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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Stranger in a Strange Land
Episode Number: 309
Flashbacks: Jack
Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim
Directed by: Paris Barclay
Original US Air Date: 2/21/07 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Jack and Ben talk about Ben wanting Jack to want to operate on him..

Jack wants Tom to help him save Ben's life.

Sawyer and Kate run as Juliet tells Jack to operate on Ben because she's going to help Kate and Sawyer escape.

Juliet shoots Pickett.

Sawyer sings and paddles. Kate tells him to stop and that they have to go back because they can't leave Jack behind. Sawyer says that they have to to because he asked them to leave and then asks her what she thinks "Captain Bunnykiller" will do. Karl chimes and says "kill you" and then adds that "God loves you as he loved Jacob." Sawyer says sorry and keeps paddling.

Tom walks into Jack's cell. He says that it's time to move. Jack wants to know why and Tom won't answer. Jack goes off that he just saved Ben so he deserved to be told that he's being killed and not calling it "moving." Tom is surprised and wonders what kind of people Jack thinks they are. Jack says the kind of people who kidnapped a pregnant Claire, hung Charlie and took women and children. Tom walks over to the glass and says that it's time for Jack to stop living in his glass house. Jack then allows two Others to come in and cuff him.

Jack is led out into the hallway and Juliet is led by him in cuffs herself.

Juliet enters the cell as Jack looks back at her.

Jack walks past Isabel.

Act 1:
Flashback #1:
Jack walks out of a bungalow on the beach. A Thai boy calls him "Dr. Jack" and asks him if he wants a soda. Jack pays him and the boy starts speaking in Thai. Jack tells him thank you.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Jack tries to put a kite together. A Thai woman notices and comes to help him. They get the kite together and start flying it. Jack tells her thank you and she introduces herself as Achara.

Tom brings Jack a sandwich in the outdoor cage. Jack wants to know who the woman is. Tom calls her the sheriff. Jack wants to know why Juliet is in his cell. Tom says that she's in trouble. Tom then brings up that Kate and Sawyer took off and didn't look back. Jack clues Tom in to the fact that he knows about the surveillance camera.

Kate and Sawyer argue about what to do. Sawyer wants to head straight for land, but Kate wants to keep sailing around until they reach camp. Sawyer points out that they have no essentials.

Kate and Sawyer make camp. They continue to argue. Karl chimes in and says that they shouldn't argue because they are lucky to be alive. Sawyer and Kate ask him about their taking the kids. He says that they take him to give them a better life than the one the beach survivors have. Karl also says that they don't live on the second Island . He then talks about lying in his backyard with Alex and looking at the stars. He names of constellations and Sawyer has something sarcastic to say about it being "quaint."

Jack hits the button in the cage a couple of times. Juliet walks up. A couple Others can be seen guarding in the distance. She says that she was let out to look at Ben. She shows Jack a picture of Ben's stitches. Jack confirms that they are infected. Juliet asks for his help. He says no. She says that she's asking as a personal favor. Jack isn't interested and wants to know what is going on. Juliet says that she is in trouble because she just killed someone. He wants to know who and she only answers, "it's complicated." After she realizes that Jack won't help, she walks off.

Act 2:
Flashback #2:
Jack is served a Thai dish. He tries it and Achara and the server are impressed. Achara says that her brother likes him. She then asks why he didn't know how to fly a kite. He says that he never learned. He starts to talk aobut his father and she gets him off the subject. She figures that he's in Phuket to find himself because he's American. She's interrupted by a man who talks to her in Thai and gives her an envelope. She tells him that she has a gift.

Isabel walks up and reads Jack's tattoos. She asks if he knows what they say. He says that he does. She wants to make sure because it can be "lost in the translation." He says that he's sure. She then wants him to come with her because she has some questions to ask him.

Isabel leads him back inside. They encounter Alex. Isabel asks Alex to check on her father. She leads him into a room where Juliet is cuffed to a chair. Isabel immediately asks Tom if Jack said something several times about Juliet having asked him to kill Ben. Tom confirms it. Isabel then asks Jack if Juliet did indeed ask him to kill Ben. Jack says that she didn't and he only said it to sow chaos among the Others. Isabel stands up and asks Jack why he's like for Juliet. He is caught a bit off-guard and only manages to ask to go back to his cage.

Act 3:
Flashback #3:
Achara enters Jack's bungalow. She gets undressed and climbs into bed with him. She tells him that she went for a swim. She wonders if there is anything he wants to know. He says that he'd like to learn a little something about her after a month. He says that might like to know about her gift. She agrees, but they start to kiss. They fall out of bed. She asks him if he's having fun with her and he says that he is. She tells him to stop asking questions.

Jack walks up in the cage to find people milling around, looking at him. Cindy walks up and calls him by name. Jack has to think for a moment and then recognizes her. He thinks that she was taken. She says that it's not that simple. He wants to know why they are there. She says that they are there to watch. He starts yelling at her. The brother and sister that were in the tail section walk up. The girl whispers in Cindy's ear and Cindy says that the girl wants to know how Ana Lucia is doing. That sets jack off. He yells that she should go watch what she was planning to watch.

Sawyer and Kate wake up to find Karl gone. It doesn't take long before they find him. Sawyer goes to talk to him. Karl misses Alex. Sawyer tells him to go back for her. Karl says that if he goes back again, they'll kill him for sure. Sawyer says that at least she would be worth it.

Jack drinks water. Alex walks out, breaks the camera with a rock and walks over to Jack. Alex wants to know why he saved Ben even after everything Ben had done to them. Jack recognizes her as Ben's daughter. At Jack's prompting, Alex tells him that the rest of the Others are watching the verdict. She indicates that Juliet is likely to be sentenced to death because she killed Pickett. Alex also points out that she wouldn't have done it if not for Jack. Jack then tells Alex that he saved Ben because he said he would. Jack wants to know if Ben is still in charge and if Isabel would listen to him. Alex affirms both. Jack wants out of the cage.

Act 4:
Jack walks into the operating room and stops someone from giving Ben a shot. Ben looks over and sees Alex at the doorway. Jack walks around and sits by Ben after inspecting the wound. He says that he would have been impressed if they had a good surgeon. Ben says that Ethan was their surgeon. Jack then tells him that the wound needs to be tended closely. Ben catches on and wants to know what the price is. Jack wants him to stop Juliet's verdict. Ben says that Juliet doesn't care about him. Jack says he knows, but still demands it. Ben asks Alex if Isabel has a walkie. Alex says that they are already meeting. Ben then asks for something to write on.

Flashback #4:
Jack watches from the side of the street. He sees Achara walk by.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Jack follows Achara down an alley.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Jack steps into a room and finds it to be a tattoo parlor. Achara is not happy that he followed her. She says that she is not just tattoo artist, but that she sees who people really are. He wants her to tell him who he is. She says that she can't because he is an outsider. He insists. She tells him that he is a leader and a great man, but that "this" frightens him. He then insists that she "put it on" him. She doesn't want to, but he insists. She tells him that there will be consequences and he says that there always are. She begins to mark him.

Jack follows Alex. She tells him that he shouldn't be there. Alex knocks on the door. Tom opens it and Jack glimpses Juliet sitting in front facing the rest of the Others. He's surprised that Alex is there and then he gets upset when he sees Jack. He starts to go after Jack (for being out of the cage?). Isabel tells Tom to stop and then she asks Alex what is going on. Alex hands Isabel, Ben's note. Isabel says that Ben commuted Juliet's sentence and that she can't be executed, but she is to be marked.

Act 5:
Flashback #5:
Jack walks out of the bungalow. The boy sees him and this time, he runs away. Jack looks back to see several men walking toward him. One includes the man from the restaurant. They give Jack a beating then the man tells him to get off the beach and leave Thailand . They walk off. Jack sees Achara in the distance. She is crying and then turns to follow the men as Jack still lays on the beach.

Juliet brings Jack a sandwich. She says that she heard that he likes them grilled. He seems happy to see her. He then wants to know about the marking. She turns and shows him a star-shaped burn. Jack wants Juliet to get an aloe branch. She turns him down, but then he insists. She goes and gets one and Jack gently applies it. She wants to know why he helped her. Jack says that Ben promised her that she could go home and that he promised him the same thing. He says that they are going to make sure that they keep his promise. She tells him that the Others will be coming for him. They are leaving the second island because the survivors know where Jack is.

Sawyer walks up to Kate alone. She wants to know where Karl is. Sawyer says that he let him go. Kate is upset. Sawyer says that he's a target and Ben will go after him. Kate says that Ben just wants Karl from his daughter. Sawyer says that it's time to go. Kate makes a comment about Sawyer ordering her around. He counters that he can't help it if she feels guilty. She says that they had to leave Jack behind. Sawyer says that he wasn't talking about Jack, but about them. He says that he knows that she "did it" because she thought he was a dead man. He says now that the air is cleared, he wants to go.

Jack and the Others arrive at the beach. Isabel says that his tattoos say, "He walks among us, yet is not one of us." Jack says that is what the tattoos say, but not what they mean. He helps load Ben on a boat and they head for the main island.

Sawyer and Kate sit by a campfire.

Karl sits alone by his campfire. He looks up at the stars.

Elsewhere, Alex looks up the stars as well.

Jack and Juliet stand on another boat, one like the one that Michael and Walt left on. They look up into the sky and share a look.

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