Deleted Scenes

The Gladiator Signature Selection/Collector's (2-Disc) DVD includes eleven deleted scenes that were not included in the theatrical release of the film plus a 'treasure chest' which is a montage of various shots set to music without dialogue. Click on any of the following for scene notes and transcript.

1. Battle Aftermath
(1:13; 8 shots; no dialogue):
Maximus surveys his wounded soldiers at a battlefield hospital following their devastating victory against the Germanian forces.

2. Looking for Strength (:44; 10 shots; no dialogue):
With a monumental decision to make, Marcus prays to his ancestors.

3. Dye Market (1:50; 30 shots):
Unsure of his recent acquisitions, Proximo is challenged to bet against his own gladiators.

4. Stage Direction (:55; 20 shots):
A frustrated Proximo instructs Maximus to entertain the mob and not kill his opponents so quickly.

5. Fed to the Lions (:55; 14 shots; no dialogue):
Maximus observes a grim scene as lions are let out into the Coliseum to devour innocent Christians.

6. A Meeting at Gracchus' House (3:54; 38 shots):
Lucilla, Gracchus and Gaius discuss the cost of the games on Rome's future...and what's to be done about Commodus.

7. Father and Son (1:42; 13 shots):
Vexed by the reappearance of Maximus, Commodus takes out his anger by defacing a bust of his father.

8. The Execution (2:48; 55 shots):
Commodus demonstrates his power by testing Quintus' loyalty and ordering the execution of two Praetorians.

9. Spies Close In (1:13; 15 shots):
A suspicious Commodus has ordered that surveillance be kept on potential traitors. Proximo realizes that he is being watched.

10. Another Enemy (:56; 9 shots; no dialogue):
As she is tested by Commodus, Lucilla realizes that Falco is in league with her brother.

11. Fighting with Fire (:30; 15 shots):
The Praetorians wreak havoc as they raid Proximo's compound to seize Commodus.

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