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Lost Season Two Episodes:

Episode Name: Fire + Water
Episode Number: 212
Flashbacks: Charlie
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 1/25/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Sayid shows Charlie the heroin filled-Virgin Mary Statues

Eko breaks open Charlie's statue and shows Claire the heroin.

Charlie lies to Claire about knowing about the drugs.

The drug plane burns.

Claire sends Charlie away.

Charlie's stash of statues.

Flashback #1:
A boy Charlie runs down the stairs to look for his Christmas presents. Charlie finds out that his Christmas present is a piano. His mother says that he's special and that his talent will save them.

The flashback is actually a dream. An adult Liam appears and he says that Charlie won't save anyone. Charlie's father appears and as he butchers some meat, he tells Charlie that he needs to learn a trade, not to play the piano.

Charlie's dream takes him back to the Island where he plays the same piano in the surf until he hears Aaron crying. He tries to find him, but can't. When Charlie turns away, the piano with crying Aaron inside is carried away by the surf.

Charlie wakes up and frantically checks on Claire and Aaron. Sun says that they are down the beach and are fine.

Charlie looks down the beach and notices Claire and Aaron. Locke walks up and they happily chatter.

Act 1:
Claire rocks Aaron in the cradle. Charlie walks up and gives Claire some nappies. Charlie asks if Aaron has been asking about him. Claire says, "don't." Charlie apologizes and says that he wishes that things could go back to the way they were before. Claire says that before was that they were strangers. Charlies says that Locke is now her friend. Charlie tells Aaron goodbye.

Flashback #2:
Charlie looks at a baby in the hospital nursery. Karen walks up to him and says that she picked Megan as a name for the baby. She asks where Liam is and Charlie gives a cover story about Liam having missed the plane flight.

Flashback #2 con't:
Charlie walks into a flat. He finds a cigarette burning on the piano. He finds Liam asleep on the couch. He tells him that he was supposed to be cleaning up, not getting a fix. Liam says that he saved some [heroin] for Charlie. Charlie tells him to clean up because he's now the father of a daughter now. He tells Liam the baby's name. Liam points out that that was their mother's name.

Kate helps helps Sawyer rehab his arm. Hurley sits nearby. He asks Sawyer if he got to know the tailies and asks about Libby. Sawyer picks on Hurley having a crush. Hurley tells him to forget it and walks off. Kate chides him for acting like a teenager. Sawyer then observes Jack and Ana Lucia coming out of the forest for the third time and wonders what is going on between them. Kate coolly tells him to just worry about exercising his arm.

Charlie sits alone on the beach playing the guitar. He hears a baby crying. He spots Aaron's cradle floating away in the surf. He puts down the guitar and jumps into the water, swimming after Aaron's cradle.

Charlie carries the cradle up the beach and picks up Aaron. He then sees laire and his mother dressed in Biblical clothes. Claire and his mother tell him that the baby is in danger. Hurley walks out and asks him what he's doing.

Suddenly, it's the middle of the night and Charlie stands in the surf holding Aaron. Hurley asks him why he has the baby in the middle of the night. Claire can be heard nearby screaming that Aaron is missing. Hurley calls out and says they're over there. Claire walks over, takes Aaron and slaps Charlie. She walks off, leaving Charlie standing there.

Act 2:
Sawyer and Hurley play Blackjack. Sawyer tries to explain some odds to Hurley. Sawyer notices Libby carrying some clothes. Hurley tells Sawyer that he's waiting for his moment. Sawyer tells him that his moment is "now." Sawyer gets up, calls Libby's name and steps out of sight. Libby looks over, says hello to Hurley and smiles.

Charlie walks up to Locke and starts talking about what happened with him taking the baby. Locke wants to know what Charlie wants with him. Charlie says that he hopes that Locke can talk to Claire for him. Locke says that it's hard to earn trust back.

Flashback #3:
Charlie and Liam sit on the set of a music video. Liam looks sick. The director calls them over. They climb into an oversized crib and try to film a video for "You All Everybody." The director calls cut and says it's a wrap. Charlie runs after him to his trailer and wants another chance. The director tells Charlie they need to ditch Liam. He says he's not ditching his brother.

Hurley and Libby are in the hatch. As she changes, she explains that he stepped on her foot when he was rushing to make it to his seat.

Eko marks trees. Charlie walks up and wants to know if he told Locke about the statue. Eko wants to know what his dreams have been. Charlie tells him that his mother and Claire were dressed as angels and there is a dove. They are all about saving Aaron. Eko smiles.

At the beach camp, Charlie walks up. Kate tries to stop him from going near Aaron. Charlie explains that he knows what do to now. They have to save Aaron by baptizing him, which Eko can do because he's a priest. Claire won't listen to him and he pleads with her.

Locke watches the scene from further down the beach.

Act 3:
Ana Lucia works on some lashings. Jack walks up and gives Ana Lucia a tarp "for when it rains." He helps her put it up. She wants to know what happened. He says that he told her. She says that he told her what Bearded Other said, but what else happened. Jack says that he had a gun to Kate's head. Ana Lucia asks if he's "hitting that," since that's what people do in that situation. Jack says that he's not.

Charlie goes to his hidden stash and breaks open a statue. He picks up a baggie.

Flashback #4:
Charlie sits at the piano trying to write music. Liam walks in and sits on the couch. He says that Karen kicked him out. Liam dropped Megan, so Karen kicked him out because he's a danger to his daughter. Liam is upset because he has nothing and no money. Charlie says that he's writing again. He sits down at the piano and starts singing. Liam comes over and joins in at the end. They decide to write all night. Liam then asks if Charlie has any [heroin].

Locke walks up on Charlie and calls him on it. Charlie says that he was destroying them. Locke doesn't believe him and begins loading the statues into his knapsack. Locke says that he let Charlie choose for himself before, but this time he's choosing for him. Charlie tries to feed Locke his line about the Island . Charlie says that the statues are the Island 's test of him. Charlie begs Locke not to tell Claire, because she has to trust him again in order for him to be able to protect Aaron. Locke says that Charlie has "given up the right to be believed." He then walks off.

Act 4:
At the beach camp, Claire walks up to Locke. Claire asks Locke if they could stay in the bedroom in the hatch for a while. Locke says that the alarm goes off every hour and a half. Locke says that he'll stay by her and Aaron's tent. Claire welcomes the offer. She asks about baptism and that Charlie mentioned it. Locke says that baptism is "spiritual insurance" for the child in case anything happens. Locke tells her that there is no danger and that Charlie only feels that he has to save the baby because he can't save himself.

Someone starts a fire.

Sayid works on something and asks Charlie for his help as he walks by. Charlie says that now is not a good time. Sayid spots the brush fire and calls out for help. He and Locke start coordinating efforts to bring water up to the fire and also make a fire break to keep the fire form reaching the camp.

From her tent, Claire sees the fire. Charlie walks up behind her.

Flashback #5:
Charlie walks into the flat. He calls for Liam. He asks where his piano is. Liam says that he sold it so that he could go with Karen and Megan in Australia. He's going to be near them, enter rehab and get a job. He has to do it to save his family. Charlie says that he's Liam's family. Liam says that he will call Charlie when things settle down.

The effort continues to put the fire out before it reaches the beach camp.

Claire watches as Charlie sneaks up and takes the baby out of the crib. He carries Aaron down toward the water. Claire calls after him. Charlie says that he's trying to save Aaron. Locke hears what's going on and comes over. Eko walks up and Charlie wants him to tell Claire what he said about the dreams. Eko says that "this is not the way." Locke tells him to stop. Charlie rants about Locke not being there and not being Aaron's family. Locke says that Charlie isn't either. Charlie says he has to do it and he's not hurting Aaron. Claire says that he is hurting her. He allows Locke to take Aaron back. Locke hands Aaron to Claire. Charlie starts to try and apologize and Locke punches him three times, which leaves Charlie bloody and laying in the surf as the other survivors look on.

Act 5:
Charlie sits on the beach. Jack walks up and inspects his wounds. He says that Charlie needs stitches. He admits to Jack that he started the fire. Jack wants to know if he is ever do anything like that again. Charlie says that he didn't use, but no one will believe him. He then says that he won't do it again. Jack starts to stitch up the wound.

Eko stands in the burned out brush. Claire walks up with Aaron. She asks if he is a priest and Eko nods. Claire says that Charlie told her about baptism. Eko tells her that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus, a dove flew out of heaven. Claire says that she hasn't been baptized either and will this mean that they won't be together if something happens. Eko says that he can baptize both of them.

Locke opens up the weapons closet..

Eko baptizes Aaron and then Claire.

Locke puts the Virgin Mary statues in the weapons closet and closes.

That night, Charlie sits by the fire. He takes his necklace off.

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