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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Enter 77
Episode Number: 311
Flashbacks: Sayid
Written by: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 3/7/07 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Hurley is let go by the Others and told not to come back.

Locke sees a "sign" on Eko's stick.

Kate wants to get Jack back.

Eye-patch is glimpsed by Locke, Sayid, Nikki and Paulo.

Sawyer walks along the beach. He finds several survivors walking up with the ping-pong table. Hurley says that Jin found it when looking for firewood. He figures that it landed there from the Hatch. They are trying to find a ball to play with. Sawyer asks about Kate and Hurley is surprised that she isn't back yet.

Paulo walks up with a magazine, which Sawyer claims was his. Paulo says that they share things now. Sawyer is mad about them taking his stuff.

Locke, Sayid, Kate and Rousseau walk in the woods. Sayid says that they need to stop to eat. Locke asks if they are still on course. Sayid reluctantly takes out the compass and reports that they are still bearing north on 305. Locke notes his attitude. Sayid is flippant about following a course gotten from a stick. He then walks off alone for a moment.

Alone in the jungle, Sayid hears what might be a bell. He grabs the rifle and finds that he was hearing a cow and its cowbell. Someone whistles and the cow wonders off. Sayid follows.

Peeking through the underbrush, Sayid sees Eye-patch put the cow in a pen and head for the blue house next to the pen.

Act 1:
Hurley, Sun, Charlie, Paulo and Nikki are looking around the ping-pong table. Sawyer walks up with the ball, but he won't give it back. He wants his stuff back. Nikki points out that it wasn't his stuff. Sawyer replies that it was his stuff when he "took it" and he wonders who she even is. He then offers to let them play him for it. He wants one game against their best player and when he wins, he wants his "stash" back. Hurley wants to know what happens if he loses. Sawyer doesn't think that'll happen, but says that he can "name" it. Jin and Sun talk in Korean. Sawyer refers to them as Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon as he thinks that they might have something good. She says that if he loses, then he can't use any nicknames for a week. Charlie likes it. Sawyer agrees to it, says he'll be back in an hour to play their picked player. He returns the ball.

Locke and Sayid talk as a saddled horse is seen. Sayid says that he's circled the house and found it to be isolated. Locke wonders about the satellite dish. Sayid thinks they could use it to communicate and asks Danielle if that's the radio tower. Danielle says that she's never seen the house before. He hands the binoculars to Locke, who takes a look. Kate asks Sayid about his having seen the man before. Sayid says he saw him on the video feed from the Pearl station. Kate wants to know who he is. Sayid says that there's only one way to find out. As Locke and Rousseau look on, Sayid gives Kate the rifle. He says that he's going to ask him and figures that he'll feel less threatened if Sayid is unarmed. If Eye-patch still feels threatened, then they can cover him from here. Danielle moves to leave. Kate wants to know where she is going. Danielle says that she has no interest in the man and that is how she survived. She's going to wait for them by the stream.

Flashback #1:
Sayid works in a kitchen.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Sayid meets with Sami at an outside table. Sami likes his food. Samie recognizes him as Iraqi. Sayid gets suspicious. Sami says that he has a restaurant that's better than "this one." He says that he's offering Sayid a job because they are both outsiders and his own cook just quit.

Locke and Kate move into position.

Sayid walks into the clearing with his hands up. He sees a cat. He looks at the cat and is suddenly shot.
Eye-patch has a gun on him. He says that he didn't break the truce.

Sayid tells him that he's not who he thinks he is. He says that he is the survivor of a plane crash.
Eye-patch says that he's coming out.

Locke and Kate close in.

When Eye-patch steps out, they fire at his feet. Locke orders him to drop his rifle. Eye-patch asks if they really crashed. Sayid affirms it and asks who he is. Eye-patch gives his name as Mikhail Bakunin and says that he is the last survivor of the Dharma Initiative.

Act 2:
Kate and Locke help Sayid into the room. Mikhail offers to treat him and explains that he served in Afghanistan . He tells Kate where there are some medical supplies. She looks at Sayid who says that it is okay.

Sayid wants to know about the Dharma Initiative. Mikhail explains that he served in the Russian military, but was discharged after the end of the cold war. He replied to an advertisement in a newspaper about "saving the world."

Kate finds some interesting items in the house.

Elsewhere, Locke finds another computer that has a chess game ready to play.

Sayid wants to know what happened to the rest of the Dharma Initiative. Mikhail says that they were all killed in a war when they tried to purge the hostiles, who were there long before the Initiative came. Mikhail survived the war by not getting involved. He says that after it was over, four men walked up and offered a truce if he stayed in a certain area around the house. He agreed. They took two cows and never came back. Kate wonders why they weren't interested in the satellite dish and Mikhail says that it hasn't worked in years.

Flashback #2:
Sayid walks up to a restaurant.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Sayid asks for Sami. Sami comes in and happily greets Sayid. His wife, Amira, walks out. She and Sayid exchange a look. He plays the fool and acts as though he doesn't know her. He takes her hand in greeting and suddenly one of the other men grabs him. Sami asks Amira if that's him. Amira says it is. Sayid says that he doesn't know who they think he is and moves to escape. They jump him and he starts fighting back.

Mikhail drops the bullet in a metal cup.

Mikhail calls his cat, Nadia, which gets Sayid's attention. The cat is named after the gymnast.

Locke plays the chess game. Mikhail comes to the door and says that he's been trying to beat the game for ten years, but it's impossible because it was designed by three grand masters and it cheats. Locke doesn't believe that it cheats, since that's a human trait. Mikhail smiles and closes the door.

Kate and Sayid talk. Kate can't believe Mikhail is left alone with so much stuff. Sayid believes that he really isn't Dharma, but "one of them." Kate wants to know why they have stayed and Sayid says that he doesn't believe that he's really alone.

Act 3:
Sawyer turns up at the ping-pong table to find that Hurley is the player. Hurley asks about the mercy rule. They start playing and Hurley quickly wins the first point.

Mikhail and Sayid talk. Mikhail tells them that they have sonar for guiding the vessels in. Sayid guesses that they have a submarine. Mikhail says that is how Dharma brought them there, but figures the hostiles have possibly destroyed it by now. Sayid figures that is how they got around the sailboat, before they captured it. Sayid then pointed says that they did kill one of them. Mikhail then says that they need to move to the next level and attacks. He puts up a good fight, but Kate and Sayid overwhelm him. Locke finally walks in from the other room.

Flashback #3:
Sayid is chained up in the storeroom. Sami walks in with a bowl of water and gives it to Sayid. He then says that Sayid is a torturer. Sayid plays dumb for a little while as Sami describes what was done to her. Sayid admits that his name is not Najeeb, but Sayid Jarrah. He admits to being a member of the Republican Guard, but claims to not remember Amira even as he says that he remembers the face of every person that he interrogated. Sami says that Sayid will admit what he did, or he will leave the room in a bag.

Sayid ties up the unconscious Mikhail. He figures that they lost communications, perhaps when the sky turned purple. Locke doesn't think there is anyone else there because he checked everywhere. Sayid reaches over and flips up the rug that the cat had been pawing at to reveal trap door. He tells Locke that he didn't look everywhere.

Act 4:
Flashback #4:
Sayid looks at the floor as footsteps can be heard. Sami and Amira walk in. Sami wants to know if Sayid is ready to tell the truth. Sayid says that he did not touch her. Sami hits him. Sayid says that he can't admit to something he didn't do. Sami says that Amira admitted to something she didn't do when Sayid poured boiling oil on her arms. Sayid against says that he didn't do it. Sami hits him again. Sayid wants to know if it will make him feel better for Sayid to admit to something that he didn't do. Sami moves to get the pipe, but Amira stops him.

Sayid and Kate move down the basement.

Locke walks around the computer room as Mikhail lays on the floor.

Sayid notices explosives and says that the whole place is wired.

Locke sits down at the computer.

Sayid busts open a door. He finds a shelf full of Dharma documentation.

Kate walks along.

Locke plays chess and wins the game. Suddenly, the screen flickers and Dr. Candle comes up. He says that Manual Override has been achieved. He gives menu options. Locke tries the satellite dish, and then he tries the sonar array, both to no avail. When he's about to press 7-7 for hostiles incursion, Mikhail puts a knife to his throat.

Kate looks around and is jumped. There is a struggle which Sayid brings to an end. It turns out the second person is Mrs. Klough. Kate recognizes her and starts punching her. She says that she was there and knows where they took Jack. Mrs. Klough won't talk.

Sayid calls out to Locke that they are coming up.

Back in the house, Sayid and Kate can't find Locke. Sayid calls him and Locke says he's outside.

Mikhail has a pistol on Locke. He wants to trade for Mrs. Klough. She starts talking to him in Russian. Locke and Sayid try to talk too. Mikhail says no in Russian a few times, but Mrs. Klough keeps talking. Suddenly, Mikhail shoots Mrs. Klough. They jump him and Sayid puts the rifle to his throat. He tells Sayid to "finish it." Sayid thinks about it, but then steps back.

Act 5:
Sawyer tries to fix his glasses. Hurley walks up and apologizes for beating him so badly. Sawyer says that he was hustled. Hurley says that his mother had a table in the basement and also practiced at "this place." Hurley throws down some Playboys, because he knows that Sawyer needs stuff. He then says that Kate will be okay.

Kate asks Locke if he is almost ready.

Locke looks at the computer which still prompts to push 7-7.

Sayid escorts Mikhail outside. He calls for Danielle. Sayid wants to know if anything was true. Mikhail admits that he was not in the Dharma Initiative, but everything else was true. He moved into the Flame Station after the purge. Danielle walks up and wants to know about Kate and Locke. Sayid says he has the ability to get to the home base. Mikhail says that there is nothing that they can do to make him go there. Sayid says that Mikhail isn't the reason. Sayid shows a map, which shows the power and water lines that lead to a central community. Mikhail says that the first chance he gets, he'll jump Sayid. Danielle puts the gun to his throat and says Mikhail has a point.

Flashback #5:
Amira comes in, holding a cat. She sits down and tells Sayid of rescuing the cat because it was being tortured by children with firecrackers. She says that the cat responds to her lovingly, but sometimes it bites her because it forgets that it is safe. Sayid finally admits that he remembers her. He says that her face haunts him and apologizes. He forgives him and says that she'll tell her husband that she was mistaken. Sayid wants to know why she would do such a thing. She says that everyone is capable doing terrible things like the children did.

Danielle thinks that they should kill Mikhail. Sayid says that Mikhail is his prisoner and he'll decide his fate. Locke walks up. Locke says that he just realized why Mikhail didn't want him to beat the game. Sayid wants to know what that is. Just then, the Flame Station explodes. Sayid is upset. He says that was their one chance of communication with the outside world. Locke says that the computer said that if there was an incursion by the hostile to press 7-7, so he pressed it. Sayid is ticked and says that they need to move out because the explosion would draw the attention of anyone nearby. The others move out. Sayid looks over at the cat, which looks like the same cat that Amira had.

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