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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"Collision" (#208):

Act 4:
Michael runs through the jungle.

Michael comes out by Sun's garden. He tells her that Jin is okay and that he will explain, but he needs to find Jack right now.

In the Hatch, Jack asks Eko where the rest of the tailies are. He doesn't answer, so Jack asks again. Locke says that it wasn't his fault. Jack points out that Shannon is dead. Jack wants him to take him to them. Locke points out that he brought Sawyer to them. Jack retorts that Sawyer was half dead and had a bullet hole in his shoulder. Eko says that anything he says will only make Jack angry, so he will just sit there. Jin and Michael come into the Hatch. Michael tells Jack that they have a problem.

Jack is in the weapons closet, arming himself. Locke tells him that he should stop and think about "this." Jack again says that Shannon is dead and Sayid is being held at gunpoint. Jack gives another weapon to Michael and they begin to leave the Hatch. Eko asks them to stop. He wants to know what they want. Peace? Revenge? Justice? Yet they are arming themselves. Jack answers that he wants everyone back "here" safely. Eko says that Ana Lucia made a mistake. Jack recognizes her name and seems to calm down. Eko offers to take only Jack to her and without guns. Jack agrees.

Ana Lucia continues to play with her gun. She asks Sayid where he's from. He doesn't answer, so she asks again. He tells her that he's from Iraq . She asks him if he has kids. He says he doesn't and then asks her if she has kids. She says "no." Sayid realizes that she is thinking about killing him and asks her if she's going to do it. She asks him if she should. He recounts that almost forty days ago, he tortured a man [Sawyer]. He tortured him like he had many other men, whose voices still haunt him. He then says maybe she was meant to kill him. She then decides to tell him that she was a cop. She tells him about how she and her partner went out on a burglary call. They were the first ones on the scene. She covered the front, while her partner went around to the back. She was there a minute when a kid walks out the front door. She ordered him to put his hands up. He tells her that he is a student and wants to show her his I.D. She believed him and let him reach. She doesn't remember anything after hearing a pop. She thought she was dead when she hit the ground. She then says that she feels dead. Sayid asks what happened to the kid who shot her.

Flashback #5:
Ana Lucia sits at a bar. She looks over at some guys playing pool. One of them is Jason. He grabs his jacket and leaves. Ana Lucia watches him leave, finishes her drink and then leaves as well.

Flashback #5 con't:
Jason stumbles out to his car. Ana Lucia stands in the middle of the street and calls out his name. He turns and asks if he knows her. She pulls out her gun, says that she was pregnant and then shoots him three times. She walks over to his body and fires three more times.

Sayid asks again and she tells him that they never found him. She goes over and grabs the machete. He's not sure about what she's going to do. She looks to be about to kill him and instead cuts his bounds. She drops the gun and tells him to go ahead and pick it up, because she deserves it. He picks up the gun, stands up and answers that it would do no good to kill her since they are both already dead.

He walks over to Shannon 's body, picks her up and holds her, as Ana Lucia watches.

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