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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: The Cost of Living
Episode Number: 305
Flashbacks: Eko
Written by: Alison Schapker & Monica Owusu-Breen
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 11/1/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Sun shoots Colleen

Jack sees the x-rays on his way to Colleen.

Colleen dies.

Sayid and Charlie find the heroin

Eko orders Charlie to take him to the plan.

Eko finds the plane and his brother's body.

Flashback #1 :
Eko and Yemi break into the church storeroom. He gives Yemi some food. A nun catches them.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Eko and Yemi sit in church. The nun orders Eko to confess his sin of stealing. Eko says that Yemi was hungry. He again orders him to go. He starts toward the confessional before stopping and looking back at Yemi.

Hurley tells Sayid that Eko has been like that for two days. Sayid asks Charlie what happened. Hurley says that Locke will want to know that they are back.

Eko's Vision #1:
Eko greests his brother in his church back in Nigeria .

Eko's Vision #1 Con't:
Inside the church, Eko tells Yemi that he has something to smuggle out of the country.

Eko's Vision #1 Con't:
Yemi tells him that pretending to be a priest does not make him a priest.
Eko's Vision #1 Con't:
Nigerian soldiers attack as Eko and his cohorts load the plane.

Eko's Vision #1 Con't:
Eko is left on the runway as Yemi is pulled onboard and the plane takes off.

Eko's Vision #1 Con't:
A soldier asks Eko if he's okay, believing that Eko is a priest since he's dressed as one.

Eko's Vision #1 Con't:
Eko is called awake by his brother. Yemi stands over him with a lighter. He says it's time for Eko to be judged and that he will be waiting.

Sayid, Charlie and Hurley walk on the beach when they notice Eko's shelter is on fire.

The three of them drag him out. Eko mumbles about his brother Yemi.

Locke runs up and wants to know if everyone is okay. Charlie explains that they pulled Eko out. Locke asks where he is. Charlie turns around to find Eko is gone.

Act 1:
Jack does pull-ups.

Benjamin walks in and greets Jack. Benjamin says that he'd like Jack to join him for a walk. Jack makes a comment about him having no choice. Benjamin leaves some clothes and starts to leave. Jack asks him if it hurts, if his neck hurts and if he feels numbness. Benjamin wonders what Jack is talking about. Jack says that Benjamin has a tumor. Benjamin again says that he doesn't know what Jack is talking about. Jack says that he's ready.

Benjamin walks Jack to the beach where they are having a service for Colleen at dusk. Benjamin walks closer, while Jack remains further up the beach. Juliet greets him and then moves up to the crowd. The Others carry Colleen's raft to the water and let her go as "I Wonder" plays on the loudspeaker.

Benjamin asks Juliet why she showed Jack his x-rays. Juliet says that she didn't tell Jack that they were his, but she guesses that Ben did. She then looks back at Jack.

The next day, Locke explains to Sayid, Charlie, Hurley and Desmond that he has an idea on how to find Jack. Hurley reports that he can't find Eko. He tells Sayid to get his gear and that they are going to the computer.

Eko staggers in the jungle and then collapses.

Flashback #2:
The soldiers drive Eko up to Yemi's church. They tell him that he's home. He slowly climbs down.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Eko walks into the church. He looks at the cross. He finds Yemi's Bible and finds a picture of himself and Yemi when they were children. He is interrupted by a woman and her son, who is an alterboy. She asks about Yemi. Eko says that he was suddenly called away south to a refugee camp. He says that he'll take Yemi's place. She asks if he's still going to London . Eko says that he's taking Yemi's place there too.

Eko wakes up.

Eko's Vision #2:
A man throws a machete at him. Eko grabs the machete and turns.

Eko Vision #2 Con't:
Eko sees the man covered in blood and two other men, one has a bloody stump instead of a hand. A third man is on his knees and pleads for his life. Eko starts to swing the machete down

Eko's Vision #2 Con't:
The kneeling man turns into the alter boy. He whispers "shhh."

Eko finds himself alone in the clearing.

Act 2:
Locke tells the survivors that he's going to the Pearl Station because there's a computer there that might help them find Jack, Sawyer and Kate. Hurley is surprised since Jack always went off alone. Locke says that he's not Jack. Nikki says that she wants to go. Locke tells her to meet them at the treeline. Paulo wonders what she is thinking. She says that he always wants to know what is going on and now they can find out.

Desmond asks Locke if they are going to the computer or to find Eko. Locke says two birds and one stone because Eko was looking for the plane that was on top of Pearl Station.

Eko finds water.

Flashback #3:
Eko washes his hands. The alter boy says that that is Holy Water. Eko says he is washing away his sins. Suddenly, he hears gunfire.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Eko goes out to find a group of thugs driving up to the church. One hops out of his truck and asks where "it" is. Eko doesn't know. A woman steps up and explains that the shipment is late. Eko is still lost. She explains that they are expecting vaccines on Friday. The thug explains that they will take it. Eko tells him that he's not afraid of them. The thug pulls out his gun and shoots another woman. He tells Eko that he'll honor the "agreement" because he won't want more deaths on his conscious.

Eko struggles to re-bandage his wound. He then drinks some water. He notices something in the reflection of the water.

Eko turns around to find the smoke monster, which then disappears into the woods.

Across the stream, Locke walks out. Sayid, Desmond, Paulo and Nikki then walk out. Locke calls to Eko.

Act 3:
The door to Jack's cell opens. Juliet walks in with Jack's meal. It's a cheeseburger. She says that she had to kill a cow, process the meat, bake the bun and render animal fat for the fries. They seem to be having a moment when Benjamin walks in. He says he wants to talk to Jack. Juliet says go ahead. Benjamin wants to speak to him alone. Juliet leaves. Benjamin says that he had a plan to break Jack, which included the fact that Juliet looks like Sarah. However, since Jack saw Benjamin's x-rays, that plan is shot. Jack realizes that he was brought there to operate on Benjamin. Benjamin asks him to consider it. Ben asks if Jack believes in God. Jack asks him the same. Ben says that two days after he found out about the tumor, a spinal surgeon (Jack) fell out of the sky.

Locke helps Eko. He asks Eko if he's looking for Yemi. Eko turns on Locke.

Flashback #4:
Eko is reminded by the woman that they owe the vaccine.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Eko makes arrangements to sell the vaccine. He has to made the deal by Sunday because he's leaving.

Eko and the others find the plane. Locke helps Eko move the rock away from the plane opening.

Eko goes in and finds that his brother's body is gone.

He steps out and tells Locke.

Act 4:
Locke points out that they set the plane on fire and it have been animals. Just then, Eko pulls the childhood picture of he and his brother. Locke asks if he will come down with them. Eko says that he will stay. Locke then gives his brother's cross back that he found while looking for Eko.

Flashback #5:
The thug comes into the church. He tells Eko that he knows that Eko is trying to sell the vaccine. He has decided to cut off Eko's hands. Eko fights back, killing the thug and his henchmen. The thug begs for his life, but Eko strikes him anyway.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Eko walks out side, bloody. The woman and her son see him. Eko drops the machete.

In the Pearl Station, Sayid tells Locke that the wiring is one way. Nikki asks about the other TVs. She points out that Dr. Candle says that there are six stations. Sayid starts to look around. A toilet can be heard flushing as Paulo walks out. He points out that it still works. They get the TVs to come on. They see some more computers and then a man with an eye patch is seen. He disables the camera. Locke says that he'll be expecting them.

Juliet walks in and insists on putting on a movie. She starts to talk and says that Ben is a great man. Meanwhile, the film has Juliet holding cue cards in which she explains that Ben is dangerous and Jack should kill him during the surgery and make it look like an accident. Meanwhile, Juliet says that the surgery is very important and that he should do it. She says that he can trust her.

Act 5:
Flashback #6:
The alter boy asks Eko where he's going. Eko says London . The boy asks if Eko is a bad man. He says that only God knows.

Flashback #6 Con't:
The woman tells Eko that she knew what Eko was planning to do with the vaccine. The villagers begin to board up the church. Eko wants to know why they are doing that. She says that the church is no longer sacred. She tells Eko to go to London and start to repent. She says that he already owes God a church.

Eko sits on a tree. Eko spots his brother. He follows him.

Eko finds Yemi in a garden place. He says that he is ready for confession. He holds out the cross. He says that he has nothing to confess because he has not sinned. He has only done what he needed to survive. He says that a young boy asks if he was a bad man. He says that when he was a young man, he killed a man in order to save a life. He gets down on his knees. He says that he did not ask for the life that he had. Yemi tells him that Eko speaks to him as if he is his brother. He turns to leave. Eko wants to know who he is.

Eko runs into a clearing. He hears the smoke monster. He starts quoting the 23 rd Psalm and backs away. The monster attacks him.

In the Pearl Station, Locke and the others hear the monster and run out.

Eko is thrown into some trees and finally slammed into the ground.

Locke and the others run into the clearing to find a severely wounded Eko. Eko whispers in Locke's ear.

Eko's Vision #3:
A childhood Eko and Yemi walk away into the sunset arm in arm and smiling.

Locke closes Eko's eyes. Sayid asks what Eko said. Locke says that he said, "we're next."

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