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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Collision" (#208):

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
Back at the police station, Ana Lucia and her partner climb out of their patrol car. Big Mike tells her that he'll go sign them out. He apparently hadn't spoken since the incident. Ana Lucia says that she told the guy to stop twice. He comments about her "drawing down" every time they run into somebody with a television. Detective Raggs then appears and says that they got her guy. She follows Raggs.

Flashback #4 con't:
Ana Lucia's mother, Captain Cortez, explains that the guy sitting in the interrogation room is named Jason McCormack. He had been picked up in Echo Park for an assault on an elderly woman and his fingerprints matched a "partial" from Ana Lucia's crime scene. He had been questioned and confessed. She says that the DA is ready to file charges once Ana Lucia identifies him. Ana Lucia says that it's not him. Her mother asks for a moment in private with Ana Lucia. She asks Ana Lucia what she's doing and Ana Lucia again says that he's not the guy. Her mother points out that he put four hollow point bullets into her through her vest, trying to kill her. She then says that he's got a long record and it wouldn't be a good thing to let him get back out on the street. Ana Lucia is unmoved and says that "it's not him" one last time and walks out.

In the jungle, Ana Lucia walks past Libby over to Shannon 's body. She sits down next to it.

In the Hatch, Eko looks at the weapons closet. Locke asks Eko what happened out in the jungle. Eko explains that there was an accident and that a girl was shot and killed. Locke asks him to describe her. He does and Locke realizes that it's Shannon . Locke then asks why Michael, Jin and the others from the tail section didn't come with him. Eko says that they can't come back right now. Locke then asks if Eko can take him to them. Eko looks back at the weapons closet before telling him that he can't.

Kate walks in and puts the medicine next to the bunk bed where Jack has laid Sawyer. She asks why Sawyer is shaking. Jack tells her that he's septic because the infection has reached his blood stream. He hopes that the antibiotics bring Sawyer's fever down, otherwise he'll go into shock. Jack tries to give Sawyer the antibiotics and Sawyer spits it out. Kate gets the medication and talks softly to him in order to convince him to take the medication. Jack has trouble watching Kate coax Sawyer. Sawyer takes the medication and Jack makes a comment about never learning "the whisper in the ear thing in med school." He then walks off, leaving Kate holding Sawyer.

Ana Lucia walks up to find the other "tailies" grabbing their gear. She asks what is going on and Bernard says that he's leaving. He appreciates what she's done for him including saving his life, but he can't be a part of [the situation with Sayid]. Libby then says that she doesn't think that Ana Lucia's a good judge of character and refers to Ana Lucia throwing Nathan in the pit. Ana Lucia then tells them to go. She motions for Jin to leave. He looks over at Sayid and Sayid nods. Bernard, Libby and Jin leave.

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