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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Par Avion
Episode Number: 312
Flashbacks: Claire
Written by: Christina M. Kim & Jordan Rosenberg
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Original US Air Date: 3/14/07 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Kate sets out to go after Jack.

Sayid finds the Flame station.

Mikhail attacks.

Sayid shows off the map that he found in the Flame station.

Desmond says that he's trying to save Charlie, but eventually Charlie is going to die.

Flashback #1:
Claire wakes up in a car after an accident. She was driving. She climbs out and checks on the woman on the ground in front of the car. It's her mother. Claire tries to wake her.

Claire wakes up to find a dish of fruit set out for her. Charlie is waiting for her to wake up. Claire wonders why he's so upbeat suddenly. He has decided to "seize the day." He then suggests that they get Sun and Jin to watch Aaron while the two of them go for a stroll.

Sayid goes over the map. Locke is skeptical of the map, but Sayid figures it's better than the magic stick. Locke didn't like that comment much. Sayid says that Locke accidentally blew up the station. Locke says that Sayid should have told him about the explosives rigged in the station. Kate looks at Mikhail and figures that they just ask him if they are going the right way. Mikhail says that they are. Locke wants to know why they are keeping Mikhail alive. Sayid asks if they want him to shoot him "like a dog." Locke says that he likes dogs. Danielle agrees and doesn't think that the Others will trade for Mikhail.

Charlie leads Claire to where he has set up a picnic. Just as they are about to settle in, Desmond walks up. He strongly encourages Charlie to join him on a boar hunt. Charlie tries to take a pass, but Desmond continues. Meanwhile, Claire notices a bird flying out to sea. She tells them that she thinks she has an idea to get them off the island.

Act 1:
Claire runs up to Jin and Sun. She wants Jin's nets, some buckets and fish because she wants to catch some birds. Sawyer overhears and is sarcastic. No one follows what she's got in mind. Claire says that the birds are flying south and are tagged. She wants to catch the birds and attach a note. She asks Charlie to get a knife to cut the net, but he doesn't seem interested. He doesn't think the idea will work and leaves. Desmond watches from further down the beach.

Flashback #2:
A doctor finishes the stitches on Claire's head. The doctor leaves. A police officer begins to question her. She says that the truck forced her off the road. He wants to know if anyone has contacted her father and she says that he died when she was two. She doesn't like his questions, but he says that it's standard when there's a fatality. She says that her mother is in surgery. He cuts off the questions then and leaves.

As they get water, Kate asks Danielle why she hasn't asked about her daughter. Danielle says that she hasn't seen her in sixteen years and isn't sure she wants to know the answers.

Kate asks Mikhail how he came to the Island . He says that he was recruited when he was twenty-four and brought to the Island on a submarine. However, two weeks ago (the purple sky) their underwater beacon stopped working. Kate wants to know why they would want to come back. Mikhail says that she isn't capable of understanding. He says that their leader, who brought them all here is brilliant. Kate assumes that it's Ben, but he says that their leader is not been. He then says that they weren't on the list because they are flawed (Kate), angry (Locke), weak (Danielle) and scared (Sayid). Sayid tells him not to talk to them like he knows them. Mikhail refers to Sayid by his full name and Kate by hers. He also calls Locke by his full name and starts to say that he knew him as being para-[lyzed], but he's cut off by Danielle spotting something. Mikhail and Locke share a long look.

They all go to see what Danielle saw. It's a clearing with a line of pylons. Locke figures that they are "here."

Act 2:
Claire and Jin fix a trap. Claire walks over to Sun who is preparing the bait. Sun says that she never would have imagined that she would be fixing bait and married to the son of a fisherman. Claire says that her mother was a librarian. Sun asks "was?" Claire doesn't answer, but says that they need to bring the bait.

Flashback #3:
Claire walks into her mother's room. Another woman wants to know where she was. Claire says that she went home to take a shower. The woman isn't happy that she went home. Claire says that her mother was in surgery. The doctor walks in. He's a neurosurgeon. He says that Claire's mother has sustained a severe head trauma and that the machines are keeping her breathing. She may never wake up. The woman says that they can't afford to keep her on the machines. The doctor says that it's been taken care of, but he has been asked to keep it confidential.

Claire, Jin and Sun are about to spring the trap on some birds when two shots are fired, which chases the birds away.

Claire starts up the beach to find Desmond. He apologizes and says that he didn't realize that they were there. Claire wants to know if Charlie's with him. Desmond says that Charlie is back at camp. Claire is surprised, but then says that she doesn't think Desmond wants her to catch the birds. She wants to know why Charlie and Desmond don't want to get off the Island . Desmond dodges the question by asking why he wouldn't want her to catch the birds.

Sayid asks what the pylons are. Mikhail tells him to look at his map and guess what it is. Sayid figures that it's a security perimeter. Locke grabs Mikhail and pushes him past the pylons. A buzzing immediately is heard. Mikhail tells him thank you and starts convulsing. He collapses and is apparently dead. Locke turns to Kate and Sayid and apologizes.

Act 3:
Sayid figures that Mikhail died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Kate wants to know why Locke did it. Locke claims that he didn't know about the fence and figured that the Others wouldn't trade him for Jack anyway. After all, he shot one of his "friends" who didn't want to be there. Kate says that they are going over the fence. She wants the axe, which is in Locke's pack. Sayid gets it out and finds some of the C-4 from the Flame station. Sayid wants to know why Locke claimed that he didn't know. Sayid figures that Locke is up to something.

Claire walks up to Charlie and wants to know what is up with him and Desmond. He says that he doesn't want her to get her hopes up for nothing.

Flashback #4:
Claire walks up the hall. One of the nurses mentions that the American is in there with her mother.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Claire walks her mother's room to find Jack's father. She wants to know if he's a doctor. He says that he is and that he's sorry. He starts to leave, but then the other woman comes in. It turns out that she is Claire's Aunt Lindsay. She wants Christian to leave. They start to argue over what Claire's mother would want and whether Claire should know. Claire realizes that Christian is paying for her mother's care. She wants to know who he is. He tells her that he's her father.

Act 4:
Locke cuts down a tree as Claire and Sayid watch.

The four (Danielle included) move the tree onto the pylon. Sayid says that they have to stay clear of the sensors. Kate offers to go first. She shimmies up the tree, over the pylon and swings over onto the ground on the other side.

Locke offers to go next.

Kate turns Mihkail's body over as Locke reaches her.

Sun and Claire talk. Sun says that Claire has a right to be upset. Claire says that she knows that the boar never come that close to the beach. They see that Desmond and Charlie are still carrying on an animated discussion. Claire asks Sun to watch Aaron and she gets up. She plans to get some answers.

Flashback #5:
Claire pierces a customer's ear. She turns to find that Christian has walked in. He asks to buy her a cup of coffee.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Claire and Christian talk. He admits that he's her father. He says that he and her mother had a fling. She wants to know why he stopped coming. He says that he did because her aunt didn't like him and her mother didn't like that he had another family. She wants to know why he came. He starts to talk about alternatives to unplugging the machines so her mother's pain can be relieved. Claire gets upset and says that he didn't come to help, but to ask her to kill her mother. She says that she doesn't know his name and that's how she wants it to stay. Christian begs her not to keep her mother alive for the wrong reasons. He then tells her that it was nice to see her again, tells her good-bye and leaves.

Claire follows Desmond along the seashore. He moves in on something and she steps out. She wants to know what he's doing. He tells her to be quiet. He's found a bird. She gently grabs it. She says that he knew it was there. He claims that he didn't. She says that he came straight to it and that was what he and Charlie were talking about it. Desmond points to a spot along the rocks and tells her that Charlie died there because he fell and was pounded by the rocks over and over.

Act 5:
Claire walks into her mother's room. She turns the television on and it's a nature show about birds. She tells her mother about her being pregnant and that she's giving her baby away. She can't figure out how her mother managed to raise her alone. She then starts to cry and tells her mother that she's sorry. She's sorry for saying that she hated her and that the accident was all her fault. She says that she'll see her soon.

Charlie reads the message that he and Claire have written about their being the survivors of Flight 815.

Sawyer stops reading, takes off his glasses and looks out to sea.

Desmond sits in his shelter.

Sun holds Aaron as Jin watches.

Charlie finishes reading the note. Claire says that it'll be okay and that they will get through it together. They tie the note to the bird and Claire lets it go. It flies up and joins a flock of birds.

Kate looks up and sees birds fly overhead. She looks at Sayid and he says that they are "here."

Locke, Kate and Sayid look out at "Otherstown." Suddenly, they see Jack running toward them.

Kate starts to call out to him, but Sayid stops her.

Kate, Sayid and Locke watch as Jack stops, turns and catches a football. He's playing a game of catch with Tom.

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