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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Maternity Leave
Episode Number: 215
Flashbacks: Claire
Written by: Dawn Labertsen Kelly & Matt Ragghianti
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 3/1/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Rousseau tells Jack and Locke about Others taking her baby, Alex after one week.

Claire is attacked.

Claire screams.

Claire tells Jack that she was attacked and that the man had a needle.

Hurley says that Ethan isn't on the manifest.

Locke says that they have been taken.

Claire walks out of the jungle and doesn't remember anything.

Henry Gale is trapped in the net.

Rousseau tells them not to trust Gale.

Sayid interrogates Gale.

Aaron cries. Claire picks him up and comforts him. She wakes Locke and says that Aaron is burning up and has a rash. Locke says that Jack is in the Hatch. She starts to leave. Locke stops her and says that he'll go get Jack.

Locke walks into the Hatch and wakes Jack up. He tells Jack about the baby. He asks about Gale and Jack says that he hasn't made a sound. Jack leaves and Locke sits down.

Claire is trying to cool Aaron off. She hears something and finds that Rousseau is there. She is upset with Rousseau. Rousseau guesses that Aaron is infected. She realizes that Claire doesn't remember. Claire remembers a flash of images, which include a needle. Kate comes running up and tells Rousseau to leave their camp. Rousseau walks off without saying anything else.

Act 1:
Aaron cries as Claire says that he usually sleeps through the night. Jack says that he's okay. Claire is worried that it could be more serious like an infection. Kate tells Jack that Rousseau was in the camp. Jack tells Claire that Aaron is okay. He says he's going back to the Hatch for a couple hours and then will come back and check on Aaron.

It is now daylight, Kate and Claire walk over to Hurley and Libby. Claire wants to know if Libby is a shrink.

Kate and Claire explain to Libby what happened to Claire and Charlie when Ethan took them. Libby says that Claire might be repressing memories because of the trauma. Claire wants to remember.

Jack and Locke bring food and a book (Dostoevsky) to Gale. Gale asks for Stephen King.

Jack wants to know about the book. Locke gives one of his non-answers with a story about Hemingway. Locke wants to know what the long term plan is for Gale. Jack says there isn't one yet. Gale can be heard asking to be let go.

Libby leads Claire in a breathing exercise to relax her. She takes Claire back to when she was pregnant.

Flashback #1:
The doctor asks Claire when she had her last checkup. She says that it had been while. She explains that she is flying to Los Angeles to give the baby to a family there. Ethan is the doctor, who gives her a shot.

The flashback breaks down into the same set of images that Claire saw when Rousseau spoke to her.

Claire starts screaming and says that she saw Ethan.

Act 2:
Libby tries to calm Claire, who is screaming about seeing Ethan. Kate walks up with Aaron. Libby explains that Claire is probably combining memories. Claire is convinced that the room she was in was on the Island . She asks Kate to help her find it.

Eko cuts down a tree.

Eko walks into the Hatch. Jack walks into the weapons closet and closes the door.

Eko talks to Locke. Locke indicates that he's alone.

Jack hushes Gale.

Kate walks up to Sawyer. She asks him for a gun. She doesn't want to explain why. He won't give in until she explains. She says that she needs the gun because she and Claire are going after Rousseau. Sawyer wants to know if Kate believes her. Kate says that Claire is going with or without her. Sawyer agrees to give her a gun.

Sun and Claire talk. Sun is going to look after Aaron. She doesn't want Claire to go. Claire is worried that Aaron's fear hasn't broken yet. A comment from Sun about what a mother should do, brings Claire to ask her if she's a mother. Sun says that she isn't, but again asks if Claire wants to go. Her question prompts Claire to see another flash of images.

Flashback #2:
"Dr." Ethan gets some medicine and gives Claire a shot, which is really a shot for the baby. He says that he has a surprise.

Flashback #2 Con't
Ethan leads her down a hallway to a door.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Inside the door, the room has been outfitted as a nursery. Ethan says that it's for her baby. Claire asks about Charlie. Ethan says that he let Charlie go when they got far enough from camp. She wants to know where the things came from. Ethan says that he can't explain right now. Claire is a mobile with jetplanes that plays "To Catch a Falling Star." Ethan is called into the hallway. It's the beared man without his beard. He says that Ethan was supposed to make the list and then take her. Ethan says that they knew he wasn't on the manifest. The bearded man closes the door.

The flashback breaks down into another series of images. The dark-haired woman tells Claire that she needs to leave.

Sun wants to know if Claire is okay. Kate walks up and asks if Claire is ready to go. She starts to leave and Aaron cries anew. Claire tells him that she has to leave, but that she'll be back.

Act 3:
Claire and Kate walk through the forest. Kate is following Rousseau's trail. Claire wants to know what Kate knows about Rousseau. Kate explains what she learned from the trip to the Black Rock. Kate says that she lost the trail. Rousseau walks out. Claire says that she remembers a lot, including the room. She wants Rousseau to take her there. Rousseau says that it isn't far.

Jack is at the beach. Eko walks up and wants to know who is in the Hatch. Eko wants to speak to him alone. Jack agrees only because Eko knows that they want to keep it a secret.

Rousseau, Kate and Claire walk up to a point. Rousseau wants to know where to go next. Claire says that Rousseau should know because she was taking her back to them. Rousseau seems surprised and upset that Claire lied to her about remembering. Kate pulls the gun on Rousseau, who begs her to shoot her. Claire walks off as the two of them stare down.

Claire sees something, which triggers more images.

Flashback #3:
Claire sits in a rocking chair, when Ethan walks in. Ethan says he wants to take her for a walk.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Claire and Ethan walk out in the jungle. Claire is staggering around. Ethan helps her to a log. He tells her that he's going to miss her. Claire isn't sure what he means. He reminds her that there isn't enough vaccine for both her and the baby. She'll go back to her friends and hopefully stay well. Ethan wants her to be sure about letting him and his "good people" to take care of the baby.

Kate and Rousseau walk up to Claire. Claire takes off. Kate tries to stop her, but Rousseau tells her to let her look around. Claire starts uncovering something and finds a Dharma entrance. They open it up.

Act 4:
Claire, Kate and Rousseau walk into the darkened Dharma bunker entrance. Rousseau finds flashlights. Lights are flickering further down the hallway. Kate walks off, saying that she'll try and turn the power back on. Claire tells Rousseau that it's this way. She walks into a room. Just then the lights come on and we can see that it's what's left of the nursery.

Kate opens a door and finds a locker. In it, there is medicine and a fake beard.

In the nursery, Claire sees a booty on the floor. This triggers another set of flashes.

Flashback #4:
A dark-haired woman wakes Claire up. She tells Claire that she has to leave now. She helps Claire up to the door and they look outside. The woman says that they are going to cut the baby out of her that night and she'll die. Claire doesn't believe her and wants to see Ethan. The woman puts a cloth over her mouth.

Claire says that the medicine is here. She goes down the hall. Kate comes in as well. They are in the exam room. Kate and Claire lift up the cabinet. The cabinet is empty. She wants Rousseau to tell her where the vaccine is. There is another set of flashes.

Flashback #5:
Claire wakes up in the dark in the jungle. Claire calls for Ethan. Rousseau is there. Ethan can be heard calling. Rousseau wants her to stop scream for him, but she wants Ethan to find her so she can give the baby to him. Rousseau tries to stop her. They struggle and Claire scratches her.

Claire realizes that Rousseau didn't try to take her back to the Others. Claire apologizes. Rousseau turns to leave and Claire wants to know where she's going. Rousseau says that she's not the only one that didn't find what she was looking for [Alex?].

Act 5:
Claire, Kate and Rousseau walk through the jungle. Rousseau says that she will go no further. Claire asks her about her baby. Rousseau says that her baby was a girl named Alexandra. Claire says that she remembered a girl, who saved her. Claire says that she was good and wasn't like the others. Rousseau says that she's sorry that she didn't find what she was looking for and that Aaron is not infected. She then says that if he is, she hopes that Claire will do what must be done. She then walks off.

Locke does the dishes in the Hatch. Jack and Eko walk in. Jack tells Locke that Eko knows.

Locke and Jack tell Eko to be careful and not to tell Gale what the alarm is for. Locke opens the door.

Eko walks in and the door closes behind him. Eko introduces himself. He asks to sit down. Eko asks how long he's been in there. Gale answers that it's been two days. Eko wants to know if he has been treated well. Gale says that he's being kept. Eko says that they are being careful and because they think he's lying. Gale starts jabbering about "these Others." Eko.explains that he was dragged into the jungle by two men on the first night that he was on the Island . He ended up killing the two men with a rock. He asks Gale's forgiveness. Gale wants to know why. Eko takes out a knife and cuts himself. He gets up to leave.

Jack tells Claire that Aaron's fever has broken. She thanks him. She goes over to his crib and talks to him. She takes out the bootie that she found in the bunker. She gives it to Aaron. She says that she wanted them to take him, but she says she realizes that they were supposed to be together.

Locke walks into the weapons closet and gives Gale some food. Gale asks Locke about Hemingway. Gale says that he read Hemingway, but not Dostoevsky. Gale asks Locke if he's the genius or the one who's in the shadow of the genius. Locke gives a non-answer. Gale wants to know why he lets Jack make the decisions. Locke says that they make the decisions together. Gale says, "my mistake" and Locke leaves. Locke walks over to the sink and suddenly gets upset. He scatters the pots and pans.

In the weapons closet, Gale hears the clattering crockery.

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