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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Collision" (#208):

Act 2:
Flashback #3:
Ana Lucia is on patrol with her partner, Big Mike. He asks if the "shrink" gave her any good drugs and she says that he wasn't that kind of shrink. He then asks if she missed him and she says she did. He says that he heard about her and Danny and asks if she wants him to go beat him up for her. She says she better off "this way." She then asks why they are in Westwood. He tells her that they are taking a safe patrol for her first day back. She guesses that it was her mother's idea and he affirms her guess when he points out that "she is the Captain." The dispatcher put out a call for "8 Adam 9" to respond to a domestic disturbance. Ana Lucia responds to it over her partner's objections. She points out that they are only three blocks away and says that they are taking the call. Big Mike flips the siren on and turns the car around.

Flashback #3 con't:
A woman is holding a crying baby and is asking a man where he's going. He grabs a TV and she tells him [Travis] that it's her TV as the police siren gets loud. Ana Lucia and Big Mike pull up and find the man and woman arguing at the bottom of a flight of stairs. He claims that he bought it with his money and she calls him a liar. He then asks if she called the "cops" and then tells her to shut up. She tells them to arrest him because he's stealing her TV, while he says that she hit him. As her partner tries to calm things, Ana Lucia takes a keen interest in the baby. She suddenly pulls her gun and tells him to put "his hands where she can see them." He drops the TV, breaking it, as he tries to comply. Big Mike tries to get Ana Lucia's attention. She orders [Travis] to get down on the ground and orders the woman to take the baby inside. Once he's down, Big Mike orders her to holster her gun.

Ana Lucia sits near Sayid holding the pistol. Libby tries to convince Ana Lucia to let Sayid go. Ana Lucia refuses because she's sure he will come after her. Libby says she doesn't know that. She points out that she killed someone he loves. Michael gets up and moves toward Sayid. Ana Lucia tells him to sit down. He tells her that he's bringing Sayid water, so if she's going to shoot him, then go ahead. She relents with a warning about not untying Sayid. Michael gives Sayid some water. Sayid wants to know who she is. Michael says that they are survivors from the tail section. Sayid asks about Walt. Michael says he was taken by the "Others," while they were on the raft. Sayid seems confused (since he just saw Walt) and starts to struggle again. Michael tells him that they will get "out of this" and Sayid seems to calm down.

At the golf course, Kate wins the "toss" to go first. Jack starts to suggest that Kate move closer in difference to the ladies' tee placement. She tells him to shut up. Kate makes a nice drive which lands near the stick. Jack then sends his drive into the forest.

Kate and Jack are at the forest. Kate offers to let Jack take a drop. Jack continues in, crossing a small stream and finds his ball in a rock bed. He clears around it and lines up for his shot. Kate's expression starts to change. He suggests that she might want to move since she's right in his line. She doesn't acknowledge the comment and continues to look past him. He asks what's wrong and turns to find Eko only feet from with with Sawyer over his shoulders. Jack backs up with a look of apprehension. Eko asks for the doctor.

Locke sits at the computer desk in the Hatch, doing a crossword puzzle . Kate walks through with Jack helping Sawyer.

Jack and Kate head for the bathroom. Jack puts Sawyer in the shower. He tells Kate to get some medication from their stash and put clean sheets on the bed. After Kate leaves, Locke walks in and wants to know what happened. Jack reminds him about the button as the warning beep can be heard. Locke leaves. Jack turns the shower on and starts to look at Sawyer's wound.

Elsewhere in the hatch, Eko notices the Dharma logo on a utility box. He then looks around and Locke walks out nearby. Locke says hello and they basically look at each other.

Ana Lucia sits holding the gun as Jin and Michael talk in the background. Bernard and Libby walk up. Bernard says that he wants to get to the other camp and see his wife. Ana Lucia asks him how long she's kept them alive. Libby then asks what Ana Lucia's plan is. Sayid says that she has no plan, but rather only her guilt and the gun. Ana Lucia gets up and asks Michael if there is ammo back the camp. He says that they have a couple of boxes worth. She then tells him to bring back half of the ammo, a pack, a blanket, some medicine and clothes. Then she'll release Sayid. Michael doesn't want to leave Sayid, but Jin says that he'll stay with Sayid. Michael takes off. Libby tells Ana Lucia that she can't live "out here" alone. Ana Lucia tells her that she is already alone.

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