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Beacon of Gondor Beacon of Gondor

Beacons of Gondor:
- Appear in The Return of the King

The Beacons of Gondor are a ancient warning system made up of a series of watchtowers with pyres. The pyres are lit as a call to Gondor's allies to come its aid. As soon as he arrives in Minas Tirith, Gandalf advises Denethor to light the Beacons of Gondor, which would summon Rohan and King Théoden. Denethor states that there is no point since Gondor is alone and the Rohirrim have long abandoned them.

Gandalf then sends Pippin, who climbs up unnoticed and lights the beacon atop Minas Tirith. The chain of beacons atop the peaks of the White Mountains light one after another until Aragorn sees the last one light up from his vantage point outside the Golden Hall in Edoras. King Théoden then orders the Rohirrim to gather at Dunharrow so they can ride to Gondor.

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