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Peter Jackson's Film Adaptation of The Return of the King:

The film opens with a sequence that shows how Gollum took the One Ring from his friend who had found it and ended up living under the mountain where Bilbo found him.

Gollum comes out of his reverie, awakens Frodo and Sam and tells them that they need to go. Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Théoden and Éomer ride to Isengard and find Merry and Pippin enjoying the bounty of Saruman's storerooms. Treebeard leads them to the Tower of Isengard where Gandalf speaks to Saruman. Pippin finds the Palantir amongst the debris, but Gandalf quickly takes it from him. They then return to Edoras. Gollum talks to himself and plots leading the two Hobbits to Shelob, which Sam overhears, but Frodo refuses to believe. In Edoras, Pippin takes the Palantir from Gandalf, looks into it and his mind is held by Sauron. After breaking the hold, Gandalf learns from Pippin that Sauron is about to attack Gondor. Gandalf then rides for Minas Tirith, taking Pippin.

Arwen is traveling to the Grey Havens to leave Middle Earth, when she has a vision of her son, Eldarion. She returns to Rivendell and tells her father, Elrond, that she is not leaving. She then asks him to have Narsil reforged. Gandalf and Pippin arrive at Minas Tirith and against Gandalf's advice, Pippin speaks of Boromir's fate to Denethor, Steward of Gondor. As Gandalf and Pippin speak that night, Gollum, Frodo and Sam begin to climb the Winding Stair outside Minas Morgul after Frodo nearly gives up the Ring. The city then begins to empty out with an army of Orcs.

Gandalf has a task for Pippin as the Orcs begin to overrun Osgiliath. Pippin manages to light the Beacon as a call to Rohan for aid. Théoden musters his men to Dunharrow. Osgiliath is overrun and Faramir orders a retreat, which Gandalf aids by driving off the Fell Beasts. Faramir then sees Pippin and tells Gandalf of his encounter with Gollum, Frodo and Sam, who are now climbing the Winding Stair. Pippin pledges his allegiance to Denethor, who then sends Faramir out on a futile mission to retake Osgiliath.

On the Winding Stair, Gollum gets rid of the rest of the Lembas and gets Frodo to send Sam away. Faramir's attack on Osgiliath is repelled. Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Théoden arrive at Dunharrow. Elrond arrives at Dunharrow and gives Aragorn Anduril, which is what the reforged Narsil has been named. He then tells Aragorn that he must take the Paths of the Dead. Aragorn sets out with Gimli and Legolas, while Théoden rides for Gondor. Eowyn, disguised, bears Merry after Théoden wanted each to stay behind.

The Orc army closes in on Minas Tirith, as Aragorn calls on the King of the Dead to fulfill his oath of allegiance to the King of Gondor. Faramir is brought to Denethor, wounded but alive, as the Orcs begin their attack. Gollum leads Frodo into Shelob's Lair as Sam finds the Lembas on the stair below. Frodo manages to escape Shelob once and fight off Gollum. The gates of Minas Tirith are breached as Denethor has Faramir brought to the Tombs of the Stewards. Shelob finally captures Frodo then Sam arrives and drives her off. Orcs arrive and Sam hides. The Orcs take Frodo, saying that he is not dead.

Pippin tries to stop Denethor from burning Faramir alive. Denethor then discharges Pippin from his duty and Pippin goes to find Gandalf as the first level of Minas Tirith is overrun. Théoden and the Rohirrim arrive and shatter the Orc lines. Pippin finds Gandalf and they save Faramir from his father's madness. The Rohirrim have routed the Orcs, but the Haradrim with their Oliphaunts break the Rohirrim's lines. The Witchking then wounds Théoden. Eowyn appears, slays his Fell Beast and faces him. Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas arrive at Osgiliath on the Corsair ships with the Army of the Dead.

Merry wounds the Witchking giving Eowyn time to finish the Witchking off. The Army of the Dead swarms over Pelennor Fields and Minas Tirith as Théoden dies in Eowyn's arms. Aragorn releases the King of the Dead from his oath and Pippin finds Merry wounded on the battlefield. Frodo awakens to find himself in the Tower of Cirith Ungol. Shagrat and Gorbag start a fight over the Mithril Coat. Sam enters the tower to find nearly all of the Orcs and Uruk-hai have killed each other. He kills Gorbag, frees Frodo and returns the Ring. The two then set out from the tower disguised as Orcs.

In the High Court of Minas Tirith, Aragorn suggests that they march on the Black Gate as a diversion so that Frodo and Sam can cross the Gorgoroth Plains to Mount Doom. Aragorn calls out Sauron as Frodo and Sam reach Mt. Doom. Gollum attacks them, but Frodo gets to the Cracks of Mt. Doom as the Eagles join the battle at the Black Gate. Frodo claims the Ring for his own, but Gollum bites and his finger off and takes the Ring. He falls into the Fires of Mt. Doom with the Ring. The Ring is finally destroyed.

Sauron is defeated and his minions flee. Frodo and Sam are rescued from Mt. Doom by Gandalf and the Eagles. Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor and weds Arwen. Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin return to The Shire. Frodo finishes Bilbo's book and on the fourth anniversary of Weathertop, Gandalf and Bilbo pick him up and take him and the other Hobbits to the Grey Havens. Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf, Elrond, Celeborn and Galadriel set sail and depart from Middle Earth.

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