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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Episode Number: 310
Flashbacks: Hurley
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Eric Laneuville
Original US Air Date: 2/28/07 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
No previous scenes were shown.

Flashback #1:
A Young Hurley hauls out the toolbox and puts it next to an old car. Hurley's dad walks out with a bag. His dad asks if it's starting yet and Hurley says that he thought they needed a new carburetor. Hurley's dad wants him to try anyway.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Hurley and his dad climb in and Hurley tries to start it. Hurley is disappointed. His father tells him that there's nothing wrong with having hope.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Hurley and his dad walk to the front of the car. Hurley wants to know what they're going to fix today and his dad says that it'll have to wait because he's got to go to Vegas. Hurley asks about the road trip and his dad says that'll have to wait too. He'll be back. He gives Hurley a candy bar. Hurley says that he's not supposed to, but his dad tells him to "live a little." Hurley watches his dad climb on his motorcycle and ride off. Hurley's mother peeks out of the window.

Hurley talks about what happened with the Others and Jack, Kate and Sawyer at the end of Season 2. He says that he's almost always scared, except when he's with "you." Hurley turns out to be talking to Libby's grave.

Charlie shaves. Hurley walks up and wants to know what is wrong. Charlie tells him about what Desmond said about seeing visions where he always dies. Hurley says that it might be his fault because he's cursed. Just then, Vincent comes out of the jungle with an arm from a skeleton. Hurley starts to go after him. Charlie isn't interested, so Hurley tells him that if he's not back in a few hours, to get help.

Hurley chases Vincent.

Vincent comes back to Hurley, drops the arm and runs off again.

Hurley follows Vincent's barking to an overturned vehicle covered in jungle foliage.

Act 1:
Flashback #2:
A reporter named Tricia Tanaka stands in front of Mr. Cluck's and is taping a story on Hurley. She talks about how Hurley used to work there, but won the lottery and chose to buy it. She tries to interview Hurley, but he doesn't say much. Tricia points out that he's now his former manager, Randy's, boss. Hurley starts talking about his bad luck, which included Johnny running off with Starla. Tricia gets frustrated and cuts the interview. She tells him that it's supposed to be a "puff piece." She asks to go inside.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Hurley asks Randy if it's really okay. Randy assures him, but then a meteor falls out of the sky and hits the restaurant.

Hurley walks around the car.

At the beach camp, Paulo, Nikki, Claire, Jin and Sun go through the food.

Sun asks Jin for some cereal. Jin doesn't understand. Sun says that she will only talk to him in English so that he learns.

Just then, Hurley runs into camp. He announces that he found a car. He wants everyone to help him because it would be fun, but everyone blows him off except Jin. Hurley tells him thanks, laughs and realizes that Jin doesn't even know what he volunteered for.

Sawyer asks Kate if they are almost there. Kate says that it should be five more minutes. Just then, Sawyer steps on a dart. Kate pulls it out and then says that he can just say sorry and they can start over. Sawyer makes a pop culture reference to Little House on the Prairie and Kate realizes that they have gotten off the subject. She calls him James. Sawyer says that he doesn't have anything to be sorry about. She makes a comment, reverting back to calling him Sawyer and walks off. Sawyer follows.

Kate and Sawyer walk into the beach camp and happily greeted by most everyone.

Desmond notices.

Charlie watches as well.

Kate looks over at Sawyer, who is still being greeted by other survivors.

Act 2:
Flashback #3:
Hurley, still covered in dust from the meteor, walks into his mansion. His mother asks him what happened. He tells her that a meteor hit Mr. Cluck's and killed Tricia Tanaka and her "camera dude." He says that it's the lottery money and that he's cursed. He wants to go to Australia . His mother slaps him because she doesn't believe he's cursed. She can prove it to him. Hurley's father walks in and is back after seventeen years.

Hurley and Jin look in the van where they spot the body of Roger.

They walk around to another part of the van and open it. Hurley realizes that Roger was on a beer run.

Jin suggests that they take Roger out and then turn the van right-side up.

They try to take Roger out, but his skull falls down. Hurley says that they'll get it later.

Charlie walks up to Desmond and wants to know when it's going to happen. Desmond says that he was drunk and apologizes for what he said. Just then, Sawyer walks up demanding his stuff. Desmond apologizes for the scotch. Charlie says that there were three of them. Sawyer wants to know who else.

Hurley and Jin work on figuring out how to flip the car when Sawyer turns up. Hurley is happy to see Sawyer and hugs him. Jin also greets Sawyer with a little English. He asks about Kate and Jack. Sawyer says that Kate came back with him, but they still have Jack. Hurley tells him that everything will be okay, because things are getting better. He says that Sawyer's going to help with the van. Sawyer only cares about his stuff. Hurley points out that there is beer.

Kate walks into camp with Sayid and Locke. Sayid asks why Jack said not to come back. Kate answers that Jack sacrificed himself and if they went back, it would have been for nothing. Sayid then says that Hurley told them that the Others released Michael. Kate says that they gave Michael a boat and he took Walt and never looked back. Sayid wants to know if she saw any other boats and Kate says that she didn't, but figures that they didn't give away their only boat. Locke wonders if the Others can leave the Island , but Kate isn't sure. Sayid asks if the Others live in that zoo. Kate says that Karl told them that the Others live on "this" Island . She adds that Karl could have taken them to where they live, but Sawyer let him go and adds that Sayid'll have to ask Sawyer why he let Karl go. While they have been talking, Kate has been packing a backpack. When she starts to leave, Sayid wants to know where she's going. She answers that she doesn't care what Jack said. She's going to go back for him, because she owes him. She says that she's going to get help and leaves. Locke calls after her and asks, "Help from who?" Kate doesn't reply.

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
Hurley, his mother and father sit down to eat. His mother tells his father about the Jesus that is the centerpiece. Their fast-food looking meal is presented to them. His mother says that the Trons cooked it and hired them as their butlers. Hurley is not happy that she is acting like his father is back after seventeen years and she's acting like nothing happened. Hurley's father says he came back because she called him. She tells her that she was worried about him with the curses and numbers. Hurley then tosses some money out and says that the Trons are fired and that's their severance pay. He wants to get rid of it all because of the curse including his father. His mother covers the ears of the Jesus and says that it's been seventeen years and she has needs. Hurley did not want to hear that. She then suggests showing his father what he has in the garage.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Standing in the garage, Hurley, his mother and father look at the same red car that was in the childhood flashback. Hurley's father is happy that he saved the car, but Hurley doesn't look happy at all.

Hurley, Sawyer and Jin push the van upright.

Sawyer finds plans for a road, the beer and Roger's head in the van.

Hurley tries to start the van, but nothing happens.

Jin takes a look at the engine as Sawyer pops open a beer and takes a drink. He says it's flat, but keeps drinking. Hurley tells him that it might be poison now. Sawyer says that "skeletor" likes it.

Roger has been set up leaned up against the van with a bear in his one hand. Hurley is upset how casually Sawyer is talking about Roger, who had family and friends. Sawyer points out that he was a "workman," basically a Dharma janitor.

Jin tells Hurley, "no fix." Hurley gets upset and basically says that there is always hope. Sawyer mutters that there is no hope on the Island.

Act 4:
Flashback #5:
Hurley's father wakes Hurley up. Hurley has headphones on, because of the noise. Hurley's father says that his mother is very passionate. Hurley's father wants to break the curse.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Hurley and his father visit a tarot reader. She says that he's just come into some money. She says he's had some bad luck, the numbers and a curse. She goes and gets a pot and tells him to take his clothes to break the curse. Hurley offers first $1,000 and then $10,000 to admit that his dad put her up to it. The second offer does it. She cops to it. Hurley's dad says that he was just trying to help.

Sawyer and Jin drink the beer. Sawyer is telling Jin some English words. Hurley is trying to figure out what to do. He looks into the jungle and smiles.

Down on the beach, Hurley finds Charlie staring out into the sea. Hurley wants Charlie to help him. He snaps Charlie out of his gaze by slapping.

Jin and Sawyer sit beside the van. The skeleton can be seen sitting by the rear wheel. Jin is repeating English phrases to Sawyer ("I'm sorry"; "You were right"; "Those pants don't make you look fat"). Sawyer, who is drinking beer, declares that those are the only three things that women need to hear. Charlie and Hurley walk up. Hurley tells him to get up. Sawyer wants to know why. Hurley calls him a "redneck man." Sawyer wants to know why Charlie is there. Hurley says it's because they need another man to push. "Push what?"

Charlie, Jin and Sawyer push the van while Hurley steers.

The van stands at the edge of a drop. Sawyer points out that "this ought to be good."

Act 5:
Flashback #6:
Hurley packs. Hurley's father walks up. He asks if Hurley is going to Australia because of the numbers. Hurley wants his father to leave. His father admits that he's there for the money. Hurley says that he's not getting any. His father says that he's not there for that. He says that Hurley should give away all the money. After that they can work on the car just the two of them and go to the Grand Canyon . He tells Hurley that he just needs a little hope and that he makes his own luck. Hurley says that he'll call from Sydney . His father says that he'll be there when Hurley gets back.

Sawyer points out how dangerous going down the hill will be. Hurley says that he's going to jumpstart the car. Sawyer wants to know why Charlie is there. Charlie says that he's there to ride shotgun.

Sawyer and Jin push them down the hill.

They roar down the hill and they get close to to colliding with some rocks and Charlie says that it's time. Hurley closes his eyes and says that there is no curse. He tries to start the van and it starts. Three Dog Night starts playing on the 8-track stereo. He drives around and picks up Sawyer and Jin. They drive around the field.

Jin, Charlie and Sawyer walk into camp. Sawyer carries some of the beer.

Jin brings Sun a flower.

Sawyer looks around [for Kate].

Hurley still sits in the van and then starts driving again.

Sawyer sits with his beer alone. He looks around.

Jin and Sun walk off hand in hand.

Charlie tells Claire about what happened.

Sawyer just drinks alone.

Kate walks in the jungle. She hears something and hides.

Locke and Sayid walk out of the dark. They want to know why Kate didn't ask for their help. She says that they aren't motivated or know where to look and probably don't want to take a long trek. Locke says that she's wrong about knowing where to look because they have a compass bearing. Sayid tells her that they know this because of how the sun light hit Eko's stick. They then want to know why she's there. They are interrupted by gunfire. Kate says that it's okay. She says that they want to talk.

Danielle walks out. Kate says that she needs her knowledge of the Island . Danielle wants to know why Kate thinks she'll help. Kate says that she likely wouldn't have escaped except for the help of a sixteen year old girl named Alex. She tells Danielle that she thinks Alex is her daughter.

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