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Lord of the Rings Rings & Things: Shards of Narsil


- Appears in The Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the King

In The Fellowship of the Ring:
Narsil was the sword of the Kings of Gondor. After Sauron struck down King Elendil, his son Isildur took up the sword and tried to raise it against Sauron. However, Sauron broke the sword, but with the shard of Narsil, Isildur cut the Ring from Sauron's hand.

The shards of Narsil were now kept in a shrine at Rivendell. Boromir visited the shrine and even picked up the hilt, but he became unnerved when he noticed Aragorn. He hastily put the hilt back, but it fell to the floor where Boromir left it. Aragorn then walked over, picked it up and put the hilt back in its place in the shrine.

In The Return of the King:
Arwen came to Elrond and told him that it was now time. She had the sword reforged and Elrond brought it to Aragorn at Dunharrow. He gave it to Aragorn and told him that the reforged sword had been renamed Andúril, Flame of the West. Aragorn took the sword with Elrond's instruction that it was time for him to act like a king. Aragorn defended himself against the King of the Dead, who took it as evidence that Aragorn was heir to the Kings of Gondor. Aragorn carried it into battle at Pelennor Fields and the Black Gate of Mordor.

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