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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: The Whole Truth
Episode Number: 216
Flashbacks: Jin & Sun
Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim
Directed by: Karen Gaviola
Original US Air Date: 3/22/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Henry Gale is introduced. Danielle tells Sayid that he is one of the Others.

Sun is attacked.

Sun is found unconscious.

Jack and Kate look her over as Jin watches.

Flashback #1:
Jin calls Sun to come to bed. He butters her up to warm her up. She climbs into bed and then they begin to kiss. He interrupts and asks if she's taken her temperature. That breaks the moment for her. He says that they should maybe go to the doctor because they have been trying for a year. They end up fighting over the blood she's seen on his hand and that her father is responsible for that. He tries to apologize and says that a baby will change everything.

Sun works in her garden. She hears something and it turns out to be Jin. He wants her to come back with him because she was attacked there. She says that she doesn't need his protection. He tries to pull her. She says that she's working in her garden. He pulls up much of the garden and says that she has no reason to stay. She begins to head back to camp.

Act 1:
Anna runs up the beach to the camp.

She stops by her tent and finds Locke. She says that she's been around a week and he hadn't spoken to her, so she wants to know what he wants. He tells her about Henry Gale and asks her to talk to him since she has experience with the Others and was a cop. She wants to know if Jack knows. Locke says there is a man in his hatch and he wants him out.

Jin walks out on the beach and stops. Rose and Bernard walk up, nipping at each other like a married couple. They offer to help Sun, who looks sick. She refuses and walks off.

Flashback #2:
Sun walks down a hallway to a hotel room.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Sun enters the room and puts the do-not-disturb sign on the door. Jae Lee stops out. At first, it seems romantic, but apparently Sun has been sneaking away to take English lessons from Jae Lee. He tries to encourage her to tell Jin, but she rebuffs him.

Jack stops out of the Hatch shower to find Locke shaving. Locke takes the opportunity to talk to Jack about Henry Gale. Jack agrees to bring in Ana Lucia. Locke tells him that she's in the weapons closet with him.

In the weapons closet, Ana Lucia and Henry Gale talk. Ana Lucia wants to hear his story. She tells him about her mistake about Nathan and then wants to hear Henry Gale's story.

Sun walks up to Sawyer, who is reading a Judy Blume novel. She wants to look through the medicine that he's stocked. Sawyer wants her to tell him what she wants. She refuses, but Sawyer says that he'll give it to her gratis if she tells him what she wants. She tells him she wants a pregnancy test.

Act 2:
Jack tries to listen in on what's going on in the weapons closet, but he can't hear anything. Locke tries to reassure him.

In the weapons closet, Ana Lucia wants Henry Gale to tell her where the balloon is. Gale is afraid to draw a map that could be wrong. She wants to know if he knows where it is. He says that he does, because he buried his wife there. He then says that it doesn't matter, because they are going to blame him for everything that happened.

Sun walks in the forest when she runs into Hurley. Hurley is eating a candy bar from his stash and makes an excuse. After some small talk, he leave her standing there.

Flashback #3:
Jin and Sun are at the doctor's office. The doctor explains that due to scar tissue, Sun will be unable to conceive. Jin then asks Sun if she knew about the condition before they were married. She counters that, of course, she was attempting to trap the son of a fisherman. Jin storms out.

Jack hears knocking and opens the door to let Ana Lucia out. Jack and Locke want to know what happened. She says that she wants to give him a day to think about it.

At the beach camp, Sayid and Charlie work on building something when Ana Lucia walks up. She shows Sayid the map that Henry Gale made. Sayid wants to know if Jack and Locke know about the map and she says that they are too busy worrying about Locke and Jack. Sayid says that it will be at least a day's walk.

Act 3:
Charlie, Ana Lucia and Sayid walk through the jungle. Charlie trips and Ana Lucia moves to help him.

Sayid leads the way as he reads the map. He points to a cliff as a landmark on the map. Ana Lucia tries to make a joke and it falls flat. Charlie makes a comment and then notices that Ana Lucia is watching him. He wants to know why. She knows about his gun. He gives it to Sayid for "safe-keeping" and they walk off again.

Sun and Kate sit on the beach, waiting for the pregnancy test. Kate admits that she's taken a pregnancy test before. They check the test and it's positive.

Sun and Kate talk to Jack about the test. He says that it's likely to be true. Sun is surprised. She asks Jack not to tell anyone. He says like the fact that Jin was the last to know that she spoke English. He says he's heading back to the Hatch. Kate observes that he's been spending a lot of time there.

Flashback #4:
Sun looks out the window of a hotel room. Jae Lee walks up behind her and speaks to her in English. He says that she was distracted. She tells him about the doctor's visit.. He points out that she's been fluent in English for nearly a month and so he wants to know why they are still meeting for lessons. They switch to Korean and she says that she's moving to America . He says that he ran away because he thought he was in love. He says that she should stay because her life is there. She asks if Jin is her life. Jae Lee moves a little closer and says that he didn't say that she should stay for Jin.

Sayid and Ana Lucia talk over their campfire at night. She says that he has a reason to hate. She sincerely apologizes to him for what happened. Sayid says that she was trying to protect her people and he blames the Others for Shannon 's death. When they find out that Henry Gale is one of Them, then something will have to be done about it.

Act 4:
It's morning at Sayid and Ana Lucia's camp. Thunder can be heard. They pack up to head out as Charlie walks up. He says he has papayas for breakfast.

In the rain, the three of them reach a location that Sayid says should be where the balloon is. They don't see it and Sayid starts to get worked up. Ana Lucia says that they need to look some more if he's going to back her up.

On the beach, Bernard has one of the Jin's nets. Jin tells him to spread it out for fish. Bernard says that he's trying to catch an oyster to get a pearl for Rose. Sawyer walks up and makes it clear that he's sure that Sun is pregnant. Bernard is surprised and Sawyer says that Jin probably doesn't know. From Jin's perspective, they are speaking gibberish.

Jin attempts to replant Sun's garden. Sun walks up. Jin apologizes. He says that he hates they are fighting all the time. He apologizes again. Sun tells him that she is pregnant.

Flashback #5:
Sun is out walking the dog when Dr. Kim drives up. He wants to speak to her. She begins to walk off, so he gets out of his car and goes to her. He explains that it is Jin that cannot have children. He explains that he was afraid to tell the truth because Jin worked for her father.

Jin wonders how she can be pregnant if he can't have children. Sun looks him right in the eye and tells him that she has never been with anyone else. Jin decides that it must be a miracle and they embrace.

Act 5:
Jin and Sun work together to replace her garden. Jin starts to talk about the name if it's a boy. Jin asks if they can tell anyone. Sun says that Jack and Kate and probably even Sawyer already know. Jin figures it out and guesses that Bernard knows as well. He is ready to leave. She says that she wants to stay for another twenty minutes, if that's okay with him. He says it is. He tells her "I love you" in English.

Jack opens the weapons closet and asks Gale how the book is. Gale reads a passage about prophets and martyrs. Jack wants to know if he wants some breakfast.

Jack and Gale walk into the kitchen. Gale asks about the computer. He then wants to know about the food. He guesses that the cereal is a reward for his drawing the map. Jack and Locke are surprised to hear about the map. Gale catches on and says that she probably didn't tell them because they fight all the time. He then postulates that if he were one of the Others, he would draw a map to secluded place so that his people could ambush them. Then the survivors could be traded for Henry Gale. He ends it with the comment that it's good that he's not one of Them.

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