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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Every Man for Himself
Episode Number: 304
Flashbacks: Sawyer
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 10/25/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Jack and Henry/Ben talk.

Colleen and Danny bid each other goodbye.

Sawyer and Danny fight.

Sun shoots Colleen on the sailboat.

Desmond sits on the beach, watching Claire and Aaron.

Desmond walks up to Claire and tells her that she has a problem with the roof. He says she should move down the beach. Claire accepts. Charlie walks up and says that he can fix it.

Jack watches a cartoon (Fantasia ?). there is a knock on the door. Jack moves to the back of the room. Juliet walks in with some food. He wants to know why he keeps watching cartoons. Juliet dodges the questions. Jack says that maybe he should talk to Benjamin. That gets her attention. She says Benjamin is not the leader. Just then, Benjamin walks in and says that he needs her. He says that the sub is back and there has been a problem.

Danny opens Sawyer's cell and Sawyer makes a crack about Danny's bandaged nose. Just then, his walkie-talkie squawks. He listens to it as he walks out of Sawyer's cell.

Mr. Friendly comes out of the woods nearby leading a stretcher with Colleen on it. The group including Danny leaves. Kate asks what happened. Sawyer says "our team" shot her. He smiles and tells Kate that that's their "ticket out of here."

Act 1:
Sawyer tries to leverage the door. Kate wants to know what he's doing. Sawyer triggers the food and water. Sawyer has a plan to stun the guard with the electrical shock from the machine and get the keys. Kate asks about Jack and Sawyer says that they don't even know if he's around.

Flashback #1:
Sawyer spars with another prisoner in the prison boxing ring. He takes the other guy down.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Sawyer and the other guy talk as they walk down the stairs. They watch a new prisoner named Munson get beat up before the guards break it up. They notice the warden watching.

Flashback #1 Con't:
In the sewing shop, Sawyer notices that Munson already has a good job. He tells him that the warden is setting up a con to get the ten million that he stole. Just then, the warden walks in and talks down to Sawyer.

Henry/Benjamin walks up to Sawyer's cell. He wants to know how much Sawyer weights (180) and age (35). Just then, Sawyer grabs him and tries to trigger the electrical shock, but nothing happens. Benjamin says that they shut it off. He then clubs Sawyer. He goes into the cage and clubs Sawyer into unconsciousness.

Sawyer comes around to hear the Others talk about Colleen. Henry/Benjamin says that Juliet is taking care of her. Sawyer is offered a stick to bite down on. A big needle is pulled out. Sawyer starts yelling.

Jack hears Sawyer's yelling on the intercom.

One of the Others directs the other to go for the sternum.

Act 2:
Paulo drives golf balls. Desmond walks up and asks to take a club. Paulo says that he can take the Five Iron, since he never uses it and won't need to go find it when Desmond dies out in the jungle. Paulo drives another ball and Desmond tells him to square his shoulders.

Sawyer sees a rabbit in a cage. Benjamin/Henry starts shaking the cage and yelling at the rabbit until the rabbit stops moving. Benjamin explains that the rabbit had a pacemaker that triggered when the rabbit got excited. Benjamin puts a pulse monitor on his wrist and explains that Sawyer has a pacemaker as well and if his pulse hits 140, it will trigger. Benjamin's last threat is that Sawyer can't say anything to Kate or she'll get one of her own.

Sawyer is led back to his cell. Kate wants to know what happened. Mr. Friendly gives Kate clean clothes. She asks Sawyer what happened. He says that nothing happened. Kate tells him to turn around. He looks at his scar on his chest and looks over to notice Kate's bare back. His pulse monitor starts beeping because it's up to 125. She wants to know what it is. He lies and tells her that it's his watch. She tells her to stop asking him questions and to put some clothes on. He dumps the bucket of water on his head and the beeping slows.

Act 3:
Flashback #2:
Sawyer watches Munson talk to his wife in the visitor's room. Cassidy visits him and calls him Sawyer. He wants her to call him James since she knew his name to press charges. He wants to know what she wants. She takes out a picture of baby girl. Cassidy tells him that she's his daughter. He denies it and refuses to soften.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Sawyer walks out of the room.

Kate has an idea to squeeze through the bars. Sawyer tells her to just chill out.

Jack hears the Others talking on the intercom. Juliet walks in and he sees blood on her clothes. He wants to know what happened to Sawyer. Juliet says that it's not his blood, but someone who is dying. She asks for his help.

The alarm goes off in Kate and Sawyer's compound. Jack is led through with his head covered in a bag. Kate and Sawyer try to yell at him.

Benjamin walks in and wants to know what Jack is doing there. She says that she needs him. Danny wants to know what Jack is doing there. Jack and Juliet go into the operating room. He says the bullet is behind her liver. He starts to work on her and she flat lines. Juliet says that they don't have a crash cart. Jack calls time of death. Juliet, Mr. Friendly and Benjamin looks to be in shock. Danny Pickett looks upset. He leaves.

Pickett pulls Sawyer out of his cell. He throws him against Kate's cell and starts beating on him. He asks Kate if she loves Sawyer. She begs him to stop. He keeps beating on Sawyer until Kate puts her arms through the cage and around Sawyer and then says that she does love him.

Act 4:
Flashback #3:
Sawyer reads Of Mice and Men . Munson walks in and says that he needs to talk to him.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Munson and Sawyer talk. He says that Sawyer was right. He then asks what Sawyer's girl wanted. Sawyer says she wanted something he didn't have. Munson then asks Sawyer to move the money before his woman's P.I. finds it and the warden ends up with.

Kate asks Sawyer if he is okay. He says he is. Kate starts to climb out of the cage. Sawyer pleads with her to stop. She gets out and moves to his cell. She knows that he's lying about something. She tries to get the lock off and he asks her to just go. She wants him to tell her the truth. He says that if she loves him, she'll just leave. She says that she only said it to make Pickett stop. He wants her to leave. Instead she climbs back into her cell. She says "Live Together, Die Alone."

Benjamin and Mr. Friendly watch Kate and Sawyer's cells. Mr. Friendly wants to know if he wants him to bring Jack back. Benjamin tells him that he wants Jack to sit with Colleen's body longer.

In the operating room, Juliet walks in. She apologizes for the handcuffs. She tells him that she's a fertility doctor. Jack tells her that Colleen was as good as dead. Juliet wants to know if he's just saying that to make her feel better. He says that he doesn't feel the need to make her feel better. Juliet walks over to take the handcuffs off and take him back. Jack asks her about the X-Rays outside. He knows that the X-Rays show a tumor on the spinal cord of a 40-ish year old man and he happens to be a spinal surgeon. He wants to know who he's been brought to see.

Act 5:
Desmond finishes his lightning rod.

Nearby, Hurley prepares some food and Desmond walks over. Hurley wants to know what it is and Desmond says that it's just an experiment. Hurley starts to leave and Desmond tells him he might want to wait. A sudden storm comes up. Aaron wakes up. Lightning strikes the lightning rod and Charlie realizes that it could have hit Claire's shelter.

Flashback #4:
Sawyer is woken up.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Sawyer is walked out of his cell.

Flashback #4 Con't:
The warden talks to Sawyer. Sawyer is reintroduced to the Treasury Agent. He gives them the location of the ten million dollars. The treasury agent says that the rest of his sentence has been commuted. Sawyer asks that his commission be placed in a bank in Albuquerque in the name of Clementine Phillips (Cassidy's daughter). The warden asks Sawyer who it is.

Benjamin and Others walk Sawyer up a hill. Sawyer's heart rate monitor starts beeping. Benjamin admits that there was no pacemaker. He even shows Sawyer a rabbit. Benjamin says that he just needed to plant doubt. Sawyer punches Benjamin. They make it up the final part of the hill and Sawyer finds himself looking across to another Island. Benjamin explains that they are on a small island and his Island is across the water. Benjamin says that the only way to get a con man's respect is to con him, but then he points out that he only got Sawyer's attention when Benjamin threatened Kate. He knows that Sawyer loves her and needs her. He then quotes from Of Mice and Men, which catches Sawyer off-guard.

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