have forgotten that they are stranded. Rose says that they might need to check with Jack. Bernard argues with her. Rose says that he is giving the survivors false hope. Bernard is almost stunned by her lack of support of his idea and then resolves to make his sign anyway.

Act 2:
Flashback #2:
Rose and Bernard have a drink in a café overlooking Niagara Falls . He doesn't seem to be that interested in the scenery. She notices he's acting strangely. A few violinists walk over the table and Bernard makes a speech about them being made for each other. He then proposes to her. Her answer is that she's dying. He asks the violinists to leave. She tells him that her cancer has been in remission for two years, but now it's back and she has a year or so. Bernard wants her to answer his question. She wants to know if he's sure and he is. She then says, "Yes."

Bernard goes to see Charlie and Eko. He asks for their help, but they say that they are busy. He asks to use some of the logs and they say that they need them to build a church. Bernard says that everyone is building something and he's trying to get them saved. He says that he liked Eko better when he just hit people with his stick.

In the Hatch, a record plays as Locke gets agitated. He gets his crutches and heads into the living area.

Locke tells Ana Lucia that he wants to talk to Gale. Ana Lucia says that he can talk to Gale, but the door stays closed. Locke goes over to the armory door. He asks Gale if he pushed the button or not.

Inside the armory, Gale has a strange smile on his face as he silently listens to Locke's plea for an answer.

Act 3:
Bernard returns to the beach and finds that there are fewer people on the beach than before. He says that they need to use black rocks that can be found about a half a mile away. He says that he'll sketch letters out and everyone else gets the rocks. Hurley and Jin don't seem enthusiastic, but Bernard won't take no for an answer

Flashback #3:
Rose and Bernard drive in the Australian Outback somewhere. She thinks they are lost.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Bernard drives into a rural village. He explains that they are there to see a faith healer and that he made a $10,000 donation so they could see him. Rose gets upset and then tells him that she's made her peace. Bernard says that he hasn't made his peace, because that's how he is. He asks her to try for him.

Bernard asks Sawyer to help, but Sawyer declines.

Bernard goes to Rose and blames her for his work team dropping from fifteen to four. She says that he should just let things lie, but Bernard says that he can't and she wouldn't be there if he hadn't. She just gets her stuff and walks away.

In the jungle, Kate thanks Jack for picking her to go with him. He says that he asked Sayid first, but was turned down. He then picked her because the Others had her and didn't want to keep her and then softens the comment with the observation that they didn't want him either. Kate calls them "damaged goods" as she gets close to Jack. Jack just walks off. Kate notices something. a doll. She walks over to it. Jack tries to stop her, but she picks up the dirty doll. The trap is sprung and both Jack and Kate end up in a caught in a net. She meekly apologizes to him.

Act 4:
Kate and Jack hang in the net. They decide that they are caught in one of Rousseau's traps. Jack and Kate work to get his gun out. She gets it out. He wants it, but she says that she's a good shot because she grew up hunting with her father. She shoots and misses. He wants the gun back. He takes a shot, hits the rope and they fall. They laugh and she tells him night shot.

Jin and Bernard argue over how to form the letters. Jin starts to leave and Bernard pleads with him not to leave him because he wants to get Rose home. Jin says, "sorry" and still leaves.

Locke sits on the beach and Rose comes up to him. She tries to make a joke and Locke doesn't laugh. She wants to know why he's out of the Hatch. He says that he's done with the Hatch. She says that he's just frustrated because he's hurt. He says that Jack said it would take four weeks to heal. Rose says that they both know that he'll be up and about much quicker. They look at each other and slowly begin to smile.

Flashback #4:
Rose enters a room and a man follows her in. She makes a somewhat snide comment and he explains that there are some places that have great energy and that he is able to harness it at times. He then starts to "harness" it and he stops. He tells her that he can't help her. She says that she didn't expect him to. He tells her that it isn't that she can't be healed; just that he can't do it. He offers to return the donation, but she says that he should keep it. She's going to tell Bernard that he fixed her.

Jack and Kate walk in the jungle in the rain. She tells Jack that she and Claire found a medical hatch last week. He wants to know when she was going to tell him. She says she was going to tell him when he let her back in the club. He is incredulous. He then tells her that they are "here." Jack starts calling out the Others.

Act 5:
Bernard works on his sign alone. Rose walks up and tells him that she brought him some supper. He tells her to just put it down. Rose wants to know where everyone is and he says that they all left. She apologizes to him about lying to him. She says that the healers in Australia didn't heal him. As scenes of them in the airport terminal are shown, she says that she was healed after she crashed on the Island .

Flashback #5:
In the airport terminal at Sydney , Rose drops some medication out of her bag. Locke rolls by in his wheelchair, picks it up and returns it to her.

Bernard realizes that she doesn't want to leave because she thinks the cancer will come back. He says that if she can't leave, then neither will he. He says that he wouldn't offer to take down the size, but he didn't get very far.

As a record plays, in the Hatch Ana Lucia tells Locke that she pushed his button. He says that it's not his button. She wants to know where he went and he says that he needed some air.

In the computer room, Locke works on his map.

It's now night time on the Island .

In their shelter, Jin happily touches Sun's stomach as Sun looks unemotional.

Claire and Aaron have a mother-son moment.

Libby and Hurley make shadow puppets by the fire.

Sawyer sits alone as Vincent walks over. Sawyer offers him some food.

Rose and Bernard cuddle by the fire.

Jack and Kate sit by their own fire. She wants to know how long he's going to stay. She says that she's sorry that she kissed him, but he says that he's not. Just then, they see a lone torch approaching. Someone runs out of the jungle and collapses by the fire. Jack and Kate go over and turn the person over to find that it's Michael.

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