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Lord of the Rings Rings & Things: Elven Cloaks

Various rings and other objects that feature in the plot of The Lord of the Rings films:

- Athelas: Plant used by Aragorn and Arwen to treat Frodo's wound from Weathertop

- Bilbo's Book: The book that Bilbo started and Frodo finishes

- Book of Mazarbul: Journal that chronicles the return of Balin to Moria

- Elven Cloaks: Gifts to the Fellowship from Galadriel

- Evenstar Pendant: Arwen gives the pendant to Aragorn as a symbol of her love for him

- Gandalf's Staff: Not just a simple walking staff, but a tool of a Wizard

- Horn of Gondor: Heirloom carried by the eldest son of the Steward of Gondor

- Lembas: Elven way-bread known for its heartiness

- Mirror of Galadriel: Located at Caras Galadon

- Mithril Coat: Gift to Frodo from Bilbo

- Morgul Blade: Weapon that wounds Frodo on Weathertop

- Narsil (Andúril): Sword of the Kings of Gondor

- Narya: One of the three Elven Rings worn by Gandalf

- Nenya: One of the three Elven Rings worn by Galadriel

- Palantir: Ancient seeing stone

- Phial of Galadriel: Phial containing the light of Eärendil

- Ring of Barahir: Ring worn by the heir of Elendil, which is now Aragorn

- Ring of Power: The One Ring forged by Sauron at Mount Doom

- Rings: Dwarves: Seven Rings given to Dwarves by Sauron

- Rings: Elves: Three Rings forged by Elves in secret

- Rings: Men: Nine Rings given to Men by Sauron

- Sting: Elven dagger given to Frodo by Bilbo

- Vilya: Ring of Sapphire/Ring of Air, one of the three Elven Rings worn by Elrond

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