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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Collision
Episode Number: 208
Flashbacks: Ana Lucia
Supporting Characters: Ana-Lucia, Eko, Bernard, Libby, Rose
Flashback Characters: Captain Cortez, Big Mike, Jason, Det. Raggs, Travis, Shawna
Main Characters Not Appearing: Claire, Hurley, Walt
Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Leonard Dick;
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 11/23/05 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Ana Lucia sits next to Jack at the Sydney airport lounge. They introduce themselves to one another. Ana Lucia tells Jack her seat location in the tail section.

In the tailies' Dharma bunker, Ana Lucia orders everyone up.

Sawyer loses consciousness. Michael asks for help making a stretcher.

Sawyer is carried in the stretcher.

Shannon sees Walt and then gets up and goes after him.

Ana Lucia and the "tailies" hear the Whispers. She glimpses something coming at them out of the jungle and she fires as Shannon comes into view.

Sayid hears the gunshot and runs after her. Shannon has been shot and collapses in his arms. Sayid cradles her and looks up to see Ana Lucia. His expression of grief begins to turn to rage.

Episode Recap and Analysis:
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- Episode Analysis
- Backstory, The Numbers & Unanswered Questions
- Ana Lucia's Flashbacks
- Enkido & Gilgamesh
- Locke's Crossword Puzzle

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