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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Left Behind
Episode Number: 315
Flashbacks: Kate
Written by: Damon Lindelof & Elizabeth Sarnoff
Directed by: Karen Gaviola
Original US Air Date: 4/4/07 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Sawyer sends Cassidy out with the switched bag.

Kate wants to rescue Jack, but Sayid wonders if he wants to be rescued.

Kate goes to see Jack.

The Others catch Kate.

Jack tells Kate that he made a deal with the Others and then leaves her alone after Juliet comes to get him.

Jack, Juliet and their party encounter Locke.

The sub blows up behind Locke.

Kate sits in the pool hall. She hears someone coming.

Kate tries to attack with the pool stick, but Juliet dodges it and then drops Kate. Juliet says that she was just bringing Kate a sandwich and walks out.

Flashback #1:
Kate sits by her broken down car. A tow truck comes along to get her.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Kate is driven up to a gas station.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Kate finds Cassidy trying to sell the fake necklaces. The gas station operator is on to her, but Kate buys one to legitimize Cassidy. Kate follows her and wants the money back. Cassidy realizes that Kate didn't want the police coming, so she offers Kate a ride to the next town.

Locke walks in and talks to Kate. He tells her that he's leaving with the Others. He says that he doesn't want to go home. Locke won't answer her about Jack, Sayid or Danielle. He then leaves.

Act 1:
Sawyer sits on the beach. Hurley walks up and kicks Sawyer. Hurley lets him know that there has been discussion about take a vote the next day about banishing Sawyer a half a mile down the beach. Sawyer doesn't buy into the warning and blows off Hurley.

Kate wakes up and starts to eat the food off the floor. She hears something from outside.

Kate looks outside to see several of the Others gathering their gear and then putting on gas masks.

Someone throws a bottle into the pool hall. Kate tries to cover her mouth and nose, but ends up succumbing to the fumes.

Flashback #2:
Kate and Cassidy share a drink. Cassidy wants to know what her name is. Kate says, "Lucy," but Cassidy is on to her. Kate ends up telling her that she killed her step-father because he was a "bad guy." She says that she's back, because she's trying to talk to her mother. Cassidy offers to help her because she says that she fell in love with the wrong guy, who then conned her out of her life savings. She says that at least one of them should get what they want.

Kate wakes up in the jungle.and handcuffed to a still unconscious Juliet.

Act 2:
Sawyer attempts to fish. He looks down the beach to see Jin and Sun pulling out a load of fish.

Sawyer managed to catch a fish and attempts to gut it.

Sawyer walks up to Hurley, who is washing clothes. He says that he's ready to make amends. Hurley insists that Sawyer apologize first.

Kate spots a pocket knife in Juliet's pocket. She slips it out, but Juliet comes awake when she opens the knife.

Kate and Juliet have a brief standoff, before Juliet lets her go. Kate tells her that they are going back to the village. Juliet wants to know why and Kate says that she figures her friends are gassed like they were. She adds that the Others were leaving. Juliet looks surprised at the news.

Flashback #3:
Kate walks up to a door and knocks. Her mother answers the door and the Marshal and several others come from everywhere and throw her down. He turns her over and it turns out to be Cassidy.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Kate watches everything go down.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Cassidy walks into the hotel room. She says that she was quested for thirty minutes by the feds. She wants to know what Kate did. Kate tells her that her step-father used to get drunk and beat her mother up, so Kate took out an insurance policy and blew him up. However, her mother gave her up, so she wants to know why.

Kate and Juliet talk. Juliet figures that Ben hand-cuffed them together as a mindgame. It starts to rain. Juliet decides to point out that Kate doesn't need to go back for Jack after he told her not to and ruined his chance of getting off the Island . Kate punches her. They fight and Kate gets the upper hand. She accidentally dislocates Juliet's arm. She starts to apologize and then they hear the monster.

Act 3:
Kate drags Juliet up and they run.

Kate leads her to some trees and they hide inside. Juliet starts to ask and Kate shushes her.

The monster approaches.

There are some flashes that surprise Juliet and then the monster leaves. Juliet wants to know if it's safe and Kate wants her to tell me.

That night at the beach camp, Sawyer and Hurley talk. Hurley wants Sawyer to make nice with Claire. Sawyer isn't so sure and says that he has never done anything to her. Hurley says that he hasn't done anything good for her either. He gives Sawyer a blanket and tells him to give it to Claire.

Sawyer walks over, makes small talk with Claire before offering the blanket to her. He then walks off.

Kate and Juliet talk. Kate thinks that Jack told her not to come back to protect her. Juliet tells her that Jack saw her and Sawyer on the cameras. She then tells Kate to pop her shoulder back in.

Act 4:
Sawyer kneels out in the woods with Desmond, who is still hunting boar. Desmond wants to know what Sawyer is up to since he hasn't spoken three words to Desmond.

Kate and Juliet wake up from a nap.

Flashback #4:
Cassidy eats in the diner where Diane works.

Flashback #4 Con't:
When Diane walks by, Cassidy "spills" her food on Diane.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Diane washes her clothes in the bathroom, when Kate appears. Kate wants to know what Diane told the authorities about her, especially since her step-father beat Diane and mistreated her. Diane tells her that you can't pick those you love and says that Kate burned him up. Diane says that she won't rat out Kate this time, but the next time she sees her, she will.
Kate wants to know if Jack told Juliet about breaking his heart. Juliet counters with a laundry list of things she knows about Jack's background. She then asks Kate what she knows about Jack. Just then, they hear the monster and start running.

Kate and Juliet fall in the mud, which happens to be near a pylon of the sonic fence. Kate refuses to get near the fence even though Juliet says that it's off. Juliet takes a key out of her pocket and unlocks the handcuffs. She moves over to the pylon where she punches a code into a keypad, which unlocks to reveal a switch. Juliet tells Kate that she needs to be "over here." Kate is reluctant and then moves behind Juliet and checks herself. Juliet turns the fence just before the monster arrives. The.smoke monster spreads out along the fence and then disappears into the jungle. Juliet turns to Kate and says that they don't know what it is, but that it doesn't like the fence. She tells Kate that she was gassed and left behind too. She thought the cuffs would help them work together since she didn't want to be left behind again. Kate grabs the handcuffs and key from Juliet, starts to walk off and then throws them into the jungle.

Act 5:
Sawyer talks to Charlie as they enjoy the roast boar. Charlie doesn't have a clue about a vote.

Sawyer finds Hurley, who admits that there was going to be no vote, but he figures that Sawyer had enjoy being nice. Also, Hurley figured that Sawyer had a lot to make up for if he's going to be their leader. Sawyer isn't interested in being the leader. Hurley figures with everyone else gone, Sawyer is all that they have left.

Sawyer moves through the camp delivering food. He gives some to Desmond. He smiles over at Jin and Sun, but her cold stare brings him back to reality.

Kate and Juliet arrive at the Others' village.

Kate goes to Jack's "house," and finds him unconscious. She apologizes for what she did to ruin his chances of going home. She then tells him that the Others are gone. He asks about Juliet and she tells him that she was left behind as well. Se wants to know what they'll do next and he says that they'll go back to the beach.

Flashback #5:
Cassidy pulls over to let Kate out. Kate wants to know the name of the man who conned her so she can get him for Cassidy since Cassidy almost got arrested for her. Cassidy says that she's pregnant with his baby. Kate still encourages her to turn him in. Cassidy asks if Kate will ever forgive her mother for calling the police and Kate says she won't. Kate tells Cassidy her real name. She climbs out of the car.

At the Others' village, Kate, Juliet and Jack gather. Sayid walks up and greets Jack. They start to leave. Sayid says that Juliet isn't going with them. Jack says that she is because she was left behind too.

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