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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Everybody Hates Hugo
Episode Number: 204
Flashbacks: Hurley
Supporting Characters: Ana-Lucia, Mysterious Island Man (Eko), Bernard, Libby, Cindy, Rose
Flashback Characters: Carmen, Johnny, Randy, Starla
Main Characters Not Appearing: Walt
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Alan Taylor
Original US Air Date: 10/12/05 on ABC

Previously on Lost:
Charlie asks Locke if he has a message to add to the bottle full of messages written to the survivors' families. He then gives it to Sawyer to take on the raft.

Michael and Sawyer sit on a raft pontoon as they are carried back to the Island.

Michael and Sawyer stumble onto the beach. Jin comes running out of the jungle. Sawyer calls out his name. Jin trips in front of him. Sawyer, then Michael and Jin look up to see others approaching them armed with clubs.

Michael, Sawyer and Jin are dragged in nets to a pit and thrown in. Ana Lucia is thrown into the pit. They all realize that they were on Flight 815. She grabs the gun, punches Sawyer and is pulled out of the pit. The mysterious island man slams the pit's trap door shut on them.

Episode Recap and Analysis:
- Summary
- Teaser Recap
- Act 1 Recap
- Act 2 Recap
- Act 3 Recap
- Act 4 Recap
- Act 5 Recap
- Hurley's Flashbacks
- Island Mysteries
- Episode Analysis, Notes & Unanswered Questions

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