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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: The Glass Ballerina
Episode Number: 302
Flashbacks: Jin/Sun
Written by: Jeff Pinkner & Drew Goddard
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Original US Air Date: 10/11/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Sayid is sure that Michael has betrayed them. Sayid has a plan. He finds the empty village.

Jack, Kate and Sawyer are taken down.

Jack is in his cage.

Flashback #1:
A glass ballerina hits the floor and breaks. A little girl runs out of the room.

Flashback #1 Con't:
The little girl practices on the piano. Her father, Mr. Paik, walks in. He asks young Sun who broke the ballerina. She lies and says the maid did it. He says that he'll be forced to fire her. Sun sticks to her lie. He turns and leaves.

Sun is in the head on the sailboat. Jin knocks and checks on her.

Jin and Sun go on deck. Jin wants to go back. Sayid wants to stay and leave a signal. Sayid wants to sail further up the coast. Jin refuses and says that they have to listen because he's the only one that can sail. Sun tells Sayid that she'll help him sail the boat.
Jack sits in his cell. Juliet walks in and brings him some soup.

Juliet walks out and knocks on a door. Ben (Henry Gale) opens the door. He says that she never made him soup. Just then, Colleen climbs down the steps. She reports that Sayid found the decoy village. Brian then followed him and found that they have a sailboat. Juliet thinks they can sail in circles. Colleen points out that Sayid could find them. Ben tells Colleen to put together a team and get the boat.

Act 1:
Sawyer paces in his cell. John Philips Sousa starts playing. Mr. Friendly and some others walk up and get Kate and Sawyer out of their cells. Sawyer is given some food.

Mr. Friendly leads them along. Colleen comes along and calls Danny over. Sawyer watches as they whisper and Danny gives her a kiss on the cheek. He noticed Sawyer watching.

On the sailboat, Jin and Sun talk. She says that she came with him because she didn't want to be "without" him.

Flashback #2:
Sun lies in bed. Jae Lee sits up next to her. He wants to know what is wrong. She says that she is married and that she can't. She starts to leave. He asks her to stay. Jae Lee gives her some jewelry. He says that he doesn't want to share her. There is a knock on the door. They wonder if anyone knows about them. Jae Lee answers the door and Mr. Paik walks in. He orders Sun to get dressed.

Danny explains that Kate and Sawyer will break the rocks and then haul them off. She wants to know if she's expected to work wearing a dress. Danny says that she can take it off. Sawyer looks at her and licks his lips until her look drives it away. He says that if they do anything he doesn't like, they will be shocked. Kate says that she's not doing anything until she sees Jack. Danny walks up and shocks Sawyer. He tells them to get to work.

Act 2:
Flasbhack #3:
Jin walks into Mr. Paik's office. Mr. Paik shows Jin a picture of Jae Lee. He tells Jin that he has been stealing from him. He wants Jin to put an end to it and a message won't suffice. Jin refuses and attempts to quit. Mr. Paik says that Jae Lee shamed him and thus shamed Jin. He says that Jin needs to restore his family's honor.

In the galley, Jin cuts up some fish. Sun calls him on deck.

Sun gives him the binoculars and he sees a dock. Jin thinks it's the Others. Sayid says the dock looks old. He decides that they'll up to it and he'll set a fire on the beach for Jack.

Sawyer watches Kate split the rocks. Danny tells Sawyer to get back to work.

Kate picks away at the rocks. Alex talks to her from the brush. Alex wants to know about Karl. Kate says there is no one else in the cages. Alex says that Kate wasn't even supposed to be in the cages and that the dress is hers. Alex then leaves.

Sawyer asks her if she's okay. She tells him to stop staring at her. Danny tells them both to shut up.

Sayid, Sun and Jin are on the beach, building a large fire. Sun knows that Sayid is lying. He says that there are tracks all around and are as recent as yesterday. He intends to use the fire to set a trap for the Others so he can capture two of the Others and kill the rest. Sun offers to help. He says that she just needs to continue to lie to Jin for another twenty minutes until the fire has been lit.

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
Jin comes home as Sun waits for him. She greets him and takes his jacket. He goes straight to the table and sits down. She joins him. He asks her how her day was. She says fine. He then tells her that he saw her father and that he called him "son" for the first time. She wants to know why. He says that her father wants him to deliver a message. She suggests leaving and starting a new life. He says that they can't because her father will find them. She doesn't want him to do it anymore. He says that's what it takes to be married to her. He gets up to leave and says that he's going to deliver a message.

On the beach, Jin tells Sun that he knows what Sayid is doing and that she betrayed.him. He says that he understands English better than she thinks. He asks for Sayid's gun and walks over. Sayid tells Sun where to find another gun on the boat. She says that if she needs it then it's because Jin is dead.

Sawyer looks at Juliet. He walks over to Kate and kisses her. Danny runs over and hits Sawyer. A struggle breaks out until Juliet has a gun on Kate. Sawyer stops and gives up the weapon. Danny gets up and stuns him.

At the beach, the Others approach. Sun hears something.

Act 4:
Flashback #5:
Jin sits in his car. He sees Jae Lee. He climbs out of his car and follows.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Jin follows Jae lee up to his room and slams his head into the door. He pushes Jae Lee into the room and throws him around. Jae Lee whimpers and apologizes. Jin stops beating him and tells him that he must leave the country and never come back.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Jin climbs back into his car. Suddenly, Jae Lee falls onto his car. Jin climbs out and spots the pearl necklace in Jae Lee's hand.

On the beach, Sayid thinks that they aren't coming.

On the sailboat, Colleen confronts Sun. Sun wants her to let her off the boat. Colleen says that she can't and that Sun won't shoot her. Colleen doesn't think so and keeps coming. Sun shoots her and runs.

On the beach, Jin and Sayid hear the firing and run for the dock.

Jin and Sayid are pinned down by gunfire. The sailboat starts to motor away. Jin jumps into the water.

On the boat, Sun manages to get ondeck and falls overboard as she's fired at.

In the water Jin frantically calls for Sun and Sun finally responds. He swims over to her and he is relieved to see her.

Act 5:
Flashback #6:
Sun watches Jae Lee's funeral from a distance. Mr. Paik tells her that she shouldn't be there. She wants to know why he's there. He says he does business with Jae Lee's father. He says that Jae Lee jumped from a balcony and must have felt great shame. She wants to know if he'll tell Jin. He answers that it's not his place and tells her to go home to Jin.

On the beach, Sayid apologizes to Sun for involving her. He also says that he'll listen to Jin next time. He then says they should leave because they have a long walk.

Sawyer and Kate return to the cage. Kate wants to know what got into him. He says that he couldn't help it because she looks good doing chain gang. He then profiles the men that are guarding them. He thinks they are mostly weak, but that Juliet would have shot Kate.

The end of their conversation is heard from the surveillance room where Ben had been.

Ben walks in to Jack's cell. He says that it's only been a week since their positions were reversed. He says that he couldn't tell Jack that he was one of the Others because it would have been back to Sayid. He then "properly" introduces himself and offers to shake Jack's hand. Jack doesn't take it. Gale gets up to leave. Jack wants to know where Kate and Sawyer are. Ben won't tell him, but that if Jack cooperates, then he can go like Michael and Walt. Jack believes that they are trapped on the Island just like the survivors. Ben says that they do have contact with the outside world. He says that George W. Bush has been re-elected, Christopher Reeve has died and the Red Sox won the World Series. Jack laughs at the idea until Ben turns on a TV that shows the final out of the World Series. That seems to shake Jack.

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