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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Orientation
Episode Number: 203
Flashbacks: Locke
Supporting Characters: Desmond, Ana-Lucia, Mysterious Island Man (Eko)
Flashback Characters: Cooper, Helen, Support group members
Main Characters Not Appearing: Charlie, Claire, Shannon, Sun, Walt
Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Craig Wright
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 10/5/05 on ABC

Previously on Lost:
Jack hurts his ankle running in the stadium. Desmond runs over to check on him. Desmond tells Jack that he's training for a race around the world. They introduce themselves to each and Desmond leaves, telling Jack, "see you in another life."

Jack walks through the hatch passageway. He sees the blocked passage with the dusty buckets. He notices his key being attracted to the magnet. Kate tries to escape. Desmond directs Locke to type in the numbers as Kate is seen taking out the knife, then climbing into the air duct. Desmond tells Locke to push 'Execute'. Locke asks what will happen. Desmond tells him to just do it. Locke does and then Jack is heard. Jack sees the computer, which is followed by an abbreviated version of the standoff between Jack, Locke and Desmond, while Kate watches from the vent above.

Michael and Sawyer sit on the pontoon as the current brings them back to the Island . They struggle up onto the beach. They hear Jin. He runs out of the woods and tells them "others." The three of them see others, armed with clubs approaching up the beach.

Episode Recap and Analysis:
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- Act 4 Recap
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- Backstory
- Locke's Flashbacks
- Island Mysteries: the Film
- Episode Analysis
- Episode Notes & Unanswered Questions

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