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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: One of Them
Episode Number: 214
Flashbacks: Sayid
Written by: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 2/15/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Danielle tells Sayid about the Others.

Jack and Ethan fight.

Locke tells everyone that there are others on the Island.

Ana Lucia tells Michael about how the Others took Tailies.

Ana Lucia hears the whispers and accidentally shoots Shannon.

Mr. Friendly tells Jack that this is their island and they are only alive, because they've let them leave.

Flashback #1:
Sayid and other men to continue shredding documents as the building is being bombed. U.S. Forces enter and take them prisoner. Sayid finally reveals that he speaks English.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Sayid is presented to a U.S. commanding officer.

Flashback #1 Con't:
As they walk through the American command post, the officer wants to know if Sayid speaks English. He asks where Sayid's commanding officer is and Sayid says that he fled to Hillah. The officer then opens the door and Tariq is tied up.

Sayid washes his face. Ana Lucia comes running along and wants to know where Jack is. He wants to know what is up. Ana Lucia shows him Danielle is nearby. He sends Ana Lucia away and moves toward her. He wants to know why she's there. She says that she was looking for him.

Act 1:
Sayid wants to know why she was looking for him. She wants to keep moving and wants him to trust her. He reminds her that when she last appeared, she ended up taking Claire's baby. He says that she is leading him to something important. She then gives him her gun as a sign of good faith.

Flashback #2:
The U.S. Officer has Sayid translate in an effort to learn from Tariq where a missing American pilot is. Tariq won't answer and even calls Sayid out to act like an Iraqi soldier. He tells Sayid to kill several Americans before he dies. Sayid tells the officer that Tariq does not know where the pilot is. The officer gives Sayid one last chance and then orders the guards to lock Tariq up.

Sawyer is awakened by a frog.

Sawyer asks Jin if he hears it and if he'll help him find it. Jin just walks off without speaking.

Sawyer walks into the jungle looking for the frog.

Sawyer finds Hurley with a secret stash of food. Hurley begs him not to tell. The frog starts up again and Hurley tells him that it's just a tree frog. Sawyer and Hurley strike a bargain: Hurley helps Sawyer find the frog and Sawyer won't tell.

Sayid and Danielle close in. They near someone calling. Sayid walks a little further and finds a man trapped in a net hanging from a tree.

Act 2:
The man calls for help as Sayid runs up. Danielle tells Sayid not to believe him. The man tells Sayid that his name is Henry Gale and he's from Minnesota . Sayid cuts the man down over Danielle's objections. The man runs off and Danielle shoots him in he back with an arrow. Sayid says that she could have killed him, but Danielle says that she could have killed him. She tells Sayid to take the man to Jack and then talk to him, because that's what he does. She warns him that the man will lie for a long time.

Flashback #3:
Sayid is taken to Joe Inman, who is a CIA operative. Inman says that he knows that Sayid feels like helping the Americans is wrong. Inman tells Sayid that before Tariq was his commanding officer, he was part of a chemical weapons unit in another part of the country. Inman knows that Sayid had relatives where Saddam gassed a village with saran gas. Inman says that all the Americans want is their pilot back. Sayid says that Tariq won't talk to the Americans and Inman says that Sayid will have to make Tariq talk to him.

In the Hatch, Sayid wakes up Locke and wants him to come look at something.

Locke is in the Hatch as well. Sayid wants to know who he is. Gale explains that he and his wife were trying to fly around the world in a hot air balloon when it crashed on the Island four months ago. His wife died three weeks ago after getting sick. Jack walks up and wants to know what is going on. Sayid says that he's questioning the man, because Danielle thinks he's an Other. Jack wants to know if Sayid shot him and Sayid says that he doesn't have the bow. He doesn't want Jack to untie Gale's arms, in spite of Gale's plea.

Hurley and Sawyer are in the jungle. Sawyer riffs on Hurley's secret stash of food again with his usual colorful vocabulary. Hurley has had enough and tells Sawyer to tell everyone about his secret and that he knows he's fat.. He starts to walk off, but Sawyer stops him and apologizes and begs Hurley for help with the frog, because it's driving him crazy.

Jack treats Gale's wound. Nearby, Locke and Sayid talk about Gale's story. Locke thinks that the story is pretty convincing and that they have no way of knowing whether it's true or not. Sayid asks if Locke can change the combination on the lock, so that he can have some time with Gale without Jack stopping him. Locke says it'll only take a couple of minutes and Sayid says he should get started.

Act 3:
Sayid asks Jack if Gale said anything while he was treating him. Jack says that he didn't. Sayid and Locke then work Jack over and convince him to move Gale into the armory, because it might upset the other survivors.

The three of them carry Gale into the armory. Locke and Jack leave to get a cot and Sayid closes the door.

Flashback #4:
Sayid enters the room with Tariq alone. Sayid starts to take out some tools, but Tariq laughs and believes that it's a bluff. Tariq believes that Sayid will follow his orders and then orders him to kill himself. Sayid says that he knows the information means nothing. Tariq spits on him. Sayid picks up one of the tools.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Inman stands outside the door. There is a knock on the door, the guard opens it and Sayid walks out. He gives Inman the instruments back. He says that the pilot was killed two days before and buried. Sayid says that he can take them to the location.

Jack wants to know why the combination won't work. Locke admits to changing the combination and points out that Jack was building an army. Locke says that Sayid needs to do what he's going. Jack wants to know if Gale is actually telling the truth.

Inside the armory, Sayid makes Gale sit up. He starts to question Gale. Gale explains that they stayed close to the beach in case of flyovers. He says that they had an emergency transponder. His wife's maiden name is Murphy and they met at the University of Minnesota . His wife's illness started as a fever. Gale wants to know why he's being treated "this way." Sayid says that he was twenty-three when the Americans came. He was a good soldier when they came, but he was something different when they left. He did things that he wishes he hadn't for six years. He says that he's a torturer.

Act 4:
Hurley and Sawyer close in on the frog. Hurley spots it and tries to grab it, but he trips. The frog jumps and Sawyer catches it. Hurley tells him about having a turtle when he was ten and that he's not sure if the story that his mother told her is true. Hurley offers to take the frog far away: two beaches away. Sawyer instead squishes the frog and then walks off.

Jack works on something and Locke offers his help. Jack ignores him. Jack tells Locke to shut up and as he pours some water, he notices the pliers are missing.

In the armory, Gale describes his hot air balloon to Sayid. He explains that he was rich and it was his dream. His wife, Jennifer, went along with him. He says that he got rich by selling his mining company, which mined non-metallic minerals. Sayid takes out the pliers. He asks Gale about his wife's grave. Gale says that he buried her by the balloon, but that he doesn't remember anything else. Sayid says that Gale would remember every detail even it were true. Gale asks him if he lost someone. Sayid says that it was an accident. Sayid starts hitting Gale.

Outside the armory door, Jack demands that Locke open the door. Locke refuses. The alarm starts to go off. Jack won't let Locke go unless Locke gives him the combination. Locke gives in. He opens the armory door and then runs to the computer. He mistypes the numbers and the alarm goes to zero. Machinery starts up as the counters begin to lock in: a penguin (?) and two missiles. Locke hits execute. The machinery stops and the counter resets to 108 minutes.

Jack runs into the armor and grabs Sayid. Sayid cries that Gale's lying. Jack says that this isn't the way. Jack closes Gale up in the armory as Sayid watches him.

Act 5:
In the Hatch, Jack wants to know what Sayid was doing. Sayid says that Gale is one of Them. Jack wants to know how he knows. Sayid says that he just knows. Jack points out that Danielle thought that Sayid was an Other. Locke says to her, they all are Others.

Flashback #5:
Sayid is in a truck with a squad of American soldiers. The soldier across from him is Sam Austen, who is holding Kate's picture. Austen asks Sayid if he has a wife and family and Sayid answers that he doesn't

Flashback #5 Con't:
The truck stops and Sayid is unloaded. Inman tells Sayid that they are pulling out and that Saddam stays in power. Inman cuts Sayid loose. Inman points out that Sayid has a new skill set that he'll be able to use some day. Sayid says that he won't do it again. Inman doesn't believe him and answers him in Arabic. Inman gives Sayid money for bus fare and the Americans leave him by the road.

On the beach, Sayid tells Charlie that there is a man in the Hatch. Charlie wants to know why Sayid is telling him. Sayid says that he knows that the man is an Other, because he feels no guilt over what he did to Gale. He says that Jack and Locke have forgotten. Charlie was strung up and left for dead by the Others, while Claire was kidnapped. He asks if Charlie has forgotten.

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