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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: The Man From Tallahassee
Episode Number: 313
Flashbacks: Locke
Written by: Drew Goddard & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 3/21/07 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Locke stands up at the crash site.

Locke's father scams Locke.

Kate, Locke and Sayid learn about the submarine.

Locke has the C-4.

Locke, Sayid and Kate see Jack.

Flashback #1:
Locke is being questioned by a social worker. She asks if his appetite has come back. She asks him about his marital status (single) and if he's got a girlfriend (no). She asks if his parents are alive. He says that he was raised in foster care. She wants to know if he's considered seeking his parents out. He stumbles over an answer and wonders how that is relevant. She answers that it's relevant to whether he's getting better. He's there applying for a continuation of his disability insurance. His insurance is placed on suspension because he's stopped going to therapy for depression. He stands up and leaves.

Locke, Kate, Sayid and Danielle watch Jack play football. They watch as Juliet walks out and talks to Jack.

Sayid notices that Danielle has disappeared.

The three of them watch as Juliet wheels Ben out in a wheelchair. They see Jack shake Ben's hand.

Locke comments that "this is going to be more complicated than we thought."

Act 1:
Kate and Sayid argue about getting Jack. Kate thinks that they've done something to him. Sayid thinks that Jack may not want to be rescued. Locke says that it is Jack and that the first time he saw him, he was risking his life saving people. He figures that Jack has a good reason to be shaking Ben's hand. Locke suggests that they wait until dark and approach Jack to find out what is going on.

Flashback #2:
Locke watches television and eats a TV dinner. There is a knock on a door.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Locke opens the door to find a young man, who introduces himself as Peter Talbot. Locke isn't interested until Peter mentions Locke's kidney.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Locke and Peter talk. Peter's mother fell in love with Adam and married him within two months. He was suspicious of him so he dug around and found "Adam's" medical records. He learned that he was named Anthony Cooper and that Locke had donated a kidney. Peter wants to know if Adam is okay. Locke says that it was an anonymous donation and that he never met Anthony.

It's now dark as Locke, Sayid and Kate watch the guards. They finally see the coast is clear.

Kate makes her way to Jack's quarters.

Kate finds Jack playing the piano. Jack is not overly excided to see Kate. He says that she needs to leave because they are watching him.

Just then, the door bursts open and two men enter. Sayid is also brought in, already tied up. The Others want to know if anyone else came with them. Jack tells Kate to "just answer the question." Kate looks at Sayid as the Other points a gun at her and demands an answer. She finally says, "nobody."

Ben lies on his side in a hospital bed in his quarters. He hears something and turns the light on. He looks toward the door to find that Locke is standing there with a pistol. Ben says that it's alright and that he knows where Jack is. Locke says that he's not there for Jack. He wants to know where the submarine is.

Act 2:
Locke wants to know where the submarine is. Ben tries to play dumb. Locke says that he knows about it because Mikhail told him just before he killed him. Just then, Alex comes in. Locke grabs her. Tom can be heard coming in. Locke pulls Alex into the closet. He watches as Tom tells Ben that they have Sayid and Kate over at his quarters. Ben tells him that he wants him to bring the Man from Tallahassee . Tom wants to know about Jack and Juliet. Ben tells him not to worry about it. Tom leaves.

Locke comes out of the closet and wants to know what "the man from Tallahassee " means. Ben dodges the question. Locke wants his bag and wants Alex to get it.

Flashback #3:
Locke follows his father and his finance into a floral shop. Anthony spots Locke and comes over to him. Locke says that he found out about the wedding because her son came to Locke wanting him to vouch for Anthony. He says that he didn't say anything, but that he wants Anthony to tell her. Locke says that he won't let Anthony con her. Anthony agrees to tell the truth and then leaves.

Ben surmises that Locke has explosives in his bag and plans to blow up the submarine. Locke says that he doesn't know anything about him. Ben runs down a short biography. He adds that he knows that Locke spent four years in a wheelchair and knows how he got there. Ben wants to know if it hurt. Locke says that he felt his back break and so how does he think it felt.

Kate manages to get her handcuffed hands in front of her. She lying on a pool table. Tom walks in and says that he wasn't expecting to see her so soon. He motions outside and Jack walks in. Tom warns him to be careful. Jack and Kate exchange greetings. Kate wants to know about the people like the kids that were taken. Jack says that they are safe. Kate wants to know if Jack is with "them" now. Jack answers that he told her not to come back for him. Kate answers that she didn't think he meant it. They start to argue and then stop arguing. Kate approaches him and wants to know what happened to him. He says that he made a deal to go home. She wants to know when. He says that he's leaving tomorrow and that it's their best chance for help. Kate can't believe that Jack took them at their word. She wants to know why. He says that he made the deal when she asked him to save Sawyer. She wants to know what they told him. Juliet walks in and says that they have to go. Jack stands up, but then he leans in and tells her that he will come back for her. He walks out, leaving a rather stunned Kate sitting there.

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
Locke parks his car and climbs out. He walks across the parking lot outside his apartment. Two police detectives intercept him and question him about Peter Talbot. Locke lies again, but the detectives smoke him out. He learns that the Talbot family is worth $200 million and that Peter Talbot is dead.

Ben wants to know how quickly Locke could walk after crashing on the Island and Locke answers that it was immediate. Locke realizes that Ben isn't recovering as quickly as he expected. Ben realizes that is why Locke wants to destroy the submarine. He doesn't want to leave the Island because it healed him.

Alex walks up to Sayid and his guard Ryan. She tells Ryan that Ben wanted his pack. Ryan questions her at first, but then allows her to get it. As she begins to walk away, Sayid guesses that she is Alex. She wants to know how he knows her. He says that she looks like her mother and she says that her mother is dead. He says that he's sure that's what they told her. Ryan gives him a shot to the gut, tells him to be quiet and for Alex to go.

Locke and Ben talk. Locke enjoys some leftover chicken. Ben is concerned that if Locke destroys the submarine, then he'll have a problem with his people. Ben says that he was born on the Island , but not many of his people can say that. The submarine is a tie to the outside world that keeps those who are not "fully committed" calm. Locke thinks that Ben is cheating by having comforts of the outside world. Ben wants to know why Locke thinks he knows the Island better than Ben. Locke answers that it's because Ben is in the wheelchair and he's not.

Ben and Locke wait. Alex comes in with the pack. Locke wants Alex to take him to the submarine. Ben wants him to go take him, but Locke says that he'll slow him down. Alex and Locke start to leave and Ben pleads with him. He tells Locke that he made a deal with Jack and that Jack is to leave the Island in an hour. He says that the anomaly destroyed communications with the outside world, so when Jack leaves, it's a one way trip. Locke walks out anyway.

As they walk, Alex tells Locke that Ben's manipulating him because that's what he does.

Locke and Alex reach the shoreline. She points to the submarine at the end of the dock. Locke apologizes to Alex for involving her. He heads down to the dock.

Act 4:
Locke climbs into the submarine and makes his way to the back of it.

Ben puts the chicken up and turns to find Jack and Juliet in his quarters. Jack wants Ben to let his friends go after he leaves. Ben wants to know that if he said no then Jack would stay. Jack says that he would. Ben gives his word that he'll let them go. Juliet thanks him for keeping his word.

Locke walks back up from the dock when he runs into Jack, Juliet and their "escort." Locke tells Jack, "I'm sorry." Jack wants to know why. The submarine explodes behind Locke.

Flashback #5:
Locke knocks on the door. Anthony answers the door.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Locke is upset. He assumes that Anthony killed Peter. Anthony says that he's a con man not a murderer. He says that Peter's mother called off the wedding. He was just sticking around to make off with a little money. Locke doesn't believe him. Anthony points out the phone. Locke looks at it for a moment and reaches for it. Suddenly Anthony launches himself at Locke, who is thrown through the window.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Locke falls several stories to the ground.

Act 5:
Flashback #6:
Locke lies in a hospital bed. The two detectives tell him that Anthony fled to Mexico shortly after their "encounter." His physical therapist comes in and orders the detectives out. He then insists that Locke get up. He picks Locke up and puts him in a wheelchair. He tries to be positive and tells Jack that it wasn't so bad. He then leaves. Locke looks down at the wheelchair and beings to cry.

Locke is cuffed to a rail. Ben comes in and tells Locke that he's really done it now. Locke says that he can stop pretending. Locke says that he knows that Ben wanted Locke to make it happen and that's why the C-4 was left in the bag. Dr. Alpert steps in and uncuffs Locke. Ben says that he was trying to figure out how to stop Jack from leaving because Jack's getting to leave would have been a sign of weakness. However, he couldn't kill Jack because that WOULD be cheating since his people did hear him make a promise. His problem was solved when Locke came along. He then says that he doesn't know why, but Locke has a special connection with the Island .

Locke is led down the hall to a door. Locke wants to know what is going on. Ben says that he wants to help Locke. Locke wants to know why. Ben answers because he's in the wheelchair and Locke is not. Dr. Alpert opens the door.

Locke looks in the door and a look of stunned surprise comes over his face.

The door opens to a storage room and sitting in the room, bound and gagged is Locke's father.

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