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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Collision" (#208):

Act 1:
Ana Lucia holds the gun on Michael and Jin and again orders them not to move. Ana Lucia asks Eko if Sayid has any other weapons, since he just had a gun to Eko's neck. Michael tells her to put the gun down, but she points it at him and orders him to stop. He tells her to not point it at him and takes another step toward her, but she fires a warning shot. She orders them both back, while Libby tries to calm her. She tells Eko to tie Sayid up, but he refuses. She points out that Sayid just tried to kill him, but Eko again refuses and walks off. She then points the gun toward Bernard and Libby and tells them to tie Sayid up using the vines from the stretcher. Libby says that Sawyer needs to be taken to a doctor or he'll die. Ana Lucia says that she knows what she's doing.

Flashback #2:
Ana Lucia is back in uniform and walks through a police precinct. She goes to the Captain's office and knocks on the open door. The female captain tells her to come in. Ana Lucia is welcomed back by Detective Raggs, who then leaves the office. The captain asks her how she is and Ana Lucia says that she's okay. The captain gives Ana Lucia her assignment: Evidence. It's a desk assignment. Ana Lucia wants a patrol, but the Captain refuses and points out that she was in an "Officer Involved Shooting." Ana Lucia switches to Spanish and asks the captain if she's giving her the desk assignment because she's her Captain, or because she's her mother. Her mother's answer is both. Ana Lucia says she needs to be back on the street. Her mother says that if she puts Ana Lucia back in a car, then everyone will know that she "pulled strings." She then says that if Ana Lucia doesn't want her to treat her like her daughter, then she shouldn't ask for favors. Ana Lucia's response is to ask for a transfer. Her mother says she doesn't get the transfer, but does get the car. She signs off on some paper, gives it to Ana Lucia and says "happy?" Before Ana Lucia can response, Detective Raggs comes to the doorway and says that there's a very important call for Ana Lucia in the bullpen. Ana Lucia tells him that she'll be right there. He leaves and Ana Lucia's mother says that they got her a cake, so Ana Lucia should try and act surprised.

At the beach, Jack fills a water bottle at a trough. Rose walks up to the trough with a bowl and tells him that it's good to see him out of the Hatch. She tells him that some fruit would do him some good and offers him some. He takes a piece and eats it. He asks her where she found them and she tells him that he shouldn't talk with his mouth full. Something flies between them and plops in the water. It's a golf ball. The two of them look around and then Jack retrieves the ball.

Hurley says "past the hanging tree, double or nothing." He, Charlie and Kate are somewhere on the beach with the golf clubs. Kate asks him if he's sure and then begins to line up the shot. She comments that double is $10,000. Charlie comments that that's nothing because Hurley's worth $150 million and could build an entire course for her. Kate asks what he's talking about and Hurley tells Kate to ignore Charlie. Kate takes her shot and hits it past the tree, much to Hurley's disappointment. Just then, Jack walks up and says that she hooked it. He tells her to keep her left arm straight. They basically start to flirt over him giving her golf tips. Their competitive nature comes out as Jack says that anyone can hit a ball, but that golf is about accuracy. As Charlie and Hurley tease Jack Kate challenges him to three holes of golf with no handicap for bragging rights.

Eko gives Sawyer some water. Libby tells Ana that they need to get to Michael and Jin's camp. She says that it was an accident and that they'll understand. Ana Lucia isn't so sure they'll be very understanding. Sayid comes around. Ana Lucia notices. She tells Libby to keep an eye on Jin and Michael and walks over to Sayid. Sayid tells her to untie him. She starts to say no and he yells for her to untie him. Libby calls her and she turns to see Eko hoisting Sawyer onto his shoulders. Ana Lucia asks him what he's doing and he's says he's taking Sawyer back to his camp. She begs him not to leave her. She says that Sawyer would let him die. Eko answers that he's not doing it for Sawyer, but for himself. He then walks off.

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