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Lord of the Rings Races: Eagles

Eagles that appear in The Lord of the Rings:
- Gwaihir

The race of Eagles were huge birds, being large enough to carry a man some distance. They are known to live high in the mountains and so they are not threatened by any with the possible exception of the Winged (Fell) Beasts. They are intelligent and reputed to be nearly as long-lived as Elves. They are led by Gwaihir, the Wind-Lord.

Gwaihir himself twice aids Gandalf, helping him escape from Isengard. Saruman had imprisoned Gandalf on the top of the Tower of Orthanc and was threatening to throw him off the tower when Gwahir arrived to bear him away. After his battle with the battle with the Balrog on the top of Zirakzigil, Gwaihir bore his body away from the summit. The Eagles also joined the battle at the Black Gate of Mordor where they drove off the Winged (Fell) Beasts. Following Sauron's defeat, they carried Gandalf to Mount Doom and rescued Frodo and Sam.

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