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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Further Instructions
Episode Number: 303
Flashbacks: Locke
Written by: Carlton Cuse & Elizabeth Sarnoff
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 10/18/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Locke believes that they are there for destiny.

Locke watches the video that explains that pushing the button is an experiment.

Eko kicks Locke out of the Hatch.

Desmond and Locke talk. Locke decides that they won't push the button.

Desmond and Locke argue about pushing the button.

Chaos breaks loose in the Hatch.

Desmond makes for the some switch and turns the key.

Locke admits that he was wrong.

Locke lays on the ground in a sequence that is reminiscent of Jack's opening scene in the pilot.

Locke looks over and sees Desmond wander around.

Locke stands up and Eko's staff falls out of the sky and hits him.

Locke strides into camp.

Charlie and Claire watches as Locke tears down a shelter.

Charlie has followed Locke to the building that Eko was building. Locke indicates to Charlie that he can't talk. Charlie has a hard time following Locke's sign language and then figures out that Locke "needs to speak to the Island ."

Act 1:
Locke walks up to Charlie and shows him a pad. He tells Charlie he needs help and needs him to stand guard. Charlie tells him that he doesn't like him and reminds him about being punched in the face and accused of using heroin. Locke then writes about a sweat lodge.

Flashback #1:
Locke drives a truck down a country highway. It starts raining. He picks up a hitchhiker who wants to get to Eureka because of the logging jobs there. Locke and Eddie introduce themselves. Eddie says that he's not sure what he's going to do, but that he had to get away from his family.

Flashback #1 Con't:
The rain stops and the local sheriff pulls him over for a broken taillight. In the truck bed, there are guns and groceries. He says that he has transaction logs. The sheriff questions them and Eddie plays along as Locke's nephew.

At the "sweat lodge," Locke takes some concoction. Charlie wants to know if it's drugs.

Charlie stands outside as Locke sits.

Locke's Vision #1:
Boone appears. Locke can't talk. Boone says he's here to help. He points to his ankle and then the wheelchair appears.

Locke's Vision #1 Con't:
Boone wheels Locke through the airport. Locke sees Charlie, Claire and Aaron, then Sun and Jin, then Sayid, Hurley and Desmond. He sees Sawyer and Kate in the security line. Jack is being wanded by Gale as Sawyer and Kate wait. He's worried, but Boone tells him that he needs to clean up his own mess.

Locke's Vision #1 Con't:
The airport is empty and Locke is at the bottom of the escalator. Boone talks to him from the top of the escalator.

Locke's Vision #1 Con't:
Locke crawls to the top of the escalator. Boone stands there, all bloody.

Locke comes out of it in the sweat lodge.

Locke falls out of the sweat lodge. Charlie asks him if he is alright. Locke looks disoriented and then looks for his knife. He stands up and tells Charlie that he's going to save Eko's life (his voice came back).

Act 2:
Locke walks in the jungle and Charlie follows.

Locke finds Eko's cross. Locke says that Eko was dragged by a polar bear.

Locke and Charlie continue walking.

Locke finds blood and tells Charlie to go back to Claire. He says that bad things happen to people around him.

Flashback #2:
A boy opens a gate and lets Locke in.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Locke drives up a long drive.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Locke and Eddie climb out of the truck. Locke tells him about the sweat lodge.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Locke and Eddie walks up to a table where a meal has been set out. The head of the table notices Eddie's Geronimo Jackson t-shirt. Eddie says that it was his father's. Eddie is introduced to "everyone." Locke then gives a prayer that thanks for the food, for him stopping being angry, for him finding a new family.

Charlie and Locke walk up and find a pit where the Hatch used to be. Locke thinks it imploding.

Locke and Charlie find a dead animal. Locke says that it's an active kill and that the bear will be coming back for it. They hear a bear grow.

Charlie and Locke run.

The polar bear can be glimpsed.

Charlie and Locke stop running. They hear a rustling in the brush. Locke draws his knife and as it gets closer, he throws it. A metallic thud is followed by a cry of surprise from a man.

Hurley stands there with Locke's knife stuck in his canteen. His response is "dude."

Act 3:
Hurley tells Locke about Kate, Sawyer and Jack and that Henry is the Others' leader. Locke tells him to go back to the beach and tell the other survivors. Charlie says that the Island told Locke to save Eko from a polar bear. Charlie and Locke keep going and Hurley wants to know about the bear.

Locke tracks the bear. He finds some fur and pulls his knife. Charlie decides to recount that when he used to watch wildlife television, he learned that polar bears are "quite clever." They walk up and find a cave opening.

Flashback #3:
Eddie and Locke walk through a barn and a girl passed the other way. Eddie tells him that she likes him. Locke says she's too young for him. Eddie says that she's looking for a dad like everyone else there. Locke doesn't find Eddie's joke very funny.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Eddie and Locke head for the orchard. Eddie asks why Locke never talks about his father. Locke says there isn't much to talk about. Eddie then asks what is in the greenhouse. He offers to go help unload fertilizer, but Locke says that it's being taken care of and that they have orchard duty.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Eddie wants to know what the big secret with the greenhouse is. Locke says that he's a guest. Eddie points out that he's been there for six weeks. Locke says things take time. Eddie points out that he had a truck full of guns. Eddie says he sees the fertilizer and wants in on whatever they are trying blow up.

Charlie and Locke stand outside the cave. Locke fixes a torch and then puts mud on his face. Locke tells Charlie that he's not going in with him. Locke lights a torch and takes out a can of hair spray. Locke then heads into the cave alone.

Act 4:
Hurley walks through the jungle. He hears something. He's worried that it's the bear, but it's a naked Desmond. Desmond wants some clothes. Desmond says that he woke up that way. Hurley gives him a tie-dye shirt.

Locke makes his way deeper into the cave.

Locke kicks something. It turns out to be a metal toy dump truck.

Flashback #4:
Locke approaches the greenhouse. He is told that Mike and Jan are looking for him.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Locke walks into the greenhouse, which is full of marijuana. Mike and Jan are packing up. It turns out that Eddie is a sheriff's deputy. Locke says that it's not to late to fix things.

Locke finds Eko. Eko is hurt, but conscious. Just then, the bear grabs Eko and starts to drag him deeper into the cave. Locke holds on to Eko. He reaches for a rock and throws it at the bear, which lets go of Eko. Locke now has time to grab the torch and the hair spray and use them as a blowtorch on the bear. The bear is driven off.

Locke helps Eko out of the cave and Eko collapses. Charlie and Locke start to carry Eko away from the cave.

Act 5:
Desmond tells Hurley about using the failsafe key, which apparently "detonated the electromagnetic anomaly" and imploded the Hatch. Hurley wanted to know if that caused the sky to turn purple and the Island to vibrate. Hurley says that Jack, Kate and Sawyer saw it too. Desmond says that they will be alright because Locke said that he would go after them in his speech. Hurley says that Locke didn't say that. Desmond shuts up.

Locke and Charlie talk as they carry Eko. Charlie wants to know what Locke saw in his "spirit tent." Locke says that he had to clean up his mess.

Flashback #5:
Locke and Eddie are in the forest, hunting. Locke gets the drop on Eddie and points the gun at him. He wants to know if "they" chose him. Eddie says that they did because he didn't have a criminal record and was "amenable to coercion." Eddie says that Locke won't shoot him and walks away. Locke seems to want to pull the trigger, but doesn't.

Locke and Charlie hear a stream.

Charlie goes for water. Locke apologizes to Eko. He says that he could have prevented all of it if he had just let Eko keep pushing the button.

Locke's Vision #2:
Eko seems to wake up. He tells Locke that he can still save them. He will find them because he's a hunter.

Charlie walks up and Locke realizes that Eko was never awake.

Locke and Charlie bring Eko into camp. Paulo, Nikki and Claire greet them. They want to know what happened. Locke tells them that Sawyer, Jack and Kate were taken by the Others. He says that they are going to go after them. Hurley gets a look on his face and glances over at Desmond, who is down by the water throwing rocks. Nikki asks about Sayid, Sun and Jin. Locke says that everyone will be alright, but they need to take care of Mr. Eko first. Charlie wants to know what is up with Hurley. Hurley says that he just got a feeling of déjà vu. He continues to watch Desmond toss rocks into the water.

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