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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Collision" (#208):

Act 5:
In the Hatch, Sawyer is feverish and Kate sits next to him. Kate tries to talk to him, tries to reassure him that he'll be okay. She tells him that he's home.

Michael walks along the beach. Vincent sees him and runs to him.

Charlie plays the guitar. He then notices Jin, Libby and Bernard walk out of the jungle. He runs over.

Rose spots them.

Sun washes clothes on the beach, unaware of the new arrivals.

Charlie gives Jin a hug, as the other survivors come over. Jin is given water.

Bernard makes his way through the others gathers and around and is reunited with Rose.

Jin walks past the other survivors and spots Sun. She finally notices him. They run to each other and embrace.

Eko leads Jack through the jungle. Eko stops. Jack sees Sayid carrying Shannon 's body. Sayid walks by. Jack then sees Ana Lucia and they stand and look at each other.

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