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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: Exposé
Episode Number: 314
Flashbacks: Nikki/Paulo
Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Original US Air Date: 3/28/07 on ABC

Previously (Recap):

Nikki runs through the jungle.
Nikki stops and buries something.
Nikki gets up and starts running again.
Flashback #1:
Nikki comes down and strips. She sees someone walk through.
Flashback #1 Con't:
Nikki walks into an office. She sees a briefcase and opens it up. It's full of money. The man behind the desk is Billy Dee Williams. They argue about the "Cobra" and he shoots her twice. He stands up and shoots her again. Two strippers burst in and he tells them that Corvette was working for the Cobra. The director calls "cut." Billy Dee Williams helps her up and she walks off set. She and the director talk. She was only a guest star. He figures that she's leaving Sydney , but she says she's staying because she loves him. They kiss.
Hurley and Sawyer play ping pong. Nikki stumbles out of the jungle. She tries to say something, but they can't hear her.
Sawyer looks into the jungle where she came from.
Nikki takes her last breath.
Sawyer turns and tells Hurley to get moving. Hurley says that he thinks Nikki is dead.
Sawyer asks, "Who is Nikki?"

Act 1:
Flashback #2:
Caption ( 84 Days Ago):
Nikki and the director share dinner. She loves the food. He calls out the cook, who turns out to be Paulo. She compliments his cooking. Paulo is dismissed and the director tells Nikki that he just came to Australia and begged for a job. He suggests that she try the rolls. Nikki picks them up and finds a necklace. The director starts to talk about his wife and then he starts having trouble breathing. Nikki calls Paulo out. Paulo checks him and says that "he's gone." Nikki opens the old man's shirt and pulls a key off his neck.
Flashback #2 Con't:
Nikki and Paulo go into a closet and open a safe. Nikki takes something out.
Sawyer, Hurley and Sun talk. Hurley figures out that she said, "Paulo lies." Sawyer wants to know who Paulo is.
Flashback #3:
Caption ( 80 Days Ago):
At the airport, Nikki and Paulo talk. He's trying to quit smoking so he's chewing nicotine gum. Just then, Boone and Shannon walk up arguing. Boone asks for a chair, but then they move off anyway. Nikki tells Paulo that she hopes they never argue like that.
Flashback #4:
Nikki is in the middle of the crash.
Flashback #4 Con't:
Nikki is intercut with the familiar scenes from the pilot episode. She sees the wing.
Flashback #4 Con't:
Nikki wanders by Shannon who is screaming.
Flashback #4 Con't:
Nikki's's near Locke when the man steps in front of the turbine, is sucked in and the turbine explodes.
Flashback #4 Con't:
Boone runs up to her and asks her for a pen.
Flashback #4 Con't:
Nikki finds someone who she thinks is Paulo, but it's Dr. Arzt.
Flashback #4 Con't:
Nikki spots Paulo near the edge of the debris field. She runs over to him.
Flashback #4 Con't:
Paulo looks a bit dazed. Nikki gets his attention and almost immediately asks about "the bag."
Paulo lies staring with his eyes wide open as Hurley and Sawyer can be heard talking.
Hurley, Sawyer and Jin find Paulo. Sawyer guesses that that is Paulo.

Act 2:
Hurley wonders what happened since they have no wounds. Paulo's pants are unzipped and his shoe is in the tree. Jin picks up a bottle of water. Sawyer stops him and wonders that it might be poison. Hurley starts talking about disturbing the crime scene. Sawyer cracks wise. Jin stops them and suggests the monster.
Flashback #5:
(Caption: 74 Days Ago):
Nikki and Paulo search through the luggage. Paulo suggests that it might be a dinosaur. Ethan walks up. He offers to help them get some clothes. He introduces himself. Nikki says that they aren't looking for clothes, but Paulo's nicotine gum. Ethan suggests that they search inland. Just then, a fight breaks out. Jack walks up, stops it and gives his speech about them not waiting for help any longer. He also says that they have to work together or die alone.
Hurley, Jin and Hurley bring Paulo back to camp. Hurley still thinks that it was the monster and points out what Eko told Locke just before he died. Sawyer wants to search their stuff to find out what happened to them.
Flashback #6:
(Caption: 57 Days Ago):
Nikki walks up to Arzt, who has quite a bug collection going. He tells her a little about a spider. She says that they are looking for their luggage and need help with trajectory, which Arzt eats up.
Flashback #7:
Nikki and Paulo walk in the jungle. He comes across as a little jealous of Arzt. Nikki teases him about sleeping with Arzt. Paulo counters that she slept with Zukerman. She says that she did it for them.
Flashback #7 Con't:
Nikki and Paulo walk into a clearing and find the Nigerian plane still up on the ridge. They notice the hatch opening. They open it to find the ladder down. Paulo wants to go down, but Nikki is only interested in finding their bag. She slams the door shut.
Charlie, Sawyer and Hurley go through Nikki and Paulo's stuff. Hurley finds a script for Expose. He says that it was about two strippers who solved crimes and it was like Baywatch. He's surprised to find out that their boss (Billy Dee Williams). Sawyer finds a walkie-talkie and thinks that they are working with the Others.

Act 3:
Flashback #8:
(Caption: 48 Days Ago):
Kate and Shannon argue. Arzt and Nikki walk up. Shannon says that Kate, Sawyer and Jack found guns. Kate says that the guns are locked up and Jack has the key. Nikki wants to know where they found the case.
Flashback #8:
Nikki and Paulo are by the pond. Paulo doesn't want to go in. Nikki points out that she slept with Zukerman, so he can go for a swim since the bag is worth $8 million.
Flashback #8 Con't:
Paulo finds a bag wedges between some rocks.
Flashback #8 Con't:
Paulo comes to the surface and tells Nikki that he didn't find anything. She walks off and he goes back down under the surface.
Sun, Charlie, Sawyer and Hurley talk. Sawyer thinks that the Others got Nikki and Paulo. Hurley says that they are across the island. Sun points out that they almost took her. Charlie looks uncomfortable. Sawyer decides to do a "parameter sweep" with a gun that no one knew about. He walks off.
Flashback #9:
(Caption: 32 Days Ago):
Paulo chews some nicotine gum. He starts to dig when Locke walks up. Paulo tells him that he's doing nothing. Locke says that everyone has their secrets, but advises Paulo to bury whatever it is somewhere else where the tide won't get to it.
Flashback #10:
Paulo climbs down into the Pearl hatch. He hears someone and hides in the bathroom.
Flashback #10 Con't:
Ben and Juliet walk in. Ben turns on the monitor and watches Jack. Juliet wants to know why they are doing this since Jack won't operate. Ben says that he's going to watch him and find out what he's invested in and then exploit it. Juliet wants to leave because she gets the creeps. They turn out the lights and leave.
Flashback #10 Con't:
Paulo comes out of the bathroom and finds the walkie-talkie. He turns it on.
Hurley walks up to Desmond. He wants to know if Desmond foresaw anything about Nikki and Paulo. Desmond says that he didn't. Hurley is disappointed in his "superpower." Desmond says that he does know that Nikki and Sawyer argued earlier that day just before she died.

Act 4:
Vincent pulls the blanket off of Nikki and Paulo.
Charlie, Sun and Hurley talk. Hurley is suspicious of Sawyer because he claimed that he didn't know Nikki, but was arguing with her earlier. Sun still thinks that it was the Others. Hurley walks off. Charlie then admits to Sun that he took Sun. He says that he did it after Locke had humiliated him and Sawyer talked him into it.
Flashback #11:
Locke walks up and says that they are going to the Pearl station. Nikki volunteers to go. Paulo is surprised. She says that that is their chance to be included.
Flashback #12:
In the Pearl Station, Nikki wonders about the monitors.
Flashback #12 Con't:
In the bathroom, Paulo takes out the figures and breaks the last one to get to a pouch. He tucks it in his pants, flushes the toiler and walks out.
Flashback #12 Con't:
Paulo tells Nikki, Locke and Sayid that the toilet still flushes.
Hurley wants the gun from Sawyer. Sawyer realizes that Hurley suspects him. He admits that he argued with her. She wanted a gun. Hurley wants to know why Sawyer didn't own up. Sawyer says that he noticed the dirt under her fingers, then noticed the mound near Paulo. He suspected that it must have been very important for her to bury it when she was dying. Sun walks up and wants to know what she was burying. Sawyer takes out a pouch and tosses it to Sun. Sun looks inside. Sawyer says that she can have it because he had nothing to do with what happened to Paulo and Nikki. He walks off.

Act 5:
Flashback #13:
(Caption: 12 Hours Ago):
Nikki sits on the beach. Paulo walks up. Nikki points out that Thanksgiving was two weeks ago. Paulo says that they will be found. Nikki wants to know where the optimism came from. He points out that some things are good, like not finding the bag. He thinks that it would have torn them apart. She agrees. He then leaves to go get some breakfast. She finds the nicotine gum on the ground where he was sitting.
Flashback #13 Con't:
Nikki walks up to Sawyer and wants a gun. He says that she needs to cool down. She wants a gun. He refuses. She walks off. He calls after her, "Who are you?"
Flashback #13 Con't:
Desmond walks by, noticing the exchange.
Sawyer tells Nikki, "Thanks for nothing." He closes her eyes.
Sawyer starts digging a grave.
Sun walks up. She tells Sawyer that Charlie told her that it was his idea. He wants to know if she told Jin. She says that she hasn't because there would be one more grave to dig. She gives him back the diamonds and then punches him.
Hurley and the other survivors stand around a large grave that Nikki and Paulo are in. Hurley says a few words about them killing each other over diamonds and then starts to bury them. Sawyer stops him and pours the diamonds over them.
Flashback #14:
(Caption: 8 Hours Ago):
Nikki leads Paulo out in the jungle. She tells him that she found the diamonds. Paulo wants to know where. She says on him. She then throws a spider on him. It bites him. She tells him that it's a Medusa spider and that it brings on temporary paralysis. She's going to use that time to find the diamonds. He falls down and she starts searching him. She finds the diamonds in his crouch. He tells her that he's sorry and that he was afraid of losing her. He figured that once she found the diamonds, she wouldn't need him anymore.
Flashback #14 Con't:
Nikki hears something and looks around. As she does, Paulo notices some other spiders approaching. One crawls up on Nikki and bites her.
Flashback #14 Con't:
Nikki runs nearby and buries the diamonds.
Flashback #14 Con't:
Nikki runs out onto the beach by Sawyer and Hurley. She stumbles and falls. Hurley rolls her over. Nikki says, "Paralyzed."
Hurley and Sawyer bury Nikki and Paulo in their grave until there is a mound over their grave.

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