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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: I Do
Episode Number: 306
Flashbacks: Kate
Written by: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
Directed by: Tucker Gates
Original US Air Date: 11/8/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
The Others watch the plane crash.

Ben says that a spinal surgeon arrived two days after he found he had a fatal tumor on his spine. He wants Jack to want to save him.

Flashback #1:
Kate walks down a hotel hallway.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Kate goes into the hotel room. She starts to open a box. There is a knock on the door. It's a police officer. He wants her to open the door up. She tries to talk him out of it, but he insists. She finally goes and opens the door. They drop the play-acting and she jumps into his arms. She and the policeman are involved.

Kate wakes up in her cage to find Sawyer throwing rocks. She wants him to get her some fish food. He scoffs and wonders if she's trying to keep him productive.

In his cell, Jack looks over the x-rays. Juliet tells them that they are a week old. Jack says that Ben's tumor is a week from being inoperable. He asks about whether the operating room is fully stocked. Juliet says it is. Ben says that he's ready. Jack says that he was just telling Ben how he was going to die, because he didn't offer to do the surgery. Ben is surprised. Jack says that he doesn't believe that they'll just let him go if he does the surgery. Ben says that he's disappointing. Jack snickers and says that at least he won't be disappointed for long.

Act 1:
Flashback #2:
Kate and the policeman are lying in bed. She says that he shouldn't have come. She says that it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. He says that it's bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress, but she's naked so it's okay. She looks to have jitters. He says that he understands that it's happened fast. He calls her Monica. She calls him Kevin and they tell each other "I love you."

Pickett comes to get Kate. He says that it's time for work. She asks about Sawyer. Pickett says that he has the day off. She says then she won't work since they are a team. Pickett gives up. He gets Sawyer out of his cell.

Locke, Sayid, Desmond, Nikki and Paulo surround Eko's body. Locke tells Nikki that one of the bears probably killed Eko. Locke says that they will bury him there because there have been too many funerals. He says he'll go back for a couple of shovels. Sayid insists on joining him.

As they walk, Sayid wants to know what Locke knows. Locke says that the monster probably killed Eko. He thinks that Eko died for a reason. They are taking a detour before they head back to the beach.

Kate and Sawyer work with the rocks. The alarms go off announcing a compound breach. Pickett gets on the walkie-talkie. He wants to know if it's the doctor. He then is surprised that "she" got there. Suddenly, the guards start dropping.

Alex is using a slingshot to take out the guards. She tells Kate to run. Pickett pulls a gun on Alex. She doesn't think he'll shoot her. She wants to see Ben. She wants to know what happened to Carl. One of the men grabs her from behind. Pickett orders her taken out of there. As she's carried away, she tells Kate not to believe them. They are going to kill her "boyfriend" just like they killed hers.

Kate looks over at Sawyer.

Act 2:
Kate and Sawyer work on the rocks. She looks over at Sawyer. She then looks over at Juliet and Pickett. Pickett doesn't seem to be happy, but Juliet indicates that is the way it has to be. She then walks over to Kate. She wants her to put a hood on. Kate wonders why she thinks she will. Juliet tells her that she will because Pickett is going to kill Sawyer, but if she helps them, then she can save Sawyer.

Flashback #3:
Kate stands in front of the mirror in her wedding dress. Her mother-in-law walks in. She says that there are a lot of exciting policemen waiting. She gives "Monica" a necklace. It came from her mother and she had hoped to give it to her own, but she had four boys.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Kevin and "Monica" stand at the alter before the priest. He says that he's been impressed with her honesty and devotion. Kevin told him that "what you see is what you get." He then pronounces them man and wife. They kiss and walk down the aisle to leave the church.

Juliet brings Kate in to see Jack. She takes the hood off. The two of them walk up to the glass partition between them. Jack looks at Juliet.

Juliet says that she'll give them some privacy and leaves.

Jack asks Kate if she's okay. She asks him the same. He wants to know where they are. She tells him that she's in a cage. He asks about Sawyer. She says that he's in a cage too. She says that they are making them work. He asks if they hurt her. She starts to cry. Kate tells him that he has to do the surgery. He wants to know what they did to her. She keeps crying and says that they are going to kill Sawyer. She says that Juliet told her that if he does the surgery, then they'll let them go. Jack wants to know why she believes them. She has no choice but to believe them. He starts pacing. He looks at the camera and says that they are done.

In his observation room, Ben watches. He orders Kate to be taken out of Jack's cell. Kate can be heard continuing to plead with Jack.

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
Kate is in the grocery store. The cell phone rings. It's Kevin. He's sitting in his car in the rain. He wants to know what is for dinner. She says that she's making tacos and he'd better like them or there'll be no dessert.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Kate runs outside to the payphone. She calls the marshal. She tells him that she doesn't want to run anymore. He wants to know if the guy knows who she is. She says that she loves him. He says that if she can really settle down, then he won't come after her, but they both know that that won't happen. The timer goes off and Kate hangs up.

Juliet talks to Kate. She observes that Kate really cares for him.

Pickett escorts Sawyer to his cage. Over Juliet's objections, Pickett clubs Sawyer. He tells him that if he has anything to say to Kate, he'll better say it tonight. He walks off.

Sawyer says to Kate, "how was your day."

Locke speaks over Eko's grave. He and Sayid went to find Eko's Jesus stick. As he's hammering it in like a cross, Locke notices something on the stick.

Sawyer wants to know where Kate went. Kate says that she went to see Jack. She did so to try and save his life. He says that his life doesn't need saving. She climbs out of her cage and breaks the lock off Sawyer's cage. She wants him to run. He wants her to run. He refuses. She wants to know why. He says that they are on a small island two miles from the big island. She wants to know when he was going to tell her and he says never because he didn't want her to give up hope. They nuzzle, then start kissing and then start stripping each other's clothes off.

Act 4:
Flashback #5:
Kate has fixed Kevin some French toast. He tells her to look under her placemat. It is two tickets to Costa Rica . He tells her to get her passport ready for the honeymoon he's been promising for six months. She looks upset, but won't tell him what is wrong. They hug.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Kate watches from the doorway as Kevin climbs in his car and and drives off.

Kate and Sawyer lay in his cell, wrapped in a sheet (from somewhere). He wants to know if she just told Pickett that she loved him to make him stop. She doesn't answer, but kisses him instead. She goes back to nuzzling and he says, "I love you too."

In his cell, the intercom starts filing with static. Jack goes over to it and toggles it. He wants to know who it is. He can barely make out someone telling him to try the door.

Jack walks over and finds the door unlocked. He opens it and walks down to Ben's monitoring station.

Jack looks over the monitors and then goes to the closet and gets a pistol.

Jack then goes back to the monitors and notices Kate and Sawyer. He stares at them. Ben walks in behind him.

Ben says that he thought that she would have ended up with him. Jack whirls around and points the gun at him. Ben says that this must be the "nail in the coffin." Jack stuns him by saying "tomorrow." Ben doesn't know what he means. Jack tells him to get everything ready because he'll do the surgery first thing in the morning. However, he wants Ben to give his word that Jack will get off this Island . Ben gives his word.

Act 5:
Kate sleeps in Sawyer's arms.

Flashback #6:
Kate checks a pregnancy test. It's negative, but she breaks down crying.

Flashback #6 Con't:
Kate walks into the room with two glasses of tea. She asks Kevin what he's doing. He says that he's doing paperwork about a fugitive. She says that what if she's a fugitive and that she's on the run. She says that she doesn't "do taco night." She says that her name isn't Monica. She tells him that she loves him and starts to leave. He gets up to follow her, but she drugged him. She says she did it so that others wouldn't suspect that he knew. He passes out. She takes the necklace off and puts it in his hand.

Jack and Juliet scrub up for the surgery. Jack says that it's a complicated surgery and that she needs to follow his instructions. She says that she's good at following orders.

Jack and Juliet walk out. Ben wants to know if Jack gets nervous. Ben asks Juliet if Alex asked about him. She says that she didn't. She says that they took her home last night and that they don't know where she is. Jack tells Ben to count down from twenty as the anesthesia takes effect.

In the observation room, Pickett leaves.

Pickett finds Kate in Sawyer's cell. He grabs Sawyer.

Jack tells Juliet to get some clamps. While her back is turned, he does something that affects Ben's vitals. The assistant says that that shouldn't be happening. Jack knocks him out. He tells Juliet and Mr. Friendly (who is in the observation room) that he cut Ben's kidney and that he'll bleed out in a hour. He orders Mr. Friendly down there and to bring his walkie-talkie.

Danny and Sawyer struggle. Danny threatens Kate's life and Sawyer gives up. Danny puts him on his knees and brings his gun to his head. He says that "this is for Colleen." Just then, Mr. Friendly clicks in on his walkie-talkie. He wants Danny to give the walkie-talkie to Kate.

Jack tells Kate that she has an hour head start. He asks if she remembers the story that he told her the first day on the beach when she stitched him up. She says that she does. He tells her that in an hour, she'll tell him that story when she's safe. If she doesn't, then he'll know something bad happened. She says that she can't leave. He tells to her run. She says she can't leave him. He say to just go.

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