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"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

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Last Updated: 6/10/12

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1/21/12 - American Revolution Primary Documents
The following Documents have been added (in chronological order):
- Massachusetts Resolves on the Stamp Act
- Benedict Arnold's Letter to the Inhabitants of America
- Virginia Plan
- [Federal] Judiciary Act
- Jay's Treaty Between Great Britain and the Unted States
- Alien and Sedition Acts

11/25/11 - American Revolution Resources: Multimedia
New multimedia resources have been added and existing multimedia resource information has been updated.

5/20/09 - Coming to Blu-ray on June 16, and just in time for Father's Day gift-giving, the HBO® miniseries John Adams brings to life the story of one of America's most remarkable - yet little known - historical figures. Sure to resonate with history and non-history buffs alike, the John Adams Blu-ray will let viewers explore some of the most fascinating moments and people highlighted in the miniseries through enhanced BD features that bring to life the extraordinary historical events in this epic story.
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John Adams

1/9/08 - American Revolution Resources: New Book Arrivals
A Slave No More by David W. Blight | November 2007 |
Slave narratives are extremely rare. Now two newly uncovered narratives, and the biographies of the men who wrote them, join that exclusive group with the publication of A Slave No More. Wallace Turnage was a teenage field hand on an Alabama plantation, John Washington an urban slave in Virginia.
A Slave No More

5/19/07 - American Revolutionary Nonfiction Books | Book Reviews
Old Ninety Six: History & Guide by Robert Dunkerly & Eric Williams | April 2006 |
Few locations in South Carolina have figured as prominently in the early history of the state as the old town of Ninety Six. It was witness to two Revolutionary War battles, two Cherokee War battles, a trading post, three forts and two towns.
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Old Ninety Six
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5/19/07 - American Revolutionary Nonfiction Books | Book Reviews
Now in Paperback: New Jersey in the American Revolution Edited by Barbara Mitnick |
Barbara J. Mitnick has edited a remarkably comprehensive anthology, bringing new life to the rich and turbulent late eighteenth-century period in New Jersey. The volume brings together contributions by twelve outstanding and recognized experts on New Jersey history.
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NJ in the American Revolution
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5/8/07 - Chest Deep and Rising by Patrick Yoes | August 2006 |
Chest Deep and Rising is a look at the events of the sixteen days before, during and after Hurricane Katrina, from a unique point of view: a first responder in St. Charles Parish, 20 miles west of New Orleans, one of the people whose assignment was to protect life and property during extraordinary conditions.
Chest Deep and Rising

4/21/07 - Known affectionately as "Uncle Billy" by Union soldiers, but reviled in the South as a brutal war criminal, General William Tecumseh Sherman is one of the enigmatic and complex figures in the American pantheon. His legacy, built during a five-week campaign of terror and destruction, ranks as one of the most daring endeavors in U.S. military history. Controversial to this day, his epic story is told in SHERMAN'S MARCH, premiering Sunday, April 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The History Channel®.
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4/8/07 - American Revolution Resources: New Book Arrivals
Revolutionary War Almanac by John C. Fredriksen | April 2006 |
Revolutionary War Almanac includes an A-to-Z dictionary covers people, battles, and a day-by-day chronology. More than 130 maps, photographs, and illustrations pair with a detailed index, a bibliography, and cross-references to make this reference more accessible than any other.
Revoluationary War Almanac

2/3/07 - American Revolution Resources: New Book Arrivals
Adopted Son by David Clary | February 2007 |
Using personal letters and other key historical documents, Adopted Son offers a rare glimpse of the American Revolution through the friendship between George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette. The result is a remarkable, little-known epic of friendship, revolution, and the birth of a nation.
Adopted Son

1/28/07 - American Revolutionary Nonfiction Books | Book Reviews
Now in Paperback: John Adams: Party of One by James Grant |
James Grant examines the complex and often contradictory Founding Father in the most well-rounded and multifaceted portrait of John Adams to date. Chronicling Adams's life - from his beginnings on a hardscrabble Massachusetts farm to the Continental Congress, Court of St. James, and the White House - Grant traces the words and deeds of one of America's most learned but politically star-crossed leaders.
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John Adams
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1/28/07 - American Revolutionary Nonfiction Books | Book Reviews
Now in Paperback: Rum by Ian Williams |
Rum is more than just a delicious drink - it helped to shape the modern world. Ian Williams's book, Rum, as biting, multifaceted, and warm-spirited as the drink itself - triumphantly restores rum's rightful place in history, taking us across space and time, from its origins in the plantations of Barbados through Puritan and Revolutionary New England, to Voodoo rites in modern Haiti and across the Florida straits where Fidel and the Bacardi family are still fighting over the rights to the ingredients for a Cuba Libre.
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