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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Live Together, Die Alone
Episode Number: 223
Flashbacks: Desmond
Written by: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 5/24/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Eko and Locke find the second Hatch.

Michael returns.

Flashbacks of Michael reuniting with Walt and being offered the bargain of bringing the four back in exchange for Walt.

At Libby and Ana Lucia's funeral, Sun sees the boat.

The survivors run over to the beach toward the boat.

Sawyer, Jack and Sayid swim to the boat.

Jack is first on the boat, followed by Sawyer and Sayid. The three men pull out their pistols.

Someone starts firing at them from the hold.

Jack breaks into the hold to find Desmond, who doesn't look very good.

Act 1:
At the campfire that night, Jack talks to Desmond. Jack wants to know why Desmond came back. Desmond says that he's been sailing due west for two and a half weeks and yet he ended up back at the Island . He's convinced that there is no escape. Jack starts to leave and Desmond wants to know if they are still pushing the button. Jack tells him that they are.

Flashback #1:
Desmond is having his belongings returned to him. Desmond is being dishonorably discharged from the British Forces. His last name is Hume.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Outside in the rain, a man waits for Desmond. He tells Desmond to get in.

Flashback #1 Con't:
In the car, the man shows Desmond that the letters he's sent to his daughter didn't make it to her. He says that Penelope will go on thinking that he's gone. He also offers Desmond a chance to escape.

Sayid and Jack talk. Sayid wants to go around the Island by boat to scout out the Others' position. He then will signal them and they will meet. Jack isn't sure the Michael has been compromised, but Sayid is sure and doesn't want Jack to tell Michael a thing.

Locke limps into the Hatch and finds Eko sitting at the computer. Eko asks Locke where he's been and Locke says that he's decided that Eko should let the counter run down and not push the button. Eko disagrees. Locke attempts to smash the computer, but Eko stops him. They struggle. Eko resets the button and drives Locke out of the Hatch and tells him not to come back.

On the beach, Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Michael prepare to leave. Kate decides to mention that she found all the makeup and beards and postulate that they are just pretending to be "hillbillies." Michael vehemently denies that they are pretending. The five then set out.

Act 2:
On the beach, Sayid comes out to where Desmond's boat is. He wants the boat, because he wants to go to the north shore. Desmond makes a reference to the "hostiles" and then tells Sayid that he can have it. Sayid says that he doesn't know how to sail.

Flashback #2:
Desmond has no American money to pay for his coffee. Libby pays for his coffee. They get to talking and Desmond says that Charles Widmore tried to buy him off to keep him away from his daughter. He says that he needs $42,000 to buy a boat so he can participate in a race around the world in eight months. Libby tears up and explains that she has a boat that belonged to her husband. Her husband got sick and died a month before. She offers Desmond the boat. Desmond asks for her husband's name and her name and then accepts her offer.

Sun explains to Jin that Sayid needs someone to help him man the boat to go after the Others. She also tells Jin that she's coming too.

In the jungle, the five are walking when Sawyer nearly trips one of Rousseau's traps. Kate says they she and Jack got caught up in one. Sawyer realizes that the doctor was telling the truth and not inferring something else. Kate starts to question him when a bird, a large bird swoops by. It apparently is cawing Hurley's name. At this point, Michael notices that his gun clip is empty.

Act 3:
Sun and Jin walk up to Sayid. Sayid doesn't want Sun to come. She says that he will need a translator and two people who know how to sail.

Claire gives Aaron the medicine, which Desmond sees. He comes over and asks if the father is on the Island . She says that he got scared and ran off. Desmond says that maybe he realized that he was going to be a lousy father.

Flashback #3:
Outside a stadium, Desmond climbs out of his car and prepares to run. Jack drives up and starts running. Another car drives up and Penelope drives up. He wants to know how she found him and she says that she has money. She asks him about his book and he says that he hasn't read it yet. She wants to know why he didn't write her. He doesn't answer and asks when she is getting married. She says that she hasn't set a date and asks him to come back right now. He says that he'll be back in a year once he's won the race and regained his honor. He then heads for the stadium to start to run.

Locke walks up to Desmond at the campfire that night. He asks Desmond what one snowman said to another. Desmond answers, "Smells like carrots." They then talk a bit about fixing the computer. Locke then tells Desmond that they found another Hatch which had a video that explains that their Hatch button doesn't mean anything. He even shows Desmond something from the second hatch. Desmond says that they should stop pushing the button. Locke says that he has, but someone else has decided to take over. He tells Desmond that he's going to sober up and "tomorrow" they will find out what will happen when the button isn't pushed.

Act 4:
The five have made camp for the night. Jack finds Michael away from the fire. He offers to help Michael gather firewood.

On the boat, Sun gets sick. Jin sees and says that he didn't want her to come. She says that she's not seasick. Along the shoreline, they find the foot and lower leg of a statue that has four toes.

Eko is in the hallway of the Hatch, checking on something when he hears a countdown on the loudspeaker. The blast doors then come down, which keeps Eko outside the computer room. Desmond and Locke prepare to wait inside the computer room.

Flashback #4:
Desmond is caught in a violet storm. He goes down into the hold and gets his boat. When he goes back up on deck, he is knocked out.

Flashback #4 Con't:
There is a sequence of images where Desmond washes up on shore. A man in a suit finds him. He's brought to the Hatch.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Desmond wakes up in the bed in the Hatch to find a man. The man wants to know if he's "him," and asks Desmond about the snowmen. The man introduces himself as Kelvin Inman. Desmond wants to know where his boat is. Inman says he found him on the beach and there was no boat. The beeping starts. Inman walks into the computer room and punches in the numbers. Desmond has followed and wants to know what that is all about. Inman answers that he's saving the world.

Act 5:
Flashback #5:
Desmond watches the orientation film.

Eko finds Charlie and explains that Locke is going to let the counter count down. He wants Charlie to help him

In the jungle, Kate notices that two Others are following them. She and Sawyer open fire. They take out of the Others. Kate wants to go after the second one, but Jack says that it doesn't matter because the Others have already been warned. He makes Michael fess up. Michael says that it was the only way that he could see Walt again. He had to bring the four of them. Hurley wants to know if Michael killed them. Michael says that it was the only way. Hurley says that he would have done it anyway. Michael says that it is his son. Hurley wants to go back. Jack says he can't go back because they have to have the Others trust Michael. Jack says that he's sorry that he didn't tell them, but he didn't bring them out there without a plan.

Act #6:
On the boat, Sayid prays on the bow.

At the stern, Jin notices something. He calls Sayid. They have spotted the rock with the hole.

Charlie leads Eko to the dynamite that was hidden in the jungle.

Eko enters the Hatch with the dynamite. Eko tells Charlie that he can leave. Charlie tells Locke that Eko is going to blow up the hatch. Desmond says that they can't blow it up.

Flashback #6:
Desmond triggers a fake lockdown. He comes back into the living area of the Hatch. Desmond talks about how Inman remembers the map that his partner drew along with several other things that his partner did. Desmond wants to know what happened to his partner and Inman says that he shot himself with a shotgun, pointing out the brown spot on the ceiling. Desmond says that he's been in the hatch for two years and would like to go outside. Inman says that he can't. They both discuss that each were in their country's army. Desmond was thrown out because he couldn't follow orders. Inman says that he left because men followed his orders. Inman then makes a snide comment about having joined the Dharma Initiative.

Charlie wants Eko to not blow up the Hatch. Eko rips Charlie's belt off and shows him the magnetism from behind the wall. Eko asks Locke one last time, but Locke still refuses. Eko starts to arm the dynamite. Charlie doesn't think it's a good idea. He starts to run as Eko ignites the fuse. An explosion fills the passageways of the hatch.

Act #7:
Flashback #7:
The alarm sounds. Desmond calls for Kelvin, walks into the computer room and enters the numbers. He hears Kelvin mumbling.

Flashback #7 Con't:
Kelvin is drunk and sits by a switch. He tells Desmond that the key is a failsafe that will stop all of it. He says that the electromagnetism is a geological quirk and that the incident was a leak. Every 108 minutes they push the button so it's discharged before the charge gets too large.

In the Hatch, Locke tells Desmond that he had thought that the hatch was a sign and a kid [Boone] died because of it. He realizes now that it was not a sign.

Sayid goes through the Others' camp by the rock with the hole. He finds it empty. He spots a hut with the Dharma insignia and checks it, but it is empty too.

The five walk in the jungle when Kate spots something. She has found a pile of the pneumatic tube messages. It's the reports from the second hatch that was meant to follow the first one. Just then Sawyer notices Sayid's smoke signal. Jack realizes that they aren't heading for the beach camp. Just then, they hear whispers and Sawyer is hit by a dart. He collapses and starts convulsing. Jack tells the rest to run. Michael just stands there making a calming motion.

As she and jack try to run away, Kate is hit next by a dart. Jack tries to pick her up and carry her. He makes it a few feet before he's hit. He falls down. As he fades in and out of consciousness, he sees several people move over him.

Act #8:
Desmond asks Locke about the Pearl Hatch. Locke explains that two men watched this Hatch and made notes. Desmond wonders if the experiment was the other Hatch, not their Hatch. He wants to see the video. Locke says that they can't. Desmond wants to see anything from that other hatch. Locke hands over the printout.

Flashback #8:
Desmond finishes shaving. Inman tells him that he should live a little. Inman indicates that he's going out for a couple of hours. He has the suit on. Desmond notices a cut in the suit, but says nothing. He follows Inman outside. After Inman moves away from the Hatch, he takes off the suit.

Flashback #8 Con't:
Desmond reaches the rocky point and finds his boat. Inman appears and says that he knew that he was being followed. He says that he was fixing the boat. Inman was planning to leave and needed someone to stay behind. Desmond gets mad and they struggle. Inman's head strikes a rock and he's killed. Desmond grabs the key off of Inman and runs to the Hatch.

Flashback #8 Con't:
Desmond reaches the Hatch and finds it shaking, the alarm blaring and the loudspeaker blaring, "System failure." He finally manages to enter the code and reset the counter.

Desmond looks at the printout that Locke had. He asks Locke the date that their plane crashed and Locke tells him that it has been sixty-five days and that it was September 22 nd . Desmond guesses that he crashed their plane.

Act 9:
The Others lead Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer up to the dock. Kate tells Mr. Friendly that she knows that the beard is fake. He doesn't understand and Mrs. Klugh says that they know about his beard and calls him Tom. He takes it off and calls her Bea. The boat comes up to the dock and Gale climbs out. He acts like he might be the one in charge. He turns to Michael and says that they need to get down to business.

In the hatch, Charlie struggles around as his ears still ring.

In the Hatch's computer room, Desmond tries to convince Locke that the electromagnetism is real. Locke takes the computer and smashes it. Desmond crosses the wires to disable the lockdown.

Desmond goes into the living area and digs through the cabinet for something. He pulls out his book.

Flashback #9:
Desmond sits at the table, drinks and fingers a pistol. He opens his book and finds a note. It's from Penelope. She says that she will wait for him for when he's lifte the burden off his own shoulders. He gets up and starts tearing books off the shelf. He gets quiet and hears someone. He goes down the passageway and finds that it is Locke yelling at the Island about doing things to him.

Desmond opens up the book and takes out the failsafe key.

Desmond goes into the computer room, moves a cabinet and climbs in. He says that he still believes in fate, because Locke saved his life so he could save Locke's.

The counter reaches zero and the magnetism starts kicking in. The Hatch starts ripping apart. Eko goes into the computer room. Locke tells him that he was wrong.

Down in the failsafe room, Desmond inserts the key. He thinks of Penelope and then turns the key.

At the dock, there is a magnetic hum and a white-out.

The effect is at the beach as well before it stops.

The people at the dock relax as the humming effect stops.

Back at the beach, Bernard stands next to Claire and Aaron when they see something coming. He moves Claire out of the way as a door marked 'Quarantine' crashes into the sand where they had been standing.

Act 10:
At the beach, the survivors pick up. Charlie walks into camp. Bernard asks him where Eko and Locke are. Charlie is surprised that they aren't back already.

At the dock, Gale says that he isn't happy about the deal, but he will leave up to it. He tells Michael to take the boat and head on a bearing of 325 where he and Walt will be rescued. Michael is surprised that there isn't anything more to it. Gale isn't worried about Michael saying anything because he would have to admit how he got away. Michael wants to know who they are and Gale says they are the good guys. Michael goes on the boat and finds Walt.

Gale walks down to the end of the dock where the four are still tied up. Hurley is untied and Mrs. Klugh tells him that he can go back to camp and tell the other survivors to never come there. Hurley starts to walk away.

Michael starts up the boat and cruises by Kate, Jack and Sawyer.

Kate and Jack share a look before the bags are put over their heads.

At the campfire that night, Claire wants Charlie to tell her what happened. Charlie jokes about it and then says that nothing happened. He holds Aaron. Claire starts playing with his hair and then leans over and kisses Charlie.

In a cold weather camp (or on a plane flying at high altitude?), two men speak Portuguese and play chess. They notice an alarm. They scramble around. One of the men makes a call.

Penelope Widmore, with a picture of her and Desmond sitting on her nightstand, answers and listens as the man tells her that they think they found it (Desmond's boat?).

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