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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: ? [Yes, that really is the episode's title]
Episode Number: 221
Flashbacks: Eko
Written by: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
Directed by: Deran Sarafian
Original US Air Date: 5/10/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
The blast doors close on Locke's legs.

Locke asks Gale to push the button.

Locke sees the black light map on the ceiling.

Gale tells Locke that he didn't push the button and nothing happened.

Sayid suggests that Hurley take Libby to the beach.

Jack orders Sawyer to take him to the guns.

Michael shoots Ana Lucia, then Libby and then himself.

Eko chops wood. Ana Lucia asks him what he is doing. He says that he's building a church because he was told in a dream. Ana Lucia says that he's having one now. She starts to show her gunshot wound and she says that he has to help Locke.

Eko's Dream Con't:
A series of images flash by.

Eko's Dream Con't:
Eko stands near the Dharma symbol in the Hatch. He sees his brother sitting at the computer. Yemi tells him to get Locke to take him to the question mark, because the work being done here is important. He also says that Locke has lost his way. As the Hatch shakes, Yemi tells Eko to bring the axe.

Eko wakes up. Charlie asks him if he's okay. He says that he has to find Locke.

Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Locke walk through the jungle. They argue.

The reach the door of the Hatch and Michael comes out. He's wounded and says that a man with a gun came.

They go inside the Hatch and find Libby and Ana Lucia shot.

Locke notices that Henry Gale is gone.

Kate checks Ana Lucia and says that she's dead.

Sawyer stands over Libby, who suddenly starts coughing up blood. Jack and Kate move to help move her.

Michael sits nearby with a look of concern on his face.

Act 1:
Eko folds Ana Lucia's arms and then gives her last rites. He then looks over at Locke.

Over in the bunk, Jack and Kate work to treat Libby who is in agony.

Jack walks over to Michael, who asks how she is. Jack wants to know how long it was since it happened and Michael says that it was 20-30 minutes. Jack wants to go after him, but Sawyer points out that he needs to stay with Libby. Eko volunteers and asks Locke to come with him.

Flashback #1:
Eko takes confession of an Australian man. He starts by saying that he's committed adultery. He also says that he forged papers for a man pretending to be a priest.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Outside the church, Eko gets the papers from the man who offers to hook him up with some of his friends in Los Angeles . A priest walks up and Eko tells him that the man is helping him arrange his trip to the United States . The priest tells him that he will be delayed because of a miracle.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Inside the church a woman is telling Eko and the other priest that her daughter drown and then came back to life. Eko is to investigate. Eko and the priest speak privately. Eko says that he can't do it because he doesn't believe her.

In the jungle, Eko leads the way. Locke follows behind and says that he hasn't seen a single track. Eko wants him to tell him where the ? is. Locke says he won't. Eko says that he know that he won't. Eko then takes the axe and knocks Locke out.

Act 2:
Locke wakes up by a campfire. He tells Eko that he hit him. Eko says he did it because Locke was being difficult. Locke points out that Ana Lucia was just murdered. Eko says that Ana Lucia wants him to help Locke find the question mark (?). Locke says that Eko doesn't even know what it is. Eko says that it only matters that Locke knows. Locke produces his map and says that that is the question mark. Eko looks at the map and says that they need to go that way. Locke says that Ana Lucia would still be alive if he had told Jack that Gale had attacked her. Locke doesn't believe Eko that he's following a dream and Eko asks if he has ever followed a dream

Flashback #2:
Eko interviews a doctor. He says that the girl was brought in and had been in the water for two hours. He found out that she wasn't dead during the autopsy. Eko doesn't believe him so he produces a tape on which the girl starts screaming.

The two of them continue through the woods. Locke isn't even sure if his map is accurate. They suddenly find themselves by the plane.

Eko decides that they will make camp there.

In the Hatch, Michael asks Jack if Libby has said anything. He says that she hasn't. He asks Sawyer for the heroin. Sawyer says it will take him twenty minutes. Jack wants Kate to go with Sawyer. Kate wants to know why and Sawyer guesses that Jack knows that the heroin is with the guns. Kate and Sawyer leave.

Libby lays quietly in the bunk.

Michael looks over at her.

Act 3:
On the beach, Kate and Sawyer walk. Kate asks Sawyer how Ana Lucia got his gun. He says that he doesn't know. He leads her to his shelter. She says that she wants the stash. He says to go inside.

Inside his shelter, Sawyer pulls up some stuff to reveal the stash.

As they step outside, Hurley asks them if they have seen Libby. Kate walks over to Hurley.

At the plane, Eko sees his brother, who tells him to follow. Yemi starts to climb up the hillside. Eko follows, using the axe. He reaches the top and Yemi sits in the Locke's wheelchair. Yemi tells Locke to wake up. Eko is surprised and falls down.

Locke wakes up. It was his dream and Eko knows that he was dreaming of his brother. Eko wants to know what Locke saw. Locke says that his brother wanted him to follow im up the hillside. Eko starts off and Locke doesn't want him to climb.

Flashback #3:
Eko arrives at a house. A woman sits on the porch. She tells him that it's not a good time. Eko says that he needs to speak to her. He sees the girl standing there. Suddenly, Richard Malkin walks out. He says that his daughter fell into a mountain river and had hypothermia. The doctor was just covering for his own incompetence. He says that his wife is doing all this to spite him because he's a fraud. He tells Eko that he's a psychic and that he meets people everyday that are looking for a miracle. Eko tells him that he will tell his monsignor that there was no miracle.

Eko climbs up to the top of the hill. Locke asks him if he sees anything and Eko says that he doesn't see anything, but when he turns around ahd looks down, he sees the question mark on the ground beneath the plane.

Act 4:
Eko is back down on the ground. He finds that the ground has been salted. He believes that it was salted, so that it could be seen from above. Locke wants to know what he's talking about. Eko says that the plane fell on it. Eko goes over by the plane and finds something. He gets Locke's help and they move the plane enough to reveal a door. Eko uses the axe to break the latch. He starts to open it, but Locke asks to do it. They open it up to find another entrance like was first found with the first hatch.

In the Hatch, Hurley sits by Libby. Hurley tells Michael that he's glad that Michael is okay. Michael has nothing to say.

Locke and Eko reach the bottom of the shaft. Eko uses his flashlight, and Locke grabs a couple more. They walk into to find a set of monitors. Locke turns them on and one has a feed from the Hatch and Jack is seen walking by. They turn the lights on. Locke finds a computer and says yes to print log. The printer begins to print out the numbers. Locke finds a pneumatic tube. He puts his map in it.Eko goes through some books and finds another orientation film.

They load the orientation film.

The orientation film is for Station 5, the Pearl . Candle hosts, but introduces himself as someone else. He says this station will observe a psychological experiment for three weeks with a partner. The film won't explain what the other station is doing, but that they believe that their task is important. Candle explains that their reports will be sent by using the pneumatic tube. The film warps as Candle starts to say something about a ferry. The film warps again, skipping some more material and Candel signs off.

Eko asks if Locke wants to see it again and Locke says that he's seen enough.

Act 5:
Eko gathers up some material. Locke wants to know what he's doing. Eko says that he taking them back because they might be important. Locke says that he's not sure if Eko just saw the same thing. Eko says that they are doing something very important. Locke is frustrated. Eko says that they push the button because they are asked to do it. Locke rants about his worthless life. He says that it's all meaningless and unnecessary.

Flashback #4:
Eko takes his ticket at the airport.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Eko turns around and finds the girl. She says that she has a message for him. She tells him that Yemi told her that Eko's a good priest. Eko doesn't believe her. She tells him that Yemi will see him soon and that he has faith in Eko, even if Eko doesn't have faith in himself. She reiterates it and then leaves.

Eko shows Locke the cross. He says that he first gave it to Yemi. He explains that Yemi was shot and killed because Eko betrayed him. Eko says that he flew on a plane from Nigeria and crashed here. Eko also crashed here and found Yemi. He took the cross back. He says that all that demonstrates that it all cannot be meaningless. He says that the work in the Hatch is important and if Locke won't push the button, then he will push it. He gathers the stuff up and moves to leave.

Jack treats Libby. He realizes that Hurley is behind him. Hurley asks if he can talk to Libby. Jack agrees. Hurley comes over and sits by Libby. Libby opens her eyes for a moment. Hurley tries to talk to her. He apologizes for forgetting the blankets. Libby suddenly comes awake. Jack walks over. She manages to say, "Michael." Jack says that Michael is okay. Libby starts to react and then takes her last breath. Jack closes her eyes. Hurley starts to cry.

Kate starts to cry and Sawyer sits down and holds her.

Jack goes in the bathroom and tears up. The computer starts to beep.

Eko and Locke walk through the jungle.

Everyone sits around in the Hatch.

Michael stands alone as the computer beeps.

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