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4/21/12 - Welcome to the new National Treasure site @ the Patriot Resource.
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5/20/09 - Coming to Blu-ray on June 16, and just in time for Father's Day gift-giving, the HBOŽ miniseries John Adams brings to life the story of one of America's most remarkable - yet little known - historical figures. Sure to resonate with history and non-history buffs alike, the John Adams Blu-ray will let viewers explore some of the most fascinating moments and people highlighted in the miniseries through enhanced BD features that bring to life the extraordinary historical events in this epic story. John Adams

Welcome to The Patriot Resource: National Treasure site.
The Cast section has information about the starring actors in National Treasure.

The Characters section discusses the roles of various characters in the film.

The Crew section has information about some of crew behind National Treasure.

The Fact or Fiction section analyzes the historical accuracy of the film.

The Insights section includes a script draft.

The Resources section has various links related to National Treasure.