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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Three Minutes
Episode Number: 222
Flashbacks: Michael
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 5/17/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Michael stumbles out to the campfire.

Michael says that he saw the Others.

He says that the Others only have two guns.

Michael shoots Libby and then shoots himself.

Flashback #1 (13 days ago):
Locke checks the guns. Michael comes in and asks for a gun for target practice. He knocks the bullets over and Locke starts to pick them up. Michael knocks him out and runs.

Flashback #1 Con't:
At the computer, Michael types to someone. He says that he's leaving now. He is told to go north to the big hole. He hears Jack come in.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Jack finds Locke in the arsenal. Michael locks him in with Locke.

Michael stands outside the Hatch and burns a pink paper. Jack comes out and tells Michael that he needs to come inside.

In the Hatch, Sawyer tells Jack that they have ten guns and rifles. Jack wants to arm as many people as possible and go after the Others. Michael says that he just wants the five of them to go after the Others because too many more will be heard. He and Jack start to argue. Hurley says that they haven't even buried Ana Lucia and Libby. Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Hurley pick up the bodies while Michael stays in the Hatch.

Act 1:
Flashback #2 (13 Days Ago):
Michael runs through the forest.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Michael spots a man standing with his back to him. Michael comes up on him with his rifle. The man recognizes Michael as Walt's father. The bearded man (Mr. Friendly) is behind Michael. They struggle and Michael loses his gun. He runs off, firing with his pistol. One of the Others fires back, but Mr. Friendly stops him. He then uses a bolo to knock Michael down. The Others then bag him.

Michael cleans the blood off the floor. Eko walks up behind him. Michael says that he heard that Eko was a priest. Eko tells him about a boy who was not afraid of going to hell, but rather that a mean dog would be there waiting for him.

Michael staggers through the forest. He stops and starts retching. Jack spots him and asks him if he's okay. Michael is emphatic that it has to be the five of them: Michael, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley.

Claire is with Aaron at her shelter. Charlie walks up and says hello to both Claire and Aaron. Claire is cold toward him and wants to know what he wants. Charlie gives her some medicine. He says that he tried it out on himself and he's okay. Claire is thankful. Charlie starts to ask her something and then she spots jack and Michael walking up to the beach.

Sun and then Jin spot Michael.

Jin runs up to Michael, gives him a hug and asks him if he's okay. Just then, Sun spots the bodies and Kate digging a grave. Sun asks Michael who it was and he tells her that Ana Lucia and Libby were murdered.

Act 2:
Flashback #3 (13 Days Ago):
Michael is brought into camp that night. Mr. Friendly greets Michael. Michael spits on him. Mr. Friendly laughs and then tells him that he better not do that again. One of the Others comes into camp with Kate, saying that she wasn't far behind. Mr. Friendly tells Michael not to say anything and then has him gagged. Alex is there.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Locke and Jack argue. Mr. Friendly greets him. They have their showdown and then the Others leave.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Mr. Friendly tells Michael that his friends are gone. Alex apologizes and then knocks him out.

Jack and Sawyer pack up the guns. Sawyer wants to know what happened with Jack and Kate in the jungle. He says that they were caught in a net.

They walk out of the tent and Sayid is there. He wants to know if Gale is gone. Sawyer says that Locke and Eko took off in the middle of the night and haven't been seen since. Jack says that just the five of them are going after the Others, because it's Michael's call. Sayid and Sawyer disagree. Sayid says it's their call, not Michael's. Sawyer gives Sayid a pistol.

In the Hatch, Eko hears the beeping and types in the numbers. Charlie walks in and wants to know what happened to Eko. Eko says that he's got a new purpose and asks Charlie to brings his things from the beach. Charlie tells him to get his own things.

Sawyer walks up to Michael and tells him that Sayid is going as well. Michael protests, but Sawyer says that considering they are going to "war," they should have the one guy who's actually been in one. Michael reluctantly drops his opposition. Sawyer leaves.

Act 3:
Flashback #4 (12 days ago):
Michael wants to know where they are taking him. Mr. Friendly says that they are here. Michael looks up and see the hole in the rock. Michael is led into a camp where there are quite a few people. Mr. Friendly tells Alex to go get her. One of the Others comes up and takes a blood sample. A woman walks up and introduces herself as Mrs. Klugh. She asks Michael a series of questions about Walt's childhood. Michael says that he doesn't know because Walt was halfway around the world. Mrs. Klugh then asks if Walt ever appeared where he wasn't supposed to. Michael starts ranting about wanting to see his son.

Michael walks up to Sayid. He tells Sayid that he's not going, because Sayid is out for revenge on Gale, while he's after his son. They talk a while longer and then Sayid agrees to stay behind.

Charlie tries to work on the church alone. Vincent runs up, carrying one of the heroin-filled Virgin Mary statues.

Charlie follows Vincent back to Sawyer's shelter and the rest of the statues.

Charlie throws the unbroken statues out into the ocean. After a moment, he throws the last one in and then sees that Locke has been sitting on the beach, watching him.

Jack walks into the Hatch and finds Eko at the computer. Jack says that they were supposed to come right back and wants to know where Locke is. Eko says that he's doesn't know. Jack says that they are going to have a funeral. Eko says that he will mourn them in his own way.

In the Hatch, Jack and Sawyer load and ready the guns. Sawyer wants to know who is going to speak at the funeral. He realizes that he didn't' know either of their last names. Jack tells him that Ana Lucia's was Cortez. Sawyer then tells him that he "screwed" her and that was how she got his gun. Jack wants to know why Sawyer is telling him. Sawyer answers that Jack is the closest thing that he has to a friend.

Act 4:
Hurley and Kate dig the two graves as Michael walks up. He climbs into the grave with Kate. He says that the plan is to leave in the morning. He then wants to know if Hurley is coming. Hurley wants to know why and Michael sys because they killed her. Hurley says that he's not coming. Michael starts to argue, but Kate cuts him off. He helps dig.

Flashback #5 (Three Days Ago):
Mr. Klugh enters the shelter that Michael is kept in. She brings him food. He wants to know when they are going to kill him. She says that Walt is standing outside. He doesn't believe her. She tells him that one of his people has been captured. She says that if he gets their man back, then they'll let he and Walt go free. Michael demands to see Walt. Klugh calls for Pickett. She says that Michael has three minutes. Walt is led in. Michael wants to know if he's okay. Walt says that they make him take tests. Walt then says that they are pretending. Klugh threatens to put Walt back in the Room and cuts the meeting short. They manage to hug before Walt is taken away. Klugh says that after freeing their man, she wants him to bring four people whose names that she's writing down. She says that it has to be all four and only the four on the list or he will never see Walt again. She says to make up a story or do whatever it takes to get them to come. The list has Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer's names on it. He agrees to her demands along with one additional demand. He wants the boat.

Act 5:
At dusk, the survivors slowly gather by the new graves.

Kate rubs Hurley's shoulder.

Sawyer stares hard at Ana Lucia's body.

Up the beach, Locke sits. He looks at the gathering. He then cuts the splint free, gets up, takes his backpack and leaves.

Sawyer and Sayid head for the graves. Sayid tells Jack that he believes that Michael has been "compromised" and that he freed Henry Gale and that Gale was one of the Others. Jack wants to talk to Michael, but Sayid wants to let Michael think he's still in control.

Jack says a few words about Ana Lucia, including that she had been a police officer.

Hurley says a few words about Libby. He says that she probably helped a lot of people and that it wasn't fair that she was killed. Hurley looks over at Michael and says that he's going with them in the morning. He then says goodbye. The survivors have a moment of silence. Sun looks out to sea and spots a boat.

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