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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Not In Portland
Episode Number: 307
Flashbacks: Juliet
Written by: Carlton Cuse & Jeff Pinkner
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 2/7/07 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Jack talks about the surgery.

Kate begs Jack to do the surgery because they threatened to kill Sawyer.

Jack sees Kate and Jack sleeping together and agrees to do the surgery.

Ben goes under.

Pickett pulls a gun on Sawyer.

Jack says that he made a cut in Ben's kidney sack and gives his demands.

Flashback #1:
Juliet sits on the beach, watching the ocean in the darkness.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Juliet walks down a hallway. Ethan passes her and he says hello.

Flsahback #1 Con't:
Juliet prepares a injection. A woman wakes up. Juliet doesn't seem to want to do it, but the woman wants her to do it. There is concern about a "him" finding out about the treatments that Juliet is administering. She gives the woman the injection and we learn that the woman is Juliet's sister, who is living alone on the beach in Miami .

Jack is on the walkie-talkie with Kate. He wants her to run.

Sawyer and Pickett fight.

Tom wants Juliet to stitch him up, but Jack says that she's not a doctor and can't do it. She agrees with Jack.

Sawyer starts slamming Pickett's head into the mechanism in the cage until he triggers the electrical shock. He then locks Pickett in the cage and they run off.

Tom asks Juliet what to do. Juliet tells him to get Danny and a couple of others and go get Kate and Sawyer back. Jack tells her that if she does that, then he'll let Ben die. Juliet says that he won't. She then adds that they should kill Sawyer and Kate, if they have to.

Act 1:
Flashback #2:
Juliet enters a medical research facility.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Juliet walks down a hallway when her phone rings. She confirms an appointment with another woman.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Juliet is helping herself to some medication in a facility. She is interrupted by a man and woman entering the room. She hides. He starts pawing at the woman when Juliet's cell phone rings. He finds her and she says that she was doing some research. He introduces her to the other woman as his ex-wife and says that Juliet is leaving. He then tells her to turn off the lights as she goes.

Juliet says that Jack hasn't planned it all out. Jack turns the tables and says that she wanted Ben dead. The two of them start shouting over one another until Tom gets them both to be quiet. Tom orders Juliet out of the operating room. She says that Jack will never let a patient die.

Pickett gets let out by the Others.

Kate and Jack run out to the beach to find that they can look across to the other Island . She decides that they need a boat. Sawyer sarcasticallysuggests that they just dial for help. Kate takes out the walkie-talkie and asks Jack for a boat. Theyare interrupted by gunfire and the walkie-talkie is damaged. Kate and Sawyer run back into the jungle as Pickett and the other two Others chase after them.

Sawyer and Kate take cover, but one of the Others has the drop on them until Alex knocks him out with a slingshot. She then leads them to a hiding place as Pickett and the Others wander off.

Tom asks Jack if Juliet really wanted him to kill Ben. Jack says that she did and she'll get her wish in about forty minutes. Just then, Ben wakes up. He says "that's not helping" and wants them to get Juliet.

Act 2:
Flashback #3:
The other woman walks up to Juliet and says that Ed wants to see her. Juliet asks if she works here and the woman says that she's the new research assistant.

Flashback #3 Con't:
Edward knows that she's been taking medication. He surmises that she has been testing on her sister. He says if she cuts him in, then he can cover for her lack of medical ethics. She keeps denying it, but he's on to her. He closes by saying that she should take some time to think about it.

Juliet paces outside. Tom tells her that Ben is awake and asking for her.

Kate, Sawyer and Alex climb out of her hole. Alex says that she has a boat. Sawyer smells a rat. Alex says that if they help her get her boyfriend, then she'll let them use the boat. Sawyer realizes that Karl is her boyfriend.

Jack and Ben talk. Ben says that he should have realized what Jack would do. Juliet and Tom walk in. Ben says that he wants to talk to Juliet alone. Jack refuses. Ben insists that three minutes should be okay since he has only twenty-seven left anyway. Jack tells Juliet not to touch him.

From the observation room, jack and Tom watch Juliet talk. Tom introduces himself and tells jack that "they got history." They watch Juliet leave. Juliet tells jack that she wants him to put Ben under and finish the surgery because she's going to go help Kate and Sawyer escape.

Act 3:
Flashback #4:
Juliet is watching a presentation about a company's Portland campus. Juliet interrupts Mr. Alpert and asks why they are interested in her. He says that she impregnated a male mouse. He then shows her a slide full of pictures of a woman's womb. She realizes that something is wrong. He offers her unlimited money to find out what happened to the woman. She interrupts him and says that her ex-husband won't let her have the opportunity. She flippantly says that only if he were hit by a bus would she have the chance. She then breaks down and runs out.

Juliet enters the video surveillance room and she finds Alex, Kate and Sawyer.

Alex, Kate and Sawyer close in on a building. Alex tries to tell the guard that she found Kate and Sawyer. The guard gets Pickett on the walkie-talkie before Sawyer jumps him. Sawyer wants to know where Karl is, but the guard says nothing until Kate takes the gun and points it at his crotch.

Inside, they find Karl watching a brainwashing film with images and noise. Sawyer actually gets locked into it as well until Alex and Kate snap him out of it. Karl looks delirious or drugged. Alex is concerned if he's okay, but Sawyer callously demands the boat because they've gotten Karl.

Act 4:
Pickett walks up and brings the guard around with a couple of slaps. Juliet walks up and says that Ben wants them to let Kate and Sawyer go so Jack will finish the surgery. Pickett doesn't believe her that Ben woke up during the surgery. He says that Ben would rather die than let them go. He then takes off.

Flashback #5:
Juliet comes home after the interview. Her sister tells her that she was successful because she's pregnant. They are excited.

Flashback #6:
Juliet walks up to Edward on the sidewalk and tells him that she was successful. He starts talking about verifying the study as he steps into the street. He halts when she says that she doesn't want to publish because it was her sister. As he talks about why they should publish, he's hit by a bus.

Tom is squeamish because of all the blood. He say something about the sky turning purple and a spray of blood comes from Ben. He says that he nicked an artery and rushes stop the bleeding.

Alex, Kate, Sawyer and Karl reach the boat. They put Karl in the boat and he mumbles "Danny." They turn to see Pickett coming up the beach. Sawyer walks toward Pickett who has his pistol up. Someone calls Pickett's name. It's Juliet. She shoots Pickett before he can shoot Sawyer.

Act 5:
Ben's vitals are still unstable. Jack says he can't see and he wants Tom's help.

Juliet tells them to "get out of here." Alex, Kate and Sawyer start to push the boat into the water. Juliet says that Alex can't leave because her father (Ben) wouldn't let Karl live if she left. Karl sees her and they "share a moment" and then say good-bye. Kate starts to push the boat and Juliet tells her to wait.

Jack works on Ben. Kate comes on the walkie-talkie. Tom holds the walkie-talkie so they can talk. Kate tells him that she and Sawyer are safe because the "blonde woman" is letting them go. Jack wants Kate to tell him what he told her on the beach the first day. She describes the surgery where he messed up, started to panic, then calmed down and saved her.

Jack sews the cut up and then takes the walkie-talkie.

Kate is emotional through all of it and Sawyer can see that.

Jack tells her to promise him not to come back. She tries to talk to him, but there's nothing but static.

Jack returns the walkie-talkie to Tom.

As Juliet and Alex watch, Kate and Sawyer paddle out to sea.

Flashback #7:
Juliet is in the morgue standing over Edward's body. She's told that she has some papers to sign. She tries to sign them, but starts crying instead.

Ben lies on the operating table as jack watches from the observation room.

Juliet walks in and asks Jack if he removed the tumor. He says that he was able to. He tells her that she needs to do a biopsy to see if it was malignant. He wants to know if he goes back to his cell now. She says that he will until they decide what to do with him. Jack wants to know what Ben told her.

Flashback #7 Con't:
Juliet cries. Ethan comes from nowhere and offers her a tissue. Mr. Alpert is there too. He offers his condolences. She realizes that she had told Alpert that she wanted Edward to be hit by a bus. Alpert plays it off and denies she told him that. He offers her the opportunity again and says that it would be six months and she would be back in time for her sister's birth. She's surprised that he knows already. She asks if her sister could come along and he says that they aren't in Portland and it's actually remote.

Jack wants to know what Ben said. Juliet tells him that she been on the Island for over three years and that Ben promises her that she could finally go home.

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