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Lord of the Rings Races: Uruk-hai

Uruk-hai that appear in The Lord of the Rings:
- Lurtz
- Uglúk
- Shagrat

The Uruk-hai are the product of Saruman's attempts to create a fighter that improved on Orcs by being far stronger and unaffected by sunlight. It is theorized that they resulted from breeding of Orcs and Men. There were also apparently Uruk-hai in Mordor in the service of Sauron, although these don't seem to appear onscreen in the films. It is unknown whether these Uruk-hai are directly related to Saruman's breed of Uruk-hai.

In The Fellowship of the Ring:
Saruman sends Lurtz and his Uruk-hai to capture the Halflings unspoiled (alive) and bring them back to Isengard. At Amon Hen, Lurtz is killed by Aragorn, but the Uruk-hai do succeed in capturing Merry and Pippin.

In The Two Towers:
Uglúk leads the Uruk-hai back toward Isengard with Merry and Pippin. They cross through Rohan as Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas track them. The Uruk-hai party ends up being wiped out by a force of Rohirrim and Merry and Pippin escape into Fangorn Forest. Meanwhile, Saruman sends patrols of Uruk-hai on raids into the Westfold. These raids prompt King Théoden to evacuate the city of Edoras to the mountain keep of Helms Deep. When he does so, Saruman sends an amry of Uruk-hai to destory the keep. The army does manage to breach the Deeping Wall and are beginning to overrun the Hornburg when Gandalf and Éomer arrive with a force of Rohirrim. Trees that apparently have come from Fangorn Forest block the fleeing Uruk-hai's escape and wipe the rest of the army out.

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